It’s not a unicorn. It’s a My Little Pony. Oh-kay?

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OK fine.
So some people have stared at me like i’m utter crazy for wanting to do this, and now, having done it.
But i haven’t regretted a single one of my previous tattoos, and am pretty sure i’m NOTย going to regret this one.

When i first had the idea, i texted Clem: “I just had this BRILLIANT idea! bla bla bla bla”
He replied: “I don’t know about ‘brilliant’…”

After he realized i was serious about it, he said, “You know, this is okay if you’re 14… but you’re almost 30!”
That kinda stumped me.
I never FELT myself at ‘almost 30’.
What does that mean anyway?
Age is so relative. As is time.

I felt like as if being ‘almost 30’ meant i had to stop doing things i wanted to…
Or more accurately, childish things i wanted to.
I don’t feel ‘almost 30’.
In fact, if you asked me how old i was, my insides instinctively squeal “18!”

So i got this because i really really wanted to.
While simultaneously having a slight inner smug emotion about going against society dictating i have to act a certain way at a certain age.


Btw if you’re a tattoo fan and like staying home on Sundays,
NY Ink premieres tomorrow on TLC

10 Responses to It’s not a unicorn. It’s a My Little Pony. Oh-kay?

  1. Fongster says:

    Love the tatt! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Snow says:

    Hello, Joyce

    Where do you normally get your tattoos done? Kinda thinking to get myself one. Interesting blog you have here, keep up the good work!

    Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. fazrinK says:

    i think we’re probably the only generation (thus far) that doesnt really care about ‘acting our age’ in terms of doing what we want/like…

  4. daria says:

    awww rainbow dash!!

  5. steph says:

    aww so cute! age.. just a number! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Joanne says:

    I have been reading your blog for ages. I have always admire your capability to do what you want, changing your hair colour, hairstyle, shaving your head, take a year off to go on vacation. It must be great to be you. I aspire to be more like you, but I’m so far from it.

  7. faiz says:

    nice blog!, follow my blog also

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