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STRIP: Ministry of Waxing

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Strip Malaysia has been one of our clients for over a year now (we handle their KOLs and social media), and once in a while i pop down to Singapore to have a meeting with their SG  marketing team cos there’s only so much human connection Skype gives you. This post has been long-time a-coming… (as i say with many-an unblogged posts which i keep swearing to myself i’ll get to…).

These pictures have been in a draft for freaking ages, and they are too pretty not to show off. Judge for yourself!

Rengee (whose team handles the Media) and i went to meet Cynthia Chua, the founder of Spa Esprit Group, which owns Strip and a venerable list of brands like Tippling Club, Common Man Roasters, Tiong Bahru Bakery, and many many more. I was very interested in meeting her for the first time, cos it takes a special kinda someone to successfully carry on a brand like Strip for over 10 years and have it open salons across the world (Bangkok, Jakarta, London, Manila, NYC, Shanghai) not mentioning her heaps of other projects she continuously works on. Today i was just really happy i managed to get my laundry done atop my work -_-

Anyway, Rengee being Rengee went prepared with her excel sheets memorized (i’m assuming, but probably correctly) and i went through my own docs. We both turned up ready with our laptops in hand for (hopefully) any questions we would be asked, but we barely opened them. Cynthia talked for an hour about Strip, how she started, what she wanted to do with it, how she saw it growing, what it MEANT to her and the team, and i realised at the end of the meeting… sometimes it’s not just about how you work, but how you get *others* to work for you, by getting them to realise your vision.

Her charisma leaked unto us and pumped us up, cos we further realized that Strip wasn’t just any brand trying to make it out there being a business… it was growing with all its therapists who’s worked with them for many years, while kickstarting new projects within the brand and hiring more (doing R&D creating their own beauty products, urban gardening projects) all while keeping to its goal of being the global pioneer in hair removal.

We had our meeting just below the Beauty Emporium in Dempsey Hill, which we explored right after >

Strip singapore - dempsey hill house urban farming 7

Strip singapore - dempsey hill house urban farming 2

I’m wearing a dress from Joe Chia, aka my Meeting Dress when i don’t know what else to throw on.

Strip singapore - dempsey hill house urban farming 4

Every corner was an opportunity for a photo cos it was so fun and quirky!

Strip singapore - dempsey hill house urban farming 5


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Common Ground: Redefining a new workspace

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A few weeks ago, i found myself in the same venue two days in a row – a rare occurrence!

First night was because i wanted to go for a marketing seminar Veena organized, alongside the launch of Tribe47 – her latest digital marketing and sales venture.


For a weekday night, the room was impressively packed. You can’t see me cos i’m to tiny and sitting on the floor somewhere at the back.

Check out Tribe47 at and

Then Carey invited me for Common Ground’s launch the next night >


With girl bosses Penny Choo, Christine Mah, Azura Zainal, me & Carey Ng.
Right: my top from Love Bonito, and pleather eyelet skirt from Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo.

A new co-working space in KL, Common Ground sits in the Penthouse of Wisma UOA in D’sara Heights. When i first walked in and looked around, i thought to myself, “KL has taste!” Just yesterday i bumped into Adrien Kent who told me he did the ID for the place. Figures! Boy can source my tiles anytime.

Thanks to Sheryl who whipped up the below! >>>

+ + + + + + +

Blog Header - Sheryl

Common Ground is a new redefined co-workspace in Southeast Asia aimed to inspire creativity and innovation. It is basically a large office space, filled with tables and chairs for you to co-work or work privately. There are multiple options to choose from whether you are looking to rent fixed desks surrounded by your colleagues, to having your own private office. Their spaces are also available to rent for events.


Left: Their event spaces can fit up more than 130 pax. | Right: An overview of their fixed desks space.

Following its debut location’s launch in Kuala Lumpur will be spaces in Penang and Johore, and countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam underway.


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Falling In Love With an Italian (Espresso Machine)

Comments (0) Business, Tech & Gadgets, Office

Blog Header-Faridah

Oh, I do adore Italy. It’s a country I’ve visited a dozen times in my dreams. Rome, Naples, Palermo, Portofino, Cinque Terre, Sardinia and Sicily. Sometimes when I’m alone and think about my version of a perfect marriage proposal, it turns out to be on a terrace at one of the colourful houses overlooking the sea, probably over breakfast somewhere in Portofino (well, a girl can dream).

