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A conversation with a snail

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I spent most of today on my laptop and phone working, whilst my 4 companions who have been my family this week went out drunking since lunch time. By 7:30pm, i’d had enough of screens for the day, and committed myself to wine time, a non-work vid call with Baby, dinner and lots of reading.


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Love Bonito Capsule Collection 02: Pursuit of Possibilities

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Love, Bonito was one of our clients when they first came to Malaysia, and now that they’ve been here for years, have hired their own in-house marketing + PR team (so they don’t use us anymore boo haha). They also sponsored me more clothes than i could wear for 2 years, and i’ll always be loyal to this brand that is represented so magnificently by their tireless team and founders. I’d say their success is due to the size of their hearts.

Just last week, they reached out to send me a new dress from their Capsule Collection 02: Pursuit of Possibilities. Representing new connections, with new heights & adventures; bold colours are splashed unto a clean canvas to create an exclusively-designed print.

I chose the Pavanka Tie Back Sash Midi Dress cos it seemed like the type i would wear the most, and wore it last week for a whole day of meetings, an event, wine time, Japanese dinner and movie (A Wrinkle in Time) with Baby!

“This dress is so comfortable, it impresses me more in person than from the picture!” i told her.
“Best la,” she agreed.


Conceptualised with a focus on textile innovation and fresh aesthetics, the pieces from Capsule Collection 02: Pursuit of Possibilities will be released bi-monthly in limited quantities both online and in-store.

+ + + + +

Since i’m plugging LB, i’m gonna mention their latest store launch in Sunway Pyramid too!


Sarah Lian, Linora Low, Serena C, me, Belinda Chee and Nana Al Haleq.


My denim jumpsuit is from Love, Bonito… of course


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Chinese New Year of the Dog 2018

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“I felt a shift with Chinese New Year this year… did you feel it?”
“I did! Like something changed…”
“Me too, i felt it MORE than when New Year in January went by. I feel an excitement about the new year! All these things I’m gonna change and get done!”
“We’re so Chinese man…”
“I will not let my race down!!!”

+ + + +

A barrage of photos from all my CNY celebrations this year, thank you to Jaeger-LeCoultre for always including me in your momentous occasions <3



Reena & i used to party like crazy. Now less party, but still crazy (deep inside, gotta maintain cos y’know, we’re adults now).
My make up by Dior, earrings from Thomas Sabo, cheongsam from Melinda Looi.


With Jason and Phin. It was my first time connecting with Jason and we spoke for HOURS about our learnings in the past few years. I was taken aback that he’s the first breatharian i’ve met in Malaysia. Or aiming to be a breatharian anyway. I can’t imagine what a long journey that must be…
I, on the other hand, have a skewed reality by convincing myself that i can live off wine and air.


I wanted to take this dog home!
JLC had a Chinese calligrapher at the event to write whatever words we wished. Guests (mostly) wrote down their names on the slip of paper provided for our calligraphy request. Me being me, pondered on a message that would make most sense in my home.

My name?
But i know my own name, i don’t need a sign to tell me that…
I thought about something unconventional, or rather, something that *i’d* like to see + a subliminal message to those who saw it in my home
In the end, a brilliant idea came to mind (my mind anyway)
I thought about the friends who would come to my space to gamble, and wrote, “Give me money”

And my sign reads: Pei ngor chin
= Give me money!

I love it.

Give me moneyyyy!

+ + + + +

A few days after that, i went for Remy Martin’s CNY lunch at Sofitel.
I almost didn’t make it because my car overheated, forcing me to pull over on the side of the road, ignore catcalls from annoying drivers, make swift calls in my tight cheongsam while wiping sweat off, contemplating if i should just cancel getting my ass to this lunch, then deciding that i needed to eat and that they already allocated my spot which would be so rude to disappear from, dropped my car off in TTDI, arrange a Grab to venue, and arrive 1.5 hours later….

It was worth it.

The amount of laughs i got out of that lunch…



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Adulting for real

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We joke about adulting amongst each other and on social media
Paying bills, taking on more responsibilities, getting a promotion
Being more organized, multi-tasking, juggling a dozen types of tasks a day
Work, managing a team, household, children, assets, liabilities

The real adulting comes with all the above, and more (depicted below) thrown on top


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Looking to hire

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I would have very much rather preferred to spend my whole day editing pictures and writing but… just… not… possible… with the amount of phone calls + emails. Looks like CNY is over (despite it NOT being till this Friday!)

Anyhow, I am looking for new digital + PR talent rather urgently to hire.

Requirements & Responsibilities:-


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