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DCODE House of 1A launch: Sneakers exhibition with MASSES

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Last Thursday i met up with Kayda for a catch-up dinner before we headed to the first night of House of 1A by DCODE, which was the first of a series of events taking up what resembled a renovated warehouse space in Menara Ken TTDI. There’s a diff theme / exhibition every week, with sneakers kicking off the first one – via a collaboration with MASSES.


I’m quite interested in the one this week by Jun Ong and The Tomoe cos it involves light and i like shinyyyy.
Then for sure the one with artists Kenji and Wayang Kulit Tatu… and defo the Mixologist edition so i can support Angel Ng, Joshua Ivanovic, and Andrew Tan. Hopefully i’m free that Christmas week!


My pleated white dress from Love, Bonito many months ago. I saw it, wanted it, then waited for the perfect opportunity when it felt like the right occasion to wear it out to!
With Tai Yong at the sneaker exhibition upstairs (the event is spread out across two floors, with every wall and ceiling painted in black.



Downstairs, we were each given a stamp card to take us through a journey of scents, flavours and learnings.
The girl at this counter was like, “No picture please!” but i pretended not to hear her since my phone was already composed on the shot, took it, then i looked up and said, “Oh, ok!”


Various cheese and chocolate bites for us to sample and educate ourselves on.


I thought this was the most impressive set up of the lot – sneakers displayed in glass cases on a conveyor belt that moved them round and round, sushi-style!


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A note to men, from a woman

Comments (0) Fairy Love, Musings & Personal

I’m writing this because this morning, i was sitting in a cinema (watching Justice League, it was AWESOME) and i felt a sudden surge of energy course through me. My eyes were locked on the screen, but i suddenly felt a strong distinct love for ALL the men in my life. My family, best friends, old friends, lovers, acquaintances, especially the men who have mostly been surrounding me in my life.

Since i was a child, i’ve always connected easily with guys, being somewhat of a tomboy. I’m accustomed to the situation of being the only girl in the group running around with a bunch of neighbourhood boys – climbing, running, playing street hockey, hurting ourselves in ways our mothers would abhor, then getting back up. As i grew older, i still found myself constantly in the company of only men at times – on party holidays where i’m the only girl running around with them, or guy get-togethers (of up to 30 guys once) where i’m the standout female. It felt special because despite being ‘one of the boys’, i’m still physically designed as a girl. My brain and body is built as one and it’s undeniable that’s how i* will function. I feel men confide in me in ways they may not do to the other women in their lives. Because of my strong masculine side, i am able to connect with them without judgement. They send me pictures of girls they’re dating, come to me for relationship advice, and i learn more about their work methods & how they function. Men are seriously very different beings from women! They function in a completely different way, which infuriates women at times and we wanna strangle them or we just shake our heads – but they mean their best.


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Be Curious Dinner at H.O.M.E. by Martell

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Martell Malaysia sent me the most elaborate invitation for their Be Curious dinner, that came in the form of a bottle-sized box that opened up like a puzzle to reveal different sections with elements that would be implemented in their upcoming dinner event.

I spent 15 minutes fiddling with the invitation before scurrying back to work shaking my head at how distracting it was! I even had to be told that i missed another section where a fancy thumb drive was hidden, which Tai Yong ended up finding when he came over for a tipple on his off day.


It is hands down the nicest invitation i’ve received this year!

Thanks to Martell for inviting me and a few of my friends for the event. I had to bring TY cos Martell Cordon Bleu is his absolute favourite drink. If i didn’t ask him to go, i reckon he’d be sore with me for the next 5 years. 😝 Then i invited Danny and Val too, so i guess i had my mini male entourage with me 😁



Dinner that night was helmed by Chef Nathalie of Nathalie Gourmet Studiowhom i had the pleasure of learning how to make maracons from, thanks to a past Dior event.


The menu showed off the different Martell cognacs that we were to pair every dish with, when held up to the candlelight. Sneaky and sophisticated.


Cherry Cherie Garden consisted of foie gras, with dry and fresh gingerbread made to look like soil, and parsley sponge cake that Chef Nathalie created to resemble thick moss.

I was especially enamoured with that sponge cake cos it did so look like moss, but a rather delicious one! If only all moss tasted like that… i’d go around the forest eating it and be a real forest fairy.


With Lucas Lau, Kyan Yap and Chelsia Ng


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Senja @ Awanmulan

Comments (0) Explore, Travel & Stay, Malaysia, Seremban, Travel

On 24th September, Jess + Rudy + Boomerang + i ran off to Awanmulan on a Sunday for 2x nights to stay in their new room called Senja (which means ‘twilight’ in Malay). Uncle & Aunty Awanmulan’s architect son made this particular house with containers, which can be seen as part of the roof/ceiling.

