How to clear eczema without steroids!

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I’m itching so badly from my flare-up as i start this post.
If you wanna get to the point, just scroll and skip my initial ramblings that imma begin with!

First off, this is all MY FAULT.

Damn my memory and forgetting how much pain i went through and how much money i spent before on my allergies. I got lazy and lackadaisical with my colon hydrotherapy treatments, and conveniently thought to myself MAYBE IT’S GONE FOREVER since my last flare-up in 2018 – which happened at Burning Man cos of all the dust EVERYWHERE. I thought the universe just didn’t want me to visit the orgy dome the day i broke out in hives ๐Ÿ˜†

Then from 2018 till now 2024 – nothing.
Luckily i didn’t get eczema during the pandemic lockdown cos that would have been even worse… to manage the symptoms without professional services and help! (Now i can’t stop thinking about the Palestinians and how much worse they have to fare without medication for ANYTHING. Worse humanitarian crisis I’ve seen since the war on Bosnia.)

OK back to allergies, we decided to do some light reno work before Chinese New Year, new paint job, fix broken things here and there, y’know.
Anyway, the cement dust / paint (despite it being water-based) must’ve really got to me cos it triggered the worst flare-up since circa 2013.
I have angry itchy hives on my face, arms and one hand.

I got so uncomfortable i spent a Saturday night googling a clinic i could visit and found this one that doesn’t subscribe to steroids in Mont Kiara. I think their quantum therapy was interesting (supposedly to prompt our bone marrow to accelerate stem cell growth, but i personally have not seen actual proof of this), and i did a blood test, quantum therapy, 1x drip (for detox) and got probiotics + oral antioxidants (30 capsules each). My bill was RM1,500.ย  They tried to sell me an extra drip or buy the package but i was like, “Wow how much money do you think people have? I definitely won’t pay 10K on drips rn!”

Honestly i’d rather spend RM1.5k on hydrotherapy sessions but i was desperate for immediate relief.

I don’t know what possessed me to share the extremely unattractive pictures of myself on IGS but i figured ppl gotta know SHIT HAPPENS and i got some really useful tips from friends & followers on how to handle eczema symptoms (aside from my typical long-term colon hydrotherapy solution which i definitely need to plan out).

So thought i’d list them out below so it’s easy for me to share the info.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to DM me long msgs and send healing vibes โค๏ธ


The solutions below are without steroids in mind, cos TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) ain’t pretty.

Quick relief for eczema:

  • AVOID: gluten, sugar, meat, processed foods, dairy, vices. Best if just eat raw salads and veggies. Google what to eat for leaky gut.
  • Only take cold showers & baths. Place moist towels in tupperware in freezer to calm skin.
  • Creams, balms, moisturizers: Ezerra, SuuBalm, Jolicream, emu oil,
  • Body washes:ย Octenisan: reduce itchiness and wash off bacteria. Botrem: UK-award-winning Malaysian care wash for allergy wounds. SuuBalm has methol wash.
  • Vitamins: Any probiotics to aid gut system, Avance probiotics. Max daily intake for: Vitamin D, chewable zinc, and Vitamin C (fizzy tablets too).
  • Oral tablets: Adezio aka cetirizine (NO steroids) for itching
  • Drink: turmeric / fresh jamu
  • A friend said they applied and ate 1tsp paste of coconut oil + turmeric powder. But I’m not keen to colour my already-destroyed skin yellow so I’ll just drink jamu :p

Long-term solutions for eczema:

  • Someone asked me to try visiting / googling a Dr. Wong in Tangkak and Dr. Ranjit in Subang; but i think I’ll go for the below first.
  • Osteopathy – there’s One Osteo in Jaya One and Plaza Damas. It’s RM400 a session, with 3x sessions recommended 7-15 days apart, then a 4th session a month later.
  • Acupuncture
  • Colon Hydrotherapy. After going to so many clinics and hospitals where i paid hefty bills for steroid creams and oral meds, i intuitively felt i wanted a more holistic approach to rid myself of eczema which is what brought me to colon hydrotherapy. Pure Health closed down during the pandemic (sadz!) but i googled Pure Detox in TTDI, and Angel of Water in Bangsar (both use the machine I’m used to so I’m only mentioning those. I’m visiting Angel of Water tomorrow, and will try Pure Detox another day. Then probably choose my preferred one to do a 5-day treatment plan).

Do google more info on the above suggestions before purchasing anything, and if you have an amazing acupuncture spot for eczema (or any other category suggestions), pls comment and share below! ๐Ÿ™

2 Responses to How to clear eczema without steroids!

  1. Justin says:

    My son has severe eczema since born. So this what I did.

    Have you taken an allergy blood test? it will list out what you are allergic to. Better to take before you blanket ban all the food. If you havenโ€™t u can get it done at pantai hospital. Around 800 ringgit.

    Pure Celery juice every morning. It Cleans your gut. Highly recommended. In 10 days u can see your skin glows. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Thanks Justin! Yes i did a blood test for allergies in Damansara Specialist 10 years ago. I could probably do with an update XD
    Also have done celery juice detoxes with hydrotherapy cleanse = great, i highly recommend this!

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