Tex Saverio for Love, Bonito @ Singapore Fashion Week 2015

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I’d better blog about the Love, Bonito fashion show i flew to Singapore for, before their next event happens in KL in 8 days! Then i’d *really* be behind in my blogposts (as if i’m not already ahhh i just want to go back to being a full-time bloggerrrr).

A bunch of us were flown down for Singapore Fashion Week to attend the Love, Bonito x Tex Saverio fashion show.

Love, Bonito is Singapore’s leading online fashion retailer and has been around since 2006. The label offers stylish and affordable pieces which are designed in-house, and have garnered the coveted SME Asia Award 2013/2014 awarded by The Asian Business Journal and The Trade and Industry Association in Singapore.

Tex Saverio is a prominent Indonesian fashion designer Love Bonito collaborated with, and has been described as “the Alexander McQueen of Indonesia” by Grazia UK. His career took off after winning a national award at the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award in 2005, and was named Most Talented Young Fashion Designer a mere year after launching his Tex Saverio Prive label in 2010.

He showed at Paris Fashion Week 2013, which is where Love, Bonito founders Rachel and Viola first caught sight of his designs! It was further established that they wanted to partner up with him when they saw the wedding dress that Tex designed for Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Tex’s edgy and avant garde creations have also been worn by peeps like Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. Check out his website, very cool.

Back to the start of our journey to Singapore Fashion Week…

The rest flew up on Saturday morning, but i had a photo shoot that had been scheduled weeks ahead so i had to go on the afternoon flight. Amber had work on that morning too, so we both met in the airport to get on the same flight.


Amber was so semangat, everything she brought to wear on that trip is from Love, Bonito.
We were busy messaging on our phones and chatting all the way till we boarded, when she said, “I’m sorry, but i’m going to take a nap…”
Me: Amber, i brought my pillow. I’m going to SLEEP!


Selfie before sleep! Everything’s so blue!
My sunnies are from Mouet. I know Amber’s are from Fendi.

I passed out the whole flight. This is what happens when you’re so busy you don’t get enough sleep… i look forward to every flight i get on cos it’s the only time nobody can reach me on my phone and i get some kip!

We were picked up by a Merc at the airport. Naiceeee


We were whisked off to Hotel Jen, where everyone was put up for the trip. Formerly Traders Hotel in Singapore, it’s been refurbished/rebranded and has a splendid Club Lounge on the 15th floor where we were checked in.


Right next to where we were standing was a spread of cheese, snacks and wine where we could just help ourselves.


I stared at the wine thinking, WHY NOT, might as well start now. It was already 5pm and we had an hour to get ready for the show so i had a glass of chardonnay while getting ready!

KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-06 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-07


The room was very comfortable and i appreciated so many of its design details.


Someone asked if i brought my own pillows there haha


Contemporary metal lamp shade. Want. For. My. New. Home.

KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-11 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-12

I only brought one dress (Love, Bonito OF COURSE) to wear to the show

KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-13 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-14

Amber, Juliana (Social Media Manager for Hotel Jen), me, Sri Azni from Cosmopolitan, Haida from The List, Joan from Female, Shermaine, Zoe from Tongue in Chic


Malaysia represent!


Amber and i are both wearing dresses from Love, Bonito!


I stalk Rozz on instagram and shamelessly went up to say hi XD


KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-19 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-20

Everyone looks so pretty!!!
My earring is from Thomas Sabo’s SS15 collection, and my make up is from Urban Decay‘s Vice palette.

KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-21 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-22 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-23 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-24

Strongbow will always have a soft spot in my heart cos it’s the only thing i drank at the Isle of Wight festival!


Can’t NOT take a pic at a photo wall of real flowers!



The show! I was so excited to see what the designs would be like. Love, Bonito is always about pieces with flattering cuts that empower women through style; and them collaborating with a legit couturier like Tex was bound to invoke outfits to lust after.



The collection combines the softness of infinite pastel skies contrasted with sharp branch motifs, gracefully molding the dash of renowned Tex’s boldness with Love, Bonito’s aura of femininity.








I have my eye on this dress. It’s something that could be a regular uniform of mine every day!

KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-37 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-38 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-39

The ready-to-wear collection includes Love, Bonito’s signature style pieces such as fit & flare skirts, shift dresses and jumpsuits.


What an amazing structural romper…

KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-41 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-42 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-43 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-44 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-45 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-46 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-47 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-48 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-49 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-50 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-51 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-52 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-53

Amber and i kept on nudging each other on which pieces we wanted, and we realised we like a lot of the same ones -_- So if we do get them, we better text each other before going out for an event wearing the same thing! (She even brought the same blue dress i wore to the fashion show as her backup dress!)

KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-54 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-55 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-56 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-57 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-58 KinkyBlueFairy-LoveBonitoxTexSaverio-SingaporeFashionWeek2015-59

Bravo guys! What a cohesive collection tied together with those unmistakable graphic prints.


Ah i could see myself wearing almost every outfit that came out. So hard to choose!

The Tex Saverio for Love, Bonito collection will be exclusively distributed via Love, Bonito’s online store – Lovebonito.com – from June onwards and will retail at $90 to $200.


Love, Bonito founders Rachel Lim and Viola Tan, with Tex Saverio in the middle.
Doesn’t he look like an absolute pixie? We could be fairy friends.


With Xiaxue, Singapore’s blogging queen you should try not to piss off.


Charmaine of Love, Bonito looking all chirpy backstage!


Bumped into Rachel after the show, she will be in KL with Viola next week for the launch of Love, Bonito’s first flagship store in Asia! Which will be in… Mid Valley!


All of the Malaysian troupe with Rachel in the middle.
L-R: Rengee, me, Shermaine, Amber, Rachel, Joan, Sri, Haida, Zoe!

I’m really happy with the media group that went, everyone was really fun to get along and chat nonsensically with, and really nice. Poor Shermaine tripped on her heels on an uneven step and everyone rushed to help wash her wound with water and band-aids were whipped out. I was so tired after the night’s event but i managed to go for a late dinner and met Natalia, who also happened to be at the show 😀


OK just one last pic of that lamp in Hotel Jen XD

Thanks for having me at your show Love, Bonito! Can’t wait for your event next week!
Well. KinkyBlueFairy x MadHat is doing the PR and event organising for it so we’re all pretty flat out till then and know every detail of the event XD

Website: www.lovebonito.com
Facebook: facebook.com/lovebonito
Instagram: @lovebonito

#LBgoestoKL #LBOOTD #LoveBonitoMY


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