Selamat Hari Raya!!!

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Amidst my never-ending busy-ness, i try to eat with the team at least once a month.
I sometimes feel like a guilty parent who doesn’t spend enough time with their kids.
Managed to squeeze in a buka puasa dinner with the gang last Monday JUST before Hari Raya hit.

Baby/Faridah suggested Serai Jaya (i’ve never been), and we were satiated by every dish ordered.
We had steam fish in lime sauce that we eagerly drank, egg yolk squid, deep fried brinjal, spicy ox tail that fell of the bone in a sorta rendang sauce, and kailan with salted fish.


We even had leftovers i happily packed into my pink My Little Pony tupperware (that Mishie got me for my birthday) with separate sections so the sauce wouldn’t mix. Feels like winning in life to have it in my car at the right time.

Buka Puasa @ Serai, Jaya Shopping Center-6

Me, Rachel, Baby, and Andrew!
The restaurant was completely packed when we were dining, this was just before we left.

Buka Puasa @ Serai, Jaya Shopping Center-7

The deep fried brinjal was done so well, we were all mmm-ing and picking at it. I didn’t even try to maintain after some time and just went for it with my hands :p

Buka Puasa @ Serai, Jaya Shopping Center-5  Buka Puasa @ Serai, Jaya Shopping Center-5

Buka Puasa @ Serai, Jaya Shopping Center-7

I don’t think i really blogged about Rachel before… cos i was in a state where i wasn’t doing much blogging! Soooo Rachel joined KinkyBlueFairy as an intern for 3 months, after April introduced her to us as they went to the same school or college together (sorry guys, you know my memory cannot make it).

Rachel is one of those rare millennials i wave as a sign of hope to my other friends who deem that generation as hopeless workers (sorry but this is just what i hear from others)! After her internship, Rachel had a 4-month gap before attempting for a scholarship in England; so we hired her on contract till August. My selfish side wants her to stay on and work for us but my more nurturing side said encouragingly, “I’m SURE you’ll get your scholarship.” Of course she did.

Interestingly, Baby and Rachel have taken on some high-pitched cute accent when they talk to each other… This is a vast contrast to the Indian accent Baby and April used to communicate in last year. The first time i heard Rachel and Baby from my room in the office, i was like, “What the hell is going on… Why do they sound like chipmunks?”

This is how their conversations sound in the office >
B: Let’s go here for lunch!
R: Okayziesss!!
B: Cute or not!? Cute righttttt
R: Cuteeeeeee!
B: Awwwww!!!!
R: Hee hee hee!!!

It sounds like i have a merge of the Powerpuff Girls and Chip (from Chip & Dale) working there.
Maybe next time we’ll make a Hari Raya wish with their voices instead of a plain jpg image XD

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin <3


I am so relieved it’s Raya!!!

Am so mentally exhausted… i need a break where i get a few days to just SIT DOWN and think about my life
and work
and direction
and take a step back
to reevaluate where i am
so i can see clearly

I don’t ever remember being THIS exhausted or stressed
And i don’t even have children!!
In the beginning i was putting it down to age
but there’s still a part in me that REFUSES to believe that

My latest theory is that my body IS getting older
so i’m losing particular nutrients that are feeding my natural high
I got this from watching Food Matters (a documentary on Netflix)

It all makes sense… and my newest journey is towards this vitamin B3 called Niacin
because it was linked to alcoholism in the documentary i watched
I’m gonna just admit that… i think i drink way too much

I feel like i’ve cut down drastically in the past year (because i feel so SHIT after drinking)
but i still return to it when i want to release stress or let go!

The longest i’ve gone without drinking is perhaps 10 days when i was doing a detox
And that aside, i probably drink every other day.

That sounds really bad when i write it down.

But i feel so sure there are others out there like me who… just enjoy partying so damn much.
It just physically hurts a lot more at this point of time
which is why i feel like i need to make a change

I had a human design chart reading done for me last year

“The Human Design System is a synthesis of two streams of science, traditional and modern. The traditional Sciences: Astrology, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah and most importantly, the I’Ching, the Book of Changes – these are the traditional elements in the synthesis that is Human Design. Combined with the modern science of reading the genetic code, this offers you a profound insight into how you are designed to navigate the material world.” [source]

I was told specific gates of my chakras that are open (since birth, so i don’t have a choice to the talents or lack thereof that i have) and Willpower is not one of them.


Putting my absence (or dismal lack) of willpower, i wonder how i will fare with this new path of deterring of what i deem as fun.

This might be a process that is years long.
Or maybe, never.

See, willpower = 0.

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