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Toys For The Boys

Comments (0) Featured Post, Gadgets


“I need to buy my boyfriend a gift, what do guys like?” is a question I’ve heard way too often. As I’m sure any other guy who’s social circles are filled predominantly with women can attest to, the question, in itself is pretty subjective. Every man, to a certain extent, is in fact, different. They have different interests, hobbies and passions. However, there are a few things that I think you can’t go wrong with, especially for guys who love their gadgets.

1. Google Chromecast, RM160.38


The Google Chromecast is a device that will turn any HD television into a pseudo Smart TV. Simply plug the Google Chromecast into your television, and you can stream content from your phones, tablets or laptops at your heart’s desire. You can binge watch Netflix, watch your favorite YouTubers on the big screen, look at old family videos or even mirror your phone screen to your television so everyone can watch you play Candy Crush.

Get this as a gift if . . .

He loves movies and TV series, or is constantly on YouTube. If he does, I’m sure he’d love watching his favorite content on the television’s big screen from the comfort of his couch. Plus, it’s not as easy to Netflix and chill if two people are fighting for space while trying to watch a movie on an iPhone screen.

Alternatively . . .

Chromecast Ultra

For the purists, who only accept the best of the best when it comes to their media, the Google Chromecast Ultra (RM499), does everything the Chromecast can do, only faster, and clearer. The Chromecast Ultra features Ultra HD / 4K Resolution as well as improved hardware. The Chromecast is avalable at Maxis outlets, whilst the Chromecast Ultra is available on Lazada’s online store.

+ + + + +

2. XiaoMi MiBand 2, RM149.90

Mi Band 2

The XiaoMi MiBand 2 is a hybrid between a fitness tracker, and a smart watch. Besides telling you the time, a built-in pedometer tracks the number of steps you take, while a heart-rate monitor allows you to maximize the intensity of your workouts. However, that’s not everything that this little piece of tech can do, it links to any Android smartphone via Bluetooth, and displays message notifications and call alerts on its OLED screen. It is also certified water resistant, so the occasional splash won’t damage it either.

Get this as a gift if . . .


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A fairy and a vamp hike up Bukit Kutu

Comments (1) Nature, Nature, People & Beings

Jun and i have been trying to hike more, with my enthusiasm for it high post-NYE
He usually goes off into the jungle by himself on some weekdays to train/run
Those i don’t go cos i’m busy with work, and i can’t keep up when he trains… i’d just slow him down

Recently tho i’ve been feeling like i just want to slow down on the partying… we do the same thing every weekend – drink, get hungover next day, eat lunch, chill, run errands, social events. If we plan ahead to GO FOR A HIKE, then at least i’m mentally prepared and won’t venture out to drink the night before and just stay in like a super angelic fairy. Dahlah i’m stuck to my laptop most hours/days, the desire to be active outdoors feels so much greater these days…

I told him to choose between Gunung Nuang and Bukit Kutu, not really caring where we went cos either way it’d be a new hike for me. He chose the latter and we arrived there to find… SO many cars parked past Kampung Pertak.

Jun: Damn! So many cars!
Me: Maybe… there’s a wedding…
Jun: We shouldn’t come on a weekend next time

But we were already there, and it was a GORGEOUS DAY!


We had to cross two rivers at the beginning of the trek and i whined a little bout hiking with wet feet.
He firmly consoled me that my Salomon shoes were made to dry quickly and he was right.


The hike all the way to the top was mentioned to take 4 hours, but we overslept (haha OH WELL) and ended up starting to hike up at 3pm, when others were making their way down.

Peeps: Lambatnya naik!
Us: Urm, hike sikit aje

We passed a fair number of people on the trail, some of whom had camped on the summit the night before. I was like no way am i gonna camp if i can help it… i’d rather just go up and down quickly in one day and be done with it :p


Cantiknya akar <3


There are so many butterflies in that forest, and this beautiful blue one let me crouch incredibly near.


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Upcoming art workshops & shopping parties in KL!

Comments (1) Fashion, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Featured Post

I don’t usually do this but it seems like a whole BUNCH of interesting fashion events are happening in the next 7 days so i thought i’d share!


Left: Malaysian label Maarimaia will be setting up a store at APW this Saturday 21st. I went for their launch last month (which i have failed to mention on the blog :p) and bought the same dress in the image which i wore to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Christmas event. Follow @maarimaiaofficial for more updates!

Right: Love Bonito is having a CNY Styling Workshop with Fashion Valet in their Pavilion store this Saturday too! Click *here* for more details how to get in!

+ + + + + +

One of the most darling designers i know just launched his new space in Publika! I missed the launch cos had a clashing event.
Say hi to the Dream Makers Club by Jimmy Lim, he took over Celeste‘s space and is directly across Cuevolution and down the corridor from My Apparel Zoo! I blogged bout Jimmy’s collection at last year’s KLFW *here*

To get up to their stores, you gotta take the lift next to Sony to Floor B2.


The space is SO Jimmy.


Took a shot of Cuevolution cos her wall is just so pretty.


Me with Ai of Cuevolution and Jimmy of Dream Makers Club.
Two of my favourite people to hug, eat and drink with!
Well the drinking is with Jimmy, Ai doesn’t really drink heh.


They’re both collaborating to have a clearance sale this coming week so go go go!
Part of me doesn’t wanna go cos of the temptation and i wanna save more $ to travel this year.
Another part of me doesn’t want to miss out cos i’m eyeing the Cristina Sabaiduc scarves… -_-



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Celebrate! By Tish x Sitka | Little Collins KL | Food I’ve been scoffing

Comments (0) Featured Post, Food, Food, Drinks & Desserts

Last month Jun and i went to the launch of Celebrate!, a collaboration between bespoke event planner Tish Lifestyle, and Sitka Restaurant. I recently blogged about eating at Sitka Studio *here*.


