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Hi, i’m Joyce Wong aka KinkyBlueFairy. I’m a Connector and Creator, and running this blog has allowed me to collate all the experiences and people who have inspired and enriched me.

First off, WHY the name KinkyBlueFairy?

I’ve repeated this countless times in interviews but here it is: When i first started this blog in February 2004, we were just moving past Geocities and into blog platforms like Xanga, which required a username.

I put the word “Fairy” cos I connect with all things fairy and have a library just on fairy books. It was taken up.
Then i put “BlueFairy” cos i have two tattoos of fairies with blue wings on my back. It was taken up too.
Out of impulse and just wanting to get a name to start an account, i threw the word “Kinky” into the mix and of course; it was available.

Manatau (who would’ve thought) that from just having two friends reading it; it gained traction and popularity to securing advertisers a couple of years later. By that time, it was too late to change its name due to its high google rankings… and the name KinkyBlueFairy remained.

🏆  MSN Top 10 Young Malaysians
🏆  Cleo Young Achiever Awards
🏆  Top 10 Lifestyle Bloggers, Top 10 in Asia
🏆  Role Model to Mass Commers, SEGI University
🏆  Malaysia’s Top Female Lifestyle Blogger, Channel [V]

🏆  Finalist for Best Lifestyle Blog at the Asia Pacific NAPBAS Awards
🏆  Nominee for the New Man Creative Pioneer Awards, New Media category
🏆  Celebrity Star Award at Face of Asia Pacific (2018)

I’ve heard stories on advertising agencies pitching KinkyBlueFairy to corporate clients, who in turn would question their suggestion of using a blogger with the word ‘Kinky’ in it, especially in a predominantly-Muslim country like Malaysia where I’m based. In the end… its name became a brand in itself; and future clients and partners ended up affectionately shortening it to KBF when referring to the company.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

KBF’s History >>

✒️  Advertising

– KBF has had the pleasure of working for over 150 established brands from the FMCG, F&B, fashion, tech and lifestyle industries. You can view some of our past clients and collaborators *here*
– Past advertorial blogposts for clients can be viewed *here*

📰  Publicity

– Featured by The News Straits Times, The Star, The Malay Mail, Juice, New Man, Torque, Surf!, Men’s Health, KLue, Health & Living, FACES, Cleo, Marie Claire, Emmagem, Hanger, etc.
– Appeared in Levi’s campaigns (’08 and ’14)
– Shot by director Peter Bannan for an Intel ad for MTV ft. creative individuals from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia (’08)
– Okay, list was getting long, so you can view the others *HERE*

💁🏻‍♀️  Ambassador

Western Digital
Power Over Cervical Cancer campaign, Article on The Star here.
– Singapore Tourism Board
– Dove chocolates
– Bodytone Powerplate
– Shu Uemura
– Celebrity Fitness
Love Bonito
Bodytone Powerplate

👠  Campaign model

– La Senza Cervical Cancer Awareness campaign
– Estee Lauder Beautiful Earth Campaign
– Watson’s
– Mitsubishi
– L’Oreal
– Centro Hair Salon

🎤  Emcee

– The Styliste launch
Official launch of Blackberry Bold 9700 + Storm2 9520 Malaysia
Che Che New York x Hello Kitty launch
Hanger SS10 launch
Pole Stars Malaysia 2010 Competition
Gallo AW 2011 fashion show
Shiseido Ibuki launch
eBay Trunk Show
Vidal Sassoon #GetSassooned launch
Rent A Dress launch
– Love Bonito launch

👩🏻‍⚖️  Judge

Animax Fashion Design competition
– Cleo Beauty Awards
– Gallo Styling Contest
Glam Asia’s Top Glam Bloggers
– Harper’s BAZAAR Beauty Awards
Cointreau Finals Malaysia 

🎨  Creative/Art projects

Heineken Green Room State Of Mind project
Fred Perry Mod Meets Bold
– Live in Levi’s

