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Melinda Looi Fashion Suites @ W Hotels Presidential Suites

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I regretfully have to admit that every year Melinda has her Fashion Suites event, i'm not around. This year, i was surprised to receive the invitation (again) and told her so: "Can't believe you still invite me after i don't turn up for yearS!!"


With the award-winning fashion designer herself. Read more about her *here*

Right: After 3 secs notice and deciding to make more effort

That morning, I picked Chelsia up (who was my +1) after a product shoot, and headed to the venerable W Hotels where the event was held.

As we were standing at the lifts on the parking floor, she gazed at the design on the facade displaying the lift floors. It looked like one of the symbols was melting, and Chels subsequently mentioned, "Why is the design like that? Did they make a mistake?"
And i retorted confidently, "The W doesn't make mistakes."

We got ourselves up to the Presidential Suite (which i discovered was a lot larger than expected, 3 hours later...) and were a little late but i can blame noone but myself and my commitments... i couldn't cut short a shoot i had* to complete before my next app! Edwin (who was hosting the event) spotted us wondering where to sit, and announced on the mic, "CHELSIA NG! And Joyce The Fairy! Please find your seats! There is some space at the front here!"


So much for an incognito entrance.

Heads down, eyes indignant; we made our way to the front lounge.


Shelah in all her Melinda Looi glory




Organic goodness

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I'm not the most disciplined person when it comes to my facial skincare. After my skin dried the heck out at Burning Man and i contracted allergies due to the dust and heat (super painful and sad case), i couldn't wait to come home and get a facial -- not something i usually prioritize at all.

Every skin therapist and doctor i've seen has begged me to hydrate hydrate hydrate my skin more. I say yes, do it for a while, then nada. A couple of months ago, i went for a Cryo Facial at Astute Clinic, and the same thing happened - "Joyce, please hydrate your skin more! Wear masks every two days!"

Every two days? Damn... It just seems like a lot of effort!

I placed all the skin masks i have on my bathroom counter in plain sight so i'd be constantly reminded to put one on... at some point!

Every two days isn't realistic for me... but the mounting definition of fine lines pushed me TO JUST DO IT. I think i got a facial mask in every 3-5 days, and wanted to credit some of the organic ones i've been letting my skin drink in.

I've been using The Herb Farm moisturizer on my holidays, and when i feel like a more earthy scent (it seriously smells like a rich salad!). Actually, all their products i've tried so far smell amazing, you should just go sniff it some time at TNS Skinlab stores. Been gifting their serums to gfs who are into organic products for their birthdays!

The brand uses traditional herb knowledge with latest innovations and is made in New Zealand with 100% natural products. Of course, it has no parabens, SLS, GMO, artificial colours/fragrances, silicones, and all those nasties we read about.


Recently tried The Herb Farm Overnight Face Mask that has collagen support for normal/dry/mature skin.

It's a creamy face mask that smells sweet without being overpowering, and is applied overnight to deeply hydrate skin so you wake up to nourished skin.

🌿 Powerful natural extracts help to prevent moisture loss and provide collagen support as your skin repairs while you sleep
🌿 Borealine® Expert is scientifically proven to help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
🌿 Peony extract is a powerful antioxidant and promotes repair and rejuvenation for soft, smooth skin


View more on *The Herb Farm here*

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Trilogy is a fully certified natural brand, also from NZ, whose cult Rosehip Oil is sold every 20 seconds globally. They're the brand who introduced the world’s first rosehip oil skincare range in 2002.

The first product i used from them was the Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil. I'm BIG on cleansing oil to effectively glide off all the event make up (and layers of eyeshadow) without tugging at my skin with remover and cotton pads. For awhile, i stuck the cleansing oil at the back of my cupboard cos i had eyelash extensions and you can't get oil near those lashes. But now, i've given up on extensions (just too much trouble atm... and my natural ones have grown back nicely and i want them to stay!) so the cleansing oil is back in my shower.

Out of all the organic facial products i've had the pleasure of trying, this one below has been my absolute favourite. There was one night i wanted to test how many times i could apply this overnight mask to my skin cos it kept on absorbing so easily, and i counted 6 applications where my skin just DRANK IT ALL UP.

Can't tell you how plump it felt after...

Now, i don't just use it as an overnight cream, i even use it as a morning cream when i'm staying in having a no-make up day cos it smells like a spa >>>


BuyAndShip to Malaysia

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Recently procured some earrings from NastyGal cos their 60% sale was just ridic


A beam of sunset light shone on my door yesterday,
and inspiration caught me to quickly snap these earrings i've yet to wear out


A pair i have been wearing lots that seem to go with every outfit i have.
Necklace from Thomas Sabo, top from Love Bonito.