Jun, me and Shermaine


Jun, me, Jenifer, Shermaine and Mei Ling


Ili from Agak-Agak


Sparked by their boredom in the dining scene; Shermaine Wong (Founder of Tish), Jenifer Kuah (owner of Food Foundry, Feeka, Butter + Beans) and Chef Christian Recomio (award-winning chef and owner of Moonfish Café, UK) have come together to hold a series of monthly supper club events. Each monthly edition of Celebrate! will have a different cinema culture theme that will inspire the room décor, tablescape and menu.

February 14-16: In the Mood for Love
March 16-18: Andy Warhol’s The Silver Factory
April 20-22: Wes Anderson
May 11-14: Joy Luck Club
June 15-18: Fight Club

I’m already eyeing which ones i want to rsvp for!

Aimed to  “create, provoke and experiment unique dining experiences by uniting food, culture, cinema and music”, each ticket is priced at RM 140 nett for a welcome bubbly / wine / drink + 3-course menu.

To purchase tickets for Celebrate! supper club, drop by Sitka Eating House + Wine Bar on Jalan Batai or email [email protected] Tickets can be purchased via bank transfer and cash.

For more information, visit or


+ + + + + + + +

I went for Lilou and Heloise’s joint mum + daughter birthday party, which really means, it’s more of the daughter’s party filled with bouncy castle (i’m not complaining!) and sugar-high kids. The theme was purple Minnie Mouse and i helped organise the cakes (made by Little Collins) that day!


The birthday fondant cake is made of the cakery’s signature chocolate mud layered with chocolate ganache, the butter cupcakes with classic buttercream were topped with fondant cutouts, and the cake pops (not pictured) were red velvet dipped in milk & white chocolate.

Frances Voon has been running her Little Collins cakery & cafe in Solaris Mont Kiara for 8 years before expanding with an online cake store – – so one doesn’t have to do cake runs for parties anymore. They deliver to YOU 😉

Her little team of bakers and decorators provide ready-made cakes to choose from, party desserts, and custom make novelty cakes which customers can walk in to taste or meet for a consultation to build their “dream” cakes.

Thanks to Frances, KBF readers get 20% off orders till 30th April 2017!
Just quote promo code: kinkybluefairy


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HydraGlacial MoistureQuench treatment @ Facial First

Comments (0) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty

Disclosure: My treatment was sponsored, but so are others i’ve been invited to and decided not to blog about.

+ + + +

I’m incredibly wary of facials and the products i put on my skin… i have sensitive skin and recently went for a facial that make me break out so badly that i had to cancel meetings and had trouble eating and speaking cos the skin on the lower half of my face was sore and cracking. Horrible. And painful!

Went to Facial First @ Tropicana City Mall for my virgin visit and was recommended to do the HydraGlacial facial before i go into the StemYouth one so that my skin is absolutely hydrated as to maximise on the StemYouth treatment.

Other facials i’ve gone to have either been very fancy but not extracted everything thoroughly, or relaxing and decent but again – i don’t feel like all my dead skin cells have been removed or that my skin condition has improved drastically.

This is the first time in MANY YEARS that i’ve had a facial so satisfactory, i’m in awe and bliss about how much better my skin feels and looks. I’m quite a lazy person when it comes to facials btw, i prollie go for one every 6 months (if not a year) much to the horror of all facial spas when i fill in their questionnaire on my skincare regime. Because i go so rarely, the results after each treatment is obvious and i decide very easily on whether i’d return.


The facade of the outlet is average upon first glance, but once i stepped inside and chilled out in the sitting area with mirrored tables and hot tea in fancy glass cups, i eased into the atmosphere. What grabbed me most are the people there… or more specifically, my therapist Yuki.

facial-first-tropicana-city-mall-3-yukiYuki, Bee Kong & i.

We stepped into a little room for her to do a skin analysis and she asked me how often i put on a facial mask at home.
I stared at the ceiling with a sheepish expression and she knew off the bat that i was terrible at it and scolded me rather comically, “Don’t be lazyyyy!” I couldn’t help bursting into laughter and liked her immediately.


She told me how i must keep my skin well hydrated to avoid pigmentation. I didn’t know this, now i’m getting paranoid about if i’m keeping my skin sufficiently hydrated!

According to the test, I have dehydrated and sensitive skin, and should wash my face with cold water when in the shower (which concerned me cos i love taking hot showers and therefore, washing my face with hot water!). They’re totally against having beauticians wash one’s face with hot water or use steamers cos “how are they going to close your pores after they’ve opened them?” Lesson: Keep pores closed!

Yuki’s skin was perfection (flawless and dewy), and i felt that if i was gonna trust someone’s opinion with my skin, they’d better have the wares to prove it!

I was advised to have the HydraGlacial™ Moisture Quench Facial Treatment (a Swiss Glacial Water-formulated facial treatment with hydro-rich actives that immerse the skin in deep hydration) a couple of times to adequately hydrate my skin, before graduating to the StemYouth treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles + lift and firm the skin. Only once my skin is properly hydrated can the necessary nutrients be carried via moisture to treat lifting / pigmentation issues.

Across all that, they’d also carry out the Eyenergy ATP Defense System (ATP) eye treatment as to take care of the skin surrounding my eyes with the promise that once the crow’s feet and dark circles have lightened, I would see a significant difference in my complexion and skin tone. I know I have little smile wrinkles at my eyes in pictures now, but kinda just gave it up to ageing instead of urm really tackling it. The vain pot in me battles with the hippie who doesn’t abhor the onsets of being human and growing older.


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