🌎  Trips

Cebu for Malaysia Airlines
Singapore Audi Fashion Week for Singapore Tourism Board
– New York for SATC 2 premiere for HP
– Hong Kong for Disneyland HK
– Brisbane for Future Music Festival 
– Shanghai for Benefit Cosmetics’ Glamouriety Premier 
– Phuket for Sri Panwa resort
– Bali for One Eleven resort
– London for Qatar Airways
– Hong Kong for Cathay Pacific, Accor Hotels + HK Tourism Board
– Germany for Lufthansa Airlines
– Korea (Seoul and Jeju) for Airbnb
– Phuket for Awesomeness Fest
– Seoul for OMEGA launch of De Ville Butterfly
– Sydney for NBC Universal/launch of Fashion Bloggers
– Paris for Uniqlo SS15 media preview
– Japan for Glico / Pocky
Macau for Macau Tourism Board
– Europe and USA for Airbnb
– Spain for Spain Tourism Board and Qatar Airways
– London for London Fashion Week and Malaysian Airlines
Tokyo for Uniqlo SS16 preview
– Ho Chi Minh for Cuckoo
– Hokkaido for Parlo Tours and AirAsia X
– Taipei and Tainan for Taiwan Tourism Bureau and Everrich

🗣️  Public Speaking

– on New Media at Sedaya and Taylor’s colleges
– on Marketing and New Media at YouthSays Convention PWTC
– on Social Media platforms at the Asian Bloggers & Social Media Convention
– on Social Media platforms at Naga DDBO and Dentsu
MME Symposium 
– on Influencer Marketing at the GetResponse Marketing Summit

🎉  Party
In the past, I threw indie rock party nights called Cat Got Your Tongue with radio announcer Rudy. Previous parties took place in Heritage Mansion, Palate Palette, and Barsonic, Zouk.

Sarah and i DJ-ed under the name SalahWrong, derived from the combination of our names – Sarah Chan + Joyce Wong = Salah Chan + Joyce Wrong = SalahWrong. Our past gigs have included Cloth & Clef, Palate Palette, Barsonic, Lava Lava (Johor), MNEP for a Heineken event, and the Hanger SS11 party. We were named Song Selektors 2009 by Juice Magazine. I’m pretty sure they made the award up cos they loved us so much 😀

👠  Fashion
– Named one of Topshop’s Favourite Bloggers
– Collaborated with Malaysia Airlines and Jimmy Choo to appear at London Fashion Week
– Also appeared at Singapore, and Berlin Fashion Weeks

– Appeared on the runway at Malaysian Fashion Week as Justin Yap’s muse
– Inspired a piece in Jimmy Lim’s 2009 collection
– Was one of the personalities chosen by Sonny Son / Eclipse for Illuminare

In February 2010; Michelle Pong, Jacinta Cheng and i formed Leftblock – a company aimed at alternative fashion projects. We organised a fashion show for Nike Sportswear SS10, played music at fashion parties, organized two annual fashion flea markets, and designed two capsule collections.

✒️  Work

I was in media for five years (as a Photographer, Writer and Stylist) with the exception of spending a year in between working in Brand Development for British American Tobacco. During my earlier years in media, i wrote primarily on lifestyle issues (personalities, food, party, travel, fashion) for publications like The Star, Malay Mail, New Man, Faces, KLue, Junk, Tattle, Vida!, Expatriate Lifestyle, The Expat, etc.

In February 2008, i joined Freeform Sdn. Bhd. as Co-Founder and Managing Editor of South East Asia’s first fashion blog – Tongue In Chic. It was fantastic to bring the SEA fashion community closer with our curated team of freelancers from KL, Singapore, Philippines, HK and Indonesia. Am also appreciative of being interviewed by BFM 89.9 and Unseen.TV (watch vidoe here). In October 2009, i decided to leave my full-time position.

In August 2011, i joined Universal McCann with the designation Lead Storyteller. My father asked what sort of job i was doing when he heard that one. I was a Digital Strategist and worked on pitches and ideation for brands like H&M and Coca-cola.

