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SEGI University presented me an award yesterday!

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I got a surprise email from SEGI University inviting me to go to their event held on Tuesday morning to receive an award for Role Model to Mass Commers. I was taught that when someone presents you something, you take it and say thank you – so that’s what i did!


With Cavin, whose blogposts you might have read here recently!
Lippie from Dior (Diorific 002 Lady), necklace from Thomas Sabo, lace top from Love Bonito



Prof. Dr. Patrick Kee, Vice Chancellor, SEGi University; smiley me, and Assc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Firdaus Low, Dean, Faculty of Communication and Creative Design.

Thank you very much to the faculty and students of Segi U!


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Pleasure To Serve

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We see them everyday, and yet not many of us actually notice them. The people who send our daily cup of coffee to our tables, the ones who take our orders at the counter and the ones who clean up our tables when we’re done with our meals. The service industry has often been made to sound like it is not as noble a role as in the corporate world… as if it lacks the opportunities to advance very far or to teach us anything worth learning..

Well, in my opinion, this could not be further from the truth. I’ve worked in numerous capacities within the service industry on a part-time basis throughout my university life, be it barista and service staff in a cafe, to the guy scooping ice cream in an ice cream parlor, as well as the sales assistant at a Vape shop.

Service Industry_1

It was during my brief stint working at a cafe that one of my colleagues (a woman in her 40s) told me:

“I’ve worked as a lawyer, and then as a sales executive at numerous large companies, but none of which comes close to the happiness I get coming here day after day. I’ve made my money, and being here allows me to make something more of myself.”


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The tent

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While i was in Taiwan, Jun went on a fishing trip with the French boys for Matt’s birthday. I was like, “Go you! Have fun,” cos it was a camping trip. He excitedly sent me pictures of a camping tent beforehand, “Which tent should i buy? The one-man one, or the two-man one?”

He went for the 2-man one in case we need it for something together in the future.
I asked him on whatsapped, “Who’s gonna carry all our stuff?”, envisioning the porters we had in Kilimanjaro.
“Me! I’m the porter!”


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Bali: Uluwatu Surf Villas

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This is gonna be a picture travel log bout my trip to Bali two weeks ago. Am writing this in Tainan with only 20-30 minutes to spare so here’s a quick one!

Bali Uluwatu Surf Villas 1

Bali Uluwatu Surf Villas 2

Before moving to Uluwatu for 4 nights, we picked Neo Hotel in Petitenget to stay in for a night so we could settle into island mode before making our way to Uluwatu the next day instead of rushing straight from the airport.

Bali Uluwatu Surf Villas 3 - Hotel Neo Petitenget

We arrived in the evening and it was storming like cray. Iman said it had been raining for a full day, and it didn’t stop then. It pretty much rained for two whole days which is unheard of cos even during monsoon season the most i’d experienced in Bali would be random showers throughout the day. Not a constant storm! We observed the weather forecast which said it’d be storming the whole week and were like ‘damn’ but me being ever optimistic about holiday weather said “i’m sure it’ll change and we’ll have sunny days halfway through!!!”

Grabbed an uber (it’s a big hoo ha in Bali as it is in KL) to Merah Putih which Rahul suggested for dinner. Dhanya didn’t feel like going out so it was just me and the 3 boys – Danny, Rahul and Murat.

Bali Uluwatu Surf Villas 9 - merah putih restaurant bali


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KinkyBlueFairy @ Hippie Hub

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KinkyBlueFairy’s products and accessories are now physically available at Hippie Hub in Damansara Perdana, also known as YogaOneThatIWant Studios.

The Pink Donut Float first caught my eye at a house party organized by a friend, of a friend, of a friend. You would expect a teenage boy at a pool party to have his eyes focused exclusively on the flood of  hot bods parading around the compound, and yet, the only thing that could retain my attention was a pink donut float in the pool filled with people I didn’t know.

Long story short, by the end of the night, fueled by my youthful stupidity and energized by all the ‘non-alcoholic’ beverages, I was in the middle of the pool, holding on to the pink donut float, refusing to let go until my ride told me that we had to go home. Needless to say, that led me on a journey to find out the origin of this magical donut float. After a few failures at procuring this piece of information caused by the hangovers of my fellow party guests, a consultation with Dr. G a.k.a. Google, brought me to discover KinkyBlueFairy. [Joyce: Who would have thought it would have brought you to us! *hearts in eyes*]

Products on the KinkyBlueFairy online store (once the home of the pink donut float) like sunglasses, bags, vintage accessories, festival toys and casual attire, are now available at Hippie Hub, Damansara Perdana. (Sorry, no more donut floats, but trust me, all the other KinkyBlueFairy products are equally as pretty. For enquiries on float purchases, please email [email protected]).


Hippie Hub, the home of YogaOneThatIWant, is a yoga studio cum lifestyle store founded by Malaysian singer-songwriter and actress, Atilia Haron. Aside from a variety of unique and specialized yoga classes, Hippie Hub also occasionally offers classes for Pilates, Zumba, and Box Fit as well as a host of other fitness programs.


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