Nespresso Long Black Friday

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I loved coffee before i even drank it. ☕

If that sounded like a riddle, here's why the above sentence makes sense to me! When I was in primary school, someone brought a birthday cake to class. A sponge cake delicately sandwiched coffee-flavoured cream, topped off with even MORE coffee cream. Everyone in class hated it except me (and probably the poor child or parent who decided it was a good idea).

Because there was half a cake left untouched, I was given most of it to take home since I was the only kid who loved the taste so much. One of my fondest childhood decadent-eating memories is experimenting with that coffee cream by freezing it and eating it solid. I decided right then that I adored the flavour that is coffee.

My relationship with actual coffee has evolved from one of necessity—19 years ago while cramming for exams—to one of pure enjoyment today. A steaming mug of it was my go-to when I needed to stay awake to study for SPM. Then, in my days of entertainment journalism, I’d sip on cups in the middle of the night to plough through article deadlines.

I learnt how to enjoy it at the end of dinner when I was in London and France, but decided I wouldn't have it past 6 p.m. in Malaysia lest I couldn't sleep. It got a little out of control during my advertising days, with me consuming 3 to 5 cups of it daily... Then I went off it cold turkey for a whole year, wanting to prove to myself that I could focus without it.

After I was convinced and satisfied with my self-control, I turned back to it. Not because I needed it to function, but because I loved the taste and smell of it so much! I would smell the aroma of it when people had it in the mornings and lust after having its flavour in my mouth.
So I am a little different. Most people drink coffee because they need it—I drink it because I want to.


The easiest way to have a perfect cup of espresso coffee at home is to use a capsule machine like Nespresso—the brand that revolutionised the way millions of people have been enjoying their coffee since 1986. I used to have a machine in #CasaFairy that Jun brought over, but when we split he took it back with him. Now I have one all to myself in lipstick-red, a perfect match to my vintage enamel basin and table fan.



Pictured above is the Nespresso Inissia, with a compact design that fits perfectly into any space cos it's so small and cute! Barely any effort is required to make a cuppa... i just need to momentarily press a button and wait for 25 seconds. If you're looking to save time especially when it comes to shopping, then some caffeine is gonna have your back.

Were you shopping last 11.11?

I didn't think i was going to... then i kinda (totally) lost the plot and spent hours on my phone. HOURS. The timer on shopping websites displayed countdowns, and i kept casually throwing products into my cart. When it was finally time to re-evaluate them all - i was freaking out in a daze of sleepiness because i didn't want to throw in the towel after ALL THAT effort and time spent selecting products!

Val was waiting for me to watch a movie on Netflix, but I told him to give me more time.
"I have 25 items in my cart!! Just... go do something else first!" So he gamed, while I mulled over what to keep and buy. After a successful shopping spree, I mentally patted myself numerous times for a good job done. :p

Yet another upcoming (read: dangerous) sale is Black Friday this 23rd November.

To keep us alert and away from committing regrettable shopping decisions, Nespresso will be having a Long Black Friday sale two days prior for promotions on their machines! For example, the Inissia machine that's in my apartment is going for RM399.

And they're also giving KBF readers an additional fairy discount! 😉
[code further down in post]


The Entertainer app 2019

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** Words by Sonia Sanjiivii @soniasanjiivii + Pictures by Dayana Faisal @dyafaisal **

Last Thursday, I attended the ENTERTAINER Malaysia launch party for its 2019 products at Hugo’s KL @ Ramada Suites KLCC. I was one of the few people to arrive early at the launch and was greeted with a drink and extremely cute little canapés. With a drink in hand and a happy tummy, I walked around to explore the place, and boy did I fall in love with the aesthetics right away!


The colourful lights that hung from the ceiling of the bar gave the place a strikingly picturesque appearance. I loved the vibe and how beautiful the setting was.

Organised and hosted by Michelle Francis, the Marketing Manager for the ENTERTAINER Malaysia; we learnt how the ENTERTAINER is a lifestyle Buy-1-Get-1 free app that offers amazing deals from food & beverages at your favourite cafes + restaurants, epic weekender activities like rock climbing and theme parks, and pampering sessions with 50% off facials and massages. Back with a bang, The ENTERTAINER 2019 has even bigger and better deals for us to look forward to!

The launch kicked off with a speech from Paul Hue, the Country Manager of the ENTERTAINER Malaysia, who welcomed everyone to the party. Once the speeches were done, modern soulful jazz band New Village Music Lab featuring Mazlina Manan serenaded us with her beautifuuul voice. She’s an amazing singer! I’m a pretty big fan. The crowd was on their feet and undeniably having a great time, mingling around while enjoying the delightful tunes by the band.


While being entertained by the band, our stomachs started to rumble! Dayana and I headed to the buffet table and found an amazing spread from Nasi Lemak to Aglio Olio.

Oh yeah! There was also a photo booth set up by BROTHER&CO where guests at the launch could take as many photos as we wished with extremely cute and funny props.