In October 2013, i registered KinkyBlueFairy as a company and set up a team to work on:
1) Content and support for the KinkyBlueFairy blog
2) PR & Events vertical, where we organized up to a 200-pax seated fashion show
3) An e-commerce store (vintage fashion, and festival items), supply party accessories and deco to events and festivals, and a helium balloon delivery (which ceased after i discovered helium is a non-renewable non-explosive gas used for research. Once you know, you cannot unknow.)

KinkyBlueFairy evolved from a personal blog into a boutique creative agency — copywriting, design direction, digital content, PR, influencer partnerships, marketing strategy, brand consultation, collaboration coordination, and events. We’re extremely grateful to have worked for awesome brands like Walt Disney Pictures, Rimowa, Longchamp, Isetan, Strip, Tommy Hilfiger, Love, Bonito, etc.

In October 2016, i decided to cease the online store as the Blog and PR work got too busy for me to oversee, and it was the least profitable vertical of the three we ran. KBF then focused on influencer partnerships, creative consultation, and content strategy. You can view Portfolio here.

❤️  LIFE

I strive for growth and exploration — spiritually and mentally.

My hobbies have evolved from travelling, fashion and food to MORE travelling, personal growth, health, science, and happiness. I think i’ve spent a huge chunk of whatever i’ve earned on travelling alone! I took a year off working in 2010, and used that year just to explore (while freelancing. Perhaps i was what a digital nomad is before it got coined). Never regretted it, and just made me crave for more. I’m so grateful i had all those opportunities before the pandemic hit us in 2020, making it harder for us to explore for the next few years.

❤️  I’m interested in: Storytelling, mental health, human behaviour, futurology, sustainability, efficiency, personal growth, spirituality, philosophy, nature & the environment, and quantum science

🤸🏻‍♀️  Movement: I’m into HIIT and strength-training cos I’m petite at 5’2″ and need to independently carry my own shit sometimes. I’m also an amateur hooper, love releasing energy via ecstatic dance, and trail-running in the forests.

🔮  Energy & Healing: Continuously experimenting with my energy and harnessing it. I am a 3/6 Manifesting Generator who is Reiki I-certified and has an Advanced Cert in Clinical Hypnosis, love shamanic breathwork, explored past life regression, and accidentally astral projected a few times (working on intention).

🌍  Explorer: every country in South East Asia, lots of Asia, Australasia, Europe, Scandinavia, US, Middle East, and East Africa.

🏔️  I love nature and mountains… maybe i was a forest fairy! Peaked Mt. Kinabalu (Malaysia), Batur (Bali), Stromboli (Italy), and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania).

🍝  Food: I’m a huge foodie! From obsessing over hard-to-find street gems in diff cities, to being invited to Michelin-star restaurants for food reviews; i would try anything once. I am a self-taught home-chef starting off with classical French techniques for a few years, before moving into Japanese and Meditteranean influences. Also experimenting with more plant-based and vegan recipes in recent years.

🎪  Festivals: Burning Man, Wonderfruit, EDC, Isle of Wight, Rockwerchter, Wireless, It’s The Ship, Urbanscapes, Good Vibes, AlexBlakeCharlie, etc.

🍄  Psychedelics: 5meo-dmt with Dr. Octavio. Shrooms back in the days it was legal in Bali; LSD, etc.


The way i live it is to go with the flow, and let life take me where it wants.

It’s done me good so far so imma keep on riding it… best described by Eckhart Tolle in a single line: “Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.”

Lots of love & magic,

Your favourite fairy 🧚🏻‍♀️


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  3. If you ever do have a Forever Fairy Festival, I will be the first one to jump on board and attend. =) *crazy about fairies and magic too*

  4. Hi Joyce,
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  9. Samantha says:

    I love your blog. Keep it up!

    FYI – I am a Malaysian working in Hong Kong – 9 years and still counting – and enjoy reading random stories about people and going-ons back home.

  10. Amiruddin Ariffin says:


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  13. Budho Rani says:

    I would love to post some guest posts on your site. How many prices do you take for each post, and how many words can I post in each post?

  14. Anady Bella says:

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