Bambi Tattoo #9 by Lynda @ Pink Tattoos

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I got a new tattoo last week to join my other cartoons on my ankles! Ok i didn’t PLAN to get so many cartoons… but it’s so happy and addictive to have something i LIKE SO MUCH on me.

Some people think that all these tattoos are TOO much but i just say that they’re taking their skin too seriously. Your body and your skin are just temporary in your existence… and your existence on THIS planet in THIS lifetime lasts only a blink of an eye in the ENTIRE momentum of the universe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So i really wanted either Bambi or Care Bears. I wanted BOTH.
But my appointment time didn’t allow me both (can’t be tattoo-greedy) so i had to choose one FIRST.
I went with Bambi cos it’s a nickname an old friend calls me, and Bambi is just TOO CUTE.


I can’t even eat RABBIT cos Thumper is Bambi’s friend!


Lynda in her Pink Tattoos studio in Telawi. She’s also got a team of tattoo artists of different styles working there.


It took about 2 hours and i love how she made the flowers curve with my ankle bone.

I have to admit… when Lynda drew one particular leg of Bambi right on my ankle bone, three curses in three languages screamed through my brain. Weirdly enough the first curse was in Cantonese (i don’t speak Chinese).



OHAI BAMBI! Welcome to my fairy family!

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  1. sgrmse. says:

    what stunning art!! (:

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