The crazy owl lady they call Lynda of Pink Tattoos

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My 6th tattoo was a My Little Pony one that brings me MUCH joy and glee every time i look at it.
When i first got it, i’d wiggle my foot up and down and go, “Look! She’s dancing!”
But recently when i peer down at her, i started thinking how she needs a friend.
I was toying around with different cartoons i could get to be my pony’s new friend,
and decided that Peter Rabbit would be perfect!

I went to Lynda who owns Pink Tattoos to get it,
cos she does a lot of cartoons and animated objects
so she’s perfect for the job cos it’s totally her style!

Lynda drafting out my tattoo while her cat Rarr! (name comes with exclamation mark) looks on.

We had lunch before my appointment, and i asked how she got into the business cos it’s such a DIFFERENT thing to do. I loved her honesty about her experience. She said that she used to be in advertising but didn’t love her job. So she did something most people find it difficult to do – she quit her job and took a pay cut to help a tattoo artist friend manage their shop instead. That’s when she started learning how to tattoo, and now has her own gorgeous studio and tattoo business!

I think it’s so courageous of Lynda for doing what she did… most people complain about their job, but instead of taking their future into their own hands, they continue fading away in a life that doesn’t suit them. Money is usually the main factor that scares them into staying in a ‘safe’ position, but money isn’t everything. Taking a step (or rather, many steps) to change your life into doing work that fulfills you and makes you wake up everyday LOOKING FORWARD to work is better than a high-paying job you hate. And most probably, you’ll end up being successful at doing what you love cos the passion will flow naturally. In summary, sometimes you have to destroy your old life to build a new one.

Tools of the tattoo trade. Ink colours for Peter Rabbit.

His face is so cute!!! I just want to KISS HIM.

Some people asked why Peter Rabbit. Well it’s cos my uncle Mark’s parents Donald and Mercia gave me some hardcover Beatrix Potter books when i was a toddler (which i still have till today) and i grew up knowing Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Squirrel Nutkin, Mr Jeremy Fisher and the rest. When i was 10 years old, i went to visit Aunty Geraldine and Uncle Mark in London, and they took me to watch the Tales of Beatrix Potter at The Royal Ballet and i remember being utterly enthralled and FASCINATED that i saw my favourite characters live.

Even till adulthood (wait, i’m an adult?) Peter Rabbit reminds me of my childhood in England, and of Mercia and Donald, who have since passed on to their next amazing chapter of Existence. So yeah… now you know why i got Peter Rabbit ๐Ÿ™‚

Lynda took three hours to complete Peter Rabbit, but you can see why – he’s so detailed that friends have commented he looks like a stencil instead of a tattoo. I watched her while she did the shading, and Lynda really followed every tiny bit of detail down to single furs and whiskers.

Oh i asked her to add in a champagne glass cos Peter is having a party! Hehe.

The Pink Tattoos work space looks more like a shop than a studio! She’s got so much STUFF. I thought *i’m* a collector, Lynda beats mine to a pulp…

I’m so jelly she’s got the old Polly Pockets! They don’t make toys like they used to.

She’s got a very impressive collection of owls around the whole place, in every corner you look at.

I didn’t even take pictures of ALL the owls… i got tired halfway :p

To see Lynda’s other works, you can stalk her instagram @pinktattoos or visitย

Pink Tattoos – by appointment only

Studio address:
c-3-20, Block C, Level 3
Centrio Pantai Hillpark
No. 1 Jalan Pantai Murni
59 200 Kuala Lumpur

Pink Tattoos has moved to Telawi, Bangsar:

No.20-A, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +603 2201 7465 / +6017 924 0507

11 Responses to The crazy owl lady they call Lynda of Pink Tattoos

  1. PJ says:

    I love your blog so much. I stopped reading the newspapers cos its so depressing but I would check your blog everyday cos it is filled with so much positivity and happy energy.

    I watched this today and thought of you.

    Stay the amazing person that you are! xxx

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    PJ: I hate reading the newspapers too!!! Then sometimes i look a bit ‘duh’ for not knowing some disaster happened but i usually can find out from twitter ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for your nice comment and link! XXX

  3. VY says:

    I like Polly Pockets too!!! i have one mini one which I still keep…I agree that they do not make toys as they used too…The good ol’ days…

  4. Rainbowgal says:

    i’m quitting my 5 figure job and my last day of work is this Friday. Am i mad?? It took me many, many, MANY months to think through this. I’m scared outta my wits because this type of decision is so not me. BUt i’m doing it for my kids and to turn into a freelancer. What you said above gave me strength to know that i’ve made the right decision.

  5. Sunita says:

    Shes got such a cute spot!

  6. Eve says:

    i share the same sentiment as PJ above! I really love your blog post and look forward to each one eagerly ๐Ÿ™‚ and i love all your tattoos!! so unconventional haha, well i have a teddybear one myself ^^

  7. JoyceTheFairy says:

    rainbowgal: CONGRATS!!! What courage that must have taken you… but you know what, you will never regret being able to spend more time with your children, despite having less money… XXX

    Eve: Thank you!! Tattoos – well noone said we can’t get what represents us best or we love most! get more cartoons! hahahah

  8. MingDaBomb says:

    “sometimes you have to destroy your old life to build a new one…”

    true dat, Fairy…

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