Ciao is one of my favourite words, Panna Cotta my favourite dessert, and I too often think about Risotto. I lost count how many times I’ve watched Cinema Paradiso and how Ennio Morriconne’s First Youth/Love Theme could make me feel all kinds of sentimental. Anything Italian is wonderful. But enough about food and film, I’m here to share about another kind of Italian love, coffee.

My love for coffee is not a secret. It’s an old ritual in my life. It’s the first thing I think about when I rise in the morning and I require HEAVY doses consistently to get through Mondays. I am rather clueless and useless without coffee. My daily disposition relies on at least one everyday. The friendly barista at the cafe below my apartment knows my name and exactly how I like my morning coffee, I frequent the cafe so much that when I came back from my 1-month sojourn in Eastern Europe, he gave me free pastries as a homecoming gift.

Two weeks ago, I fell in love with an Italian (calm down, Michael). An Italian in form of an espresso machine brought in by Mokitalia all the way from Como.

You see, this espresso machine is love at first sight and it is exactly how I like my men; easy. The machine is designed to simplify how coffee is made and one can be their own barista by simply pressing a few buttons. I’m rather smitten with the whole concept of high quality espresso capsules and machines.

These capsules are from Covim, a historical Genoan coffee roaster with 40 years experience. I’ve hopped around trying different coffees at various cafes, and more often than not, I would faithfully roll my eyes when it didn’t give me the necessary caffeine kick that I need. After having tried and tested the coffee capsules from Covim, I am convinced that this machine is more than just sophisticated design like some out there. Each coffee capsule contains seven grams of ground coffee beans that are protected from effects of the weather, and its consistency made me fall in love with it more. Yup, down my throat and straight to my heart!



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Glam | NUYOU | Face of Malaysia 2017

Comments (0) Events, Events, Party & Festivals

Joyce: I’ve been away for almost two weeks in Australia, hence the silence on the blog! Priority was given to layan family, and any working hours were dedicated to emails. Since i wasn’t in KL, i got Baby/Faridah and Sheryl to represent at some events 😀 >>>

Blog Header - Sheryl


It was a special night for the two brands as they unveiled their first ever short fashion film produced by GLAM in collaboration with Coach where the Spring/Summer 2017 collection is featured.

The COACH 1941 collection is the pinnacle assortment of Ready-to-Wear, outerwear and accessories pair with their most innovative and experimental designs with the world’s finest leather and fabrics which was showcased at New York Fashion Week. Named after the year COACH was founded, Coach 1941 collection is all about luxury and quality with exquisite attention to details inspired by New York City!

Glam-Lelaki_Coach-Malaysia_Rebel-Youth-Event_2017_Sheryl_FaridahMe – Sheryl and Faridah with her boyfriend, Tupac

Needless to say, this was personally, the most dernier cri event I’ve ever attended. Everyone looked like they were dressed to kill – leather jackets, studs, black lipstick – it was insane. It was also pretty cool having to experience something as exciting as this.

Held at EX8 in Subang, emcee for the night Sazzy Falak had a very glamorous entrance riding in on a Rascals Motor Club bike, and there was a special performance by OAG (which Tuti went bananas over).



L-R: Tengku Syahmi and Ibnu; Chelek; Justin Yap, Nurita Harith and Syomir Izwa; Ning Baizura and Amee Halim.

+ + + + + + +


Last Thursday night, my bf Desmond and I attended NUYOU’s annual trendsetter event held at Pavilion Elite. The ambience was loud, fun and exciting.

Everyone was mingling around and taking photos at the feature wall. There were drink sponsors scattered around the place, with Absolut Vodka being amongst the many. The event kickstarted with some performances followed by the emcee speech.


Drinks, performance, DKNY fashion show and me, Sheryl

The highlight of this year’s NUYOU event was the DKNY fashion show. Models strutted their way down the runway, with celebrities and distinguished influencers such as Amber Chia, Lucas Lau and Cherrie Mun watching from the front.


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Great Ocean Road Photo Diary #2: Gibson’s Steps, Twelve Apostles

Comments (2) Australia, Explore, Travel & Stay, Great Ocean Road, Travel

Irony is blogging about my recent trip to Australia… while i’m already back here again, this time for my cousin’s wedding in Sydney! This whole week is being spent with my family, and so far it’s been a lot of seafood + wine, layaning my mum taking bird photography, whilst squeezing in some work for a couple of hours in the mornings and evenings.

** Click here for my blogpost – Great Ocean Road Photo Diary Part #1 **


This is pretty much the view you get along the majority of the drive, beautiful expanse beaches with blue-green seas




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