Day 23: Rock Werchter Festival // Part 3 (Sun)

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On the last day of the festival, we woke up in the similar situation that we’d been in for the past two days – not knowing whether we’d get passes for that day. It seemed like our only hope was Steve Aoki, but his set was one of the last ones that night, meaning he’d be arriving later in the day and hope to god he’d check his emails. While waiting, Rahul said he was eager to drink (when is he not) and explore the town of Leuven a bit. Seeing we had nothing else to do but hang out and be together while waiting for any word, Y and i dressed up and went out to join the boys who had already started researching on drinking holes that boasted their own breweries.

After the drunken death of Yishyene’s short-lived pet lemon, she attempted to make up for its absence by bringing to life the Angry (Rotten) Pear.

Warning: This is a super drunk teenage post. If you don’t like being either, don’t read any more.ย 


I was happy to embrace a pint of Guinness after not having any for WEEKS

With Rahul, and Iqbal (bottom)

It looks like my head’s gonna FALL into the glass. It also looks like i have a really tiny head.

Was so good to party with Rahul in another country ๐Ÿ˜€


Y shadowing Iqbal

Leuven is a very pretty town indeed!

After walking around, we went to another bar in the middle of town to have more drinks.

Oh. I bought ANOTHER golf ball while i was tipsy -_- Like i need another golf ball! It has ‘i love Belgium’ on it and my judgement was skewed. He’s an exchange student from Leuven that’s following Wilson back home, but he is NOT Wilson’s boyfriend!

And of course, amidst the normal orders of our drinks, Rahul sprang a round of shots on us. Which resulted in the rest of us springing more rounds of shots in the coming hours as to balance it out… and the circle of drunk never ends. BTW, alcohol is cheaper in Belgium than in KL, so we didn’t feel the pinch.

We used my crayons (this is why you always need to bring art supplies around with you!) to doodle on cardboard coasters. I actually KEPT Rahul’s drawing… i don’t know. Maybe i’ll try to sell it to one of his fans. It’s a musician’s piece of artwork… that he almost never does! It’s got his SOUL imprinted on it! (See, i started selling already.)

Poor Iqbal. This trip is the first time he’s meeting us…

I like how Rahul embraces every situation and picture opportunity.

Yishyene drew huge lips on Wilson and i was like, “What are you DOING to him?!” She replied, “He wants to be like Mommy!” I had nothing to say but “Awhh.”

After bar #2, we stumbled into this other bar #3 where a band were playing or practicing. I’m not sure which, cos we were the only customers in the whole place.

See THIS FACE? THIS FACE is the maniacal grin Y gives me when she’s got this insane idea in her head, or up to no good. I’m glad i have ONE clear picture of her with THIS FACE.

Look at her bombarding poor Rahul with bubbles till he’s almost walking into a bush.

At bar #4, we had more drinks and i said i wanted to go to the festival area even tho we didn’t have any passes.ย The band i REALLY wanted to catch that day, was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’ve been a fan of them HALF MY LIFE, and even more so after reading Anthony Kiedis’ Scar Tissue. Rahul said it’d be too painful seeing we don’t have tickets to go in, but i vaguely remember guilting him into it, saying, “If i’m not gonna see them live, then i’m jolly well gonna HEAR THEM LIVE at least!”


I was wondering WHY we have a picture of a horse… till i remembered Rahul wanted to steal it and ride it to the festival -_- so i took a picture to remember the moment.

This is the same bar guy whom we bought drinks from when we also couldn’t get in the fest on Thursday. And. He let Y and I use the bathroom at the back countless times even tho not everyone’s supposed to. Thanks for saving us from peeing in the bushes!

These two guys put their chairs in a very strategic position outside the main entrance, so they can JUST about SEE Red Hot on stage. From very far away.

After the whole thing was over, we bought some hotdogs to eat for supper. I have this constant drunk habit of keeping leftover food in my bag. It’s my some subconscious saying that i might be hungry later and who knows where i’ll be and i’ll be GLAD i have this leftover food. Anyway. I’ve been doing this for a few years. And it finally turned out for worse when the hotdog sauce spilled all over the inside of my bag. My sunnies smelled like remoulande for a week after that.

We bought some MORE beers (i know right… i don’t know what we were thinking. We WEREN’T thinking!) and took them to Rahul’s hotel room to drink some more. It must have been 3am? And after awhile i lay down on the extra bed. Y saw me and said, “Oh NO! Get up! Don’t do that! We better go home now!” So we left. It was probably for the best seeing Rahul had to get up at 7am to catch a flight to (some city i forgot but he said it’s kinda weird).

And THAT. Sums up the last of my posts for all our festival adventures in Belgium.

I have learnt that:
1. I should buy my own tickets next time.
2. The power of positive thinking works. BUT it doesn’t work so well while drinking.
3. Sleeping in a proper bed is much better than camping. Ditto with hot showers vs NO shower for days.
4. Bring marker and cardboard signs next time.
5. Go with even MORE close friends ๐Ÿ˜€




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  1. Clem says:

    Looks like Wilson got a sunburn… Poor thing. Does he miss daddy? Not even a single phone call, ungrateful Golfball.

  2. Vy says:

    Ahahahahahahahahaha! Loved your drunk posts…

  3. msaudreyc says:

    It sucks that Clem the dad had to blog post a comment to keep in contact. He needs to call the authorities and get sole custody of the golfball.

  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    msaudreyc: lol! they’re reunited again so it’s fine ๐Ÿ˜‰

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