Good Vibes Festival 2017

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I keep having this intention to blog one post a day but this stream of ADULTING just takes up so. much. time. There’s always an email that urgently needs to go out, something in the house to clean, some bill to pay, some friend to take care of, and after spending so much time on the laptop and phone, the last thing i want to do is spend MORE time staring at the screen to blog!

Well here i am now. READY! I took a break in between laptop time today by dancing crazily to Roxette’s The Look in the kitchen then having dinner. Then cleaning again. I don’t understand how despite having the cleaners over, there is always something to wipe / tidy / fold / water / scrub / wash. “That’s cos you’re OCD / anal” say Rudy and Jun. Well, you know what boys, at least i’m a lot tidier and cleaner than you two!

So about Good Vibes Fest! After The Color Run on Sunday morning, i got back at 11am, showered, stuffed food into my mouth, took a short nap, then forced myself to get up and get my face on for GV. Rahul had booked a party van to take a bunch of us up and down safely, but he and Nita couldn’t make it last min cos of a family emergency, as did a few others.

Then there were 6.

Alet said to meet in TTDI at 3pm.
I said let’s do 4pm to be more realistic cos Didi was still sleeping.
Alet compromised to 3:30pm.
I was at the meeting spot at 3:30pm, and noone was there -_- Why does this always happen to me.

Luckily i bumped into Ezra, and we excitedly discussed the art of getting rid of dust mites from our beds and pillows #conversationinyour30s

The rest arrived soon after with Alet nonchalantly strolling in.
Me: Didn’t i say 4pm was better, why don’t you just listen to me!
Alet: Ala chill la Joyce
Me: I could have stuck more sequins on my face!

We had kickoff drinks while the driver waited for our leisurely asses, and we finally left at 4:40pm.

In the van.
Alet: Eh, watching Okja makes me wanna eat pork man. They made it look so damn good! Okjaaaa! Okjaaaaa!
Didi (who’s transitioning into being a vegan): You’re so annoying
Me: Ok don’t fight don’t fight


Yudha, Didi, Raeesa, Alet, Kunal, me.


My fellow alien Linda <3
I used to drag suitcases of clothes to Singapore to partake in fashion markets with her, and vice versa.
Now we’re trying to get rid of all the clothes we accumulated over the past decade, due to our increasing conscience with consumerism.
She’s currently pursuing a sustainable life as an artist, and her recent hobbies include studying medicinal herbs and plants.


Bumped into Ridduan and Jiman, and i asked Linda and Ridduan to take pix with each other cos they twinned in blue and red.
Mario naturally joined in.


Joe & i! Zahir, Clouds and me.

Make up credits: metallic eyeliners from shu uemura, eyeshadows from Dior and Urban Decay, bronzer from ArtDeco, lippie from Orkid Cosmetics.

Spent a lot of time at the Heineken Starclub area cos it had elevated platforms with lots of space, and also where the beers at. Thanks for the hookup Joe! <3 #meetmeatstarclub

Didn’t take that many pix cos i was too busy just having fun… floating around by myself with diff ppl till i ran off with another.


Arafan + Azam |||  Jun + Murat.


Jun knew how to ply me to his car by dangling his special club sandwiches and whiskey in a coleman as bait. That’s very good bait to catch a fairy. We exited the festival and stood at his car hanging out, while the stage was in sight from the roadside. The music was so loud!
Me: I can’t believe we’re outside and i find it so loud! I feel so old! It’s loud right? It’s LOUD RIGHT?! *had to shout cos it was so very loud*

There was a group of people cleverly parked at the side of the festival having their own car party while enjoying their drinks and food brought from home. I’m guessing they couldn’t get tickets but still got a first class spot without all that mud to endure!

I’m glad i didn’t fall into the mud, it was really smelly and i had to give my hoop a good wash in the shower the next day.
Hoop + mud = NO.

I’m so glad i remembered my North Face rain jacket (BEST rain jacket ever!!!! Bought it for Kilimanjaro and keeps every drop out) cos when it rained, i was totes comfortable standing where there was a LOT of space at the Heineken area overlooking the stage.

I didn’t have FOMO about Phoenix playing the last set, and quickly left before they finished and it got crowded to leave, cos there was that one time i flew to Jakarta for less than 24 hours to catch them.

Congrats to Future Sound Asia on a job well done organizing Good Vibes which sold out all their tickets!

+ + + + +

Thanks to Heineken for my pass to GV, and delivering this to me this week!


A new Heineken campaign allows public to discover More Behind The Star at TREC this week till Sat, 9pm onwards. You can learn to pour a perfect Heineken pint and get a personalised Heineken glass at the event.

IG: @heinekenmy


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