Since i no longer have a chef boyfriend 😳 I had to resume the role of home cook and prep the food for us three cos Jess was just flying in from somewhere that Sunday, and Rudy wanted to make mac & cheese. I was like, “We’re in our 30s, we are NOT gonna eat mac and cheese.” 😒

It’s been ages since i cooked… and got back into it by planning the menu and prepped the sauces + spices and marinated the chicken on Saturday night:


Chicken Salad with Green Goddess dressing
Spicy Coconut Lime Fish Stew


Chicken breast strips with Balsamic and Rosemary Tortillas
with tomatoes, avocado and grated cheddar

Salmon + Spicy Caraway Sauce

I was like, please all turn out okay!! Cos they were all new recipes i was trying. All turned out great, except the salmon dish could’ve done with more spices or a harder kick, but i was quite tipsy when i cooked that so… me cooking high = cannot make it.


Jess and i slept on the double bed, and Rudy camped out on the little one in dark blue



Bathroom, and shower area that looks out into the forest and Senja’s balcony





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Claudia Schiffer x ARTDECO @ Sasa

Comments (0) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Featured Post, Sponsored Post

As an 80s kid growing up with no internet, the only source of fashion and beauty inspiration back then was from beauty magazines. When my Aunt G brought me my first Harper’s & Queen mag from London when i was a teenager in the 90s, i flipped through it for years. YEARS. You’ve never heard of Harper’s & Queen? It’s currently known as Harper’s BAZAAR. Gawd i feel old typing that. [They changed their name exactly 12 years ago.]

Because there was no internet back then (or rather, the web was taking its baby steps), there were no online fashion magazines. No such thing as fashion influencers. And only… a cream of the crop of the world’s biggest supermodels.

Us 80s babies (and prior) know them by first name – Kate, Naomi, Christy, Cindy, Linda… and Claudia.

Claudia Schiffer is one of the world’s most recognisable fashion icons whom has graced over a thousand covers (like Time, Rolling Stone, Vogue) and been the face of the biggest names in fashion (like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Valentino).

Reaching the 30-year mark of her modeling career, Claudia is celebrating it by launching a limited edition make up collection with Germany’s cosmetic giant ARTDECO.

“Growing up in Germany, ARTDECO was quite simply the most famous and trusted name in cosmetics. It is the brand that I saw on my mother’s dressing table as a child, and when I began to go out with my friends it was her denim blue ARTDECO eye shadow that I would ‘borrow’! Being able to work with a company with such pedigree has made this collaboration all the more exciting.”
Claudia Schiffer

Inspired from her beauty knowledge gained from her dazzling decades-long career sitting on the chairs of the world’s most famous make up artists, Claudia designed the collection with the intention to offer failsafe fashion looks for any occasion – from going out to coffee to the red carpet.


“When I first started modelling, I was so shy on set where everyone was looking at me – but as soon as I had my make-up look for the day I was able to become someone else. The more dramatic the make-up look the more silly, sexy or outrageous I felt I could be. Afterwards, even I would look at the pictures and think, ‘I can’t believe that’s me.'”

When Baby and i saw the email for this collection in our inbox, she whatsapped me “Oh my godddd i am so excitedddd!!!!”

KinkyBlueFairy managed the digital PR marketing for it, and i got in on the products too!

Super stoked!

These limited edition products will be available in the form of the Claudia Schiffer Make Up – Claudia’s Beauty Secrets for ARTDECO capsule collection, exclusively available in selected Sa Sa stores nationwide.




The first products i played with were the LIQUID LIP & CHEEK TINT (RM79) “sherbert” No. 8; and The ILLUMINATOR (RM89).

Out of all the products i received, these have been the ones i have been using the most regularly cos they’re so versatile.


Swatch test on my hand. Tint on left, and Illuminator on right.


Daytime / Weekend look using just the Tint and Illuminator!
[Note: Lashes are extensions, eyebrows tattooed, and light powder applied]


The ILLUMINATOR is a cheek and brow highlighter that gives skin an instant sheen. But because it’s shimmery and has a slightly goldish colour, it looks ultra sexy and gives my face a pick-me-up especially after a late night.

I shake the tiny bottle to mix up the light liquid and use the brush to dab some on, before using my fingertips to blend it in quickly. Very easy to blend.

Plus points: It’s paraben-free, has Vitamin E, and is dermatologically-certified for skin friendliness. Works for me cos i memang have very sensitive skin.


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