Launch of Bodytone @ Subang Courtyard & MyZone System

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I wrote the below excerpt on this recent blogpost which i’m repasting here cos i was babbling about Bodytone and it’s totally related >

I’ve been working out once or twice a week (at Bodytone), when i can squeeze some time in. It’s the only workout i’ve been able to still go for and not get bored after 4 years because:
1) I need a babysitter, and the trainers there are so personable and dedicated to ensure you don’t waste your time nor money
2) If i want to cancel a class, i can only do so 4 hours beforehand, else it gets forfeited. So the chinaman in me will force myself to go even if i’m feeling lazy last minute.
3) It’s still challenging cos we just increase my weights as i progress. Tho many times i don’t go for weeks (traveling, work, excuses, bla bla) and then return to find my ability to carry certain kg has gone down

Powerplate is no joke… I’m pretty sure it’s the reason i was able to scale Kilimanjaro with no prior training.
On Monday i went for my usual class with Syazwan, who created a new circuit program for that day.
There were 6 circuit sets he got 3 of us to do. 1 girl backed out in the 2nd set. I felt like throwing up during the 4th set and tried to steady myself. By the time i finished the 6th set, i was lying on the floor and Syazwan said i looked like a crime scene.

Told Jun about it and he said, “Good! That means you were pushing yourself.”
I thought silently, I signed up to get fit, not unconscious

I whine but i like the push. Like i said, need a babysitter remember?

+ + + + + + + + + + +

Bodytone uses Powerplate machines, which vibrate at a specific frequency so it engages a higher percentage of total body muscles while you complete a conventional workout. Some people have assumed that all you do is stand on it and you lose weight. I want to laugh when i hear this cos there’s no such thing, no pain no gain people!

It’s using this machine that gives you greater results in less time. From what i remember when i first started Bodytone, working out on it for 45 minutes is an equivalent of working out in the gym for 1.5 hours. And hey, i’m all about saving time. I cannot imagine how i can dedicate over an hour in the gym, it cuts too much into my already-hectic schedule not counting time to drive there and leave! #CityGirlMeasurement

Conventional resistance training with the use of weights to promote effective muscle development and weight management only engages approximately 40% of total body muscles. This is because only the body’s voluntary (conscious) muscles are engaged and not the involuntary (sub-conscious) muscles. This results in an exercise regime that is incapable of achieving its fullest potential.

Vibration training is conducted – with and without weight resistance – on top of a vibrating base to creates a micro-instable environment – like a mini earthquake – that naturally forces the human body to stabilise during training by engaging up to a staggering 90% of total body muscles – both voluntary (conscious) and involuntary (sub-conscious) muscles.” [source:]

After every workout at Bodytone, i FEEL muscles i’ve never felt before hurting. In a good way. I feel muscles on parts of my bum aching, and know that whatever i just did, was way more than from dozens of squats i could have done by myself. To be honest, it’s not like i LIKE to work out. I’d much rather have a magical awesome body that requires no heavy lifting but when your 30s hit you… denial is not a word on the cards any longer. I don’t have a choice. There, i said it. Well i do, but that choice would result in a KinkyFatFairy. Not sexy. I don’t want that. What spurs me to work out is how much better i’m going to look in bed with nothing on. (Maybe i should not be having a glass of wine while writing this, being very blatant here.)

I’m not just advocating Bodytone alone, but i like the idea of moving in whatever way i can for the pure intent of that – to MOVE. This core idea was generated from my reading Tom Rath’s Eat Move Sleep (great book, get it). In whatever way i can, i try to implement movement (jogging, yoga, hiking) cos it’s a natural human function which many of us have abandoned due to our urban lifestyles of everything being made convenient for us.

To further encourage progression in our movements, seeing each of us have individual bars set on our physical capabilities, Bodytone introduced MyZone® – a technologically advanced system (that connects seamlessly to the MyZone® MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt or MyZone® Sports Bra) to interact with a global network of users on a platform to accurately track personal fitness progress and optimize workout efforts.

I was one of the first to get my hands on trying it out, and looked forward to measuring how far i was actually pushing myself.


This is the device (worn with the belt) small enough to be tucked comfortably under my sports bra during workouts.

I downloaded the app from the Apple store and created my personal account from which i could use to:
– analyse my heart rate, activity time, and calories burned
– add friends (or even strangers nearby) and view each others’ effort charts, comment, like, etc
– update my personal fitness diary like goals and meal intake (meaning food pix, to spur each other to eat healthy!)

This is an example of a workout i did >


The colour-coded tiles show how high my heart rate is, and how much more i can push myself while the workout is going on real time.

In Joyce terms:
Black was when i wasn’t really doing jack.
Blue was when i was… exercising la.
Green was when i was getting out of breath.
Yellow was when i was super really out of breath but just going for it.
Red is when i’m having thoughts like “Are you crazy omg i’m going to have a heart attack”

The above is not the best example cos i was doing mostly weights and there were other (more cardio-based) workouts where i hit the red zone (90% heart rate and over) which means i was about to die. I kid. The red zone is where the trainer would try to get me to keep touching cos it meant i was hitting my personal level of intensity. It was quite difficult cos my endurance is not bad now (yay me) whereas someone who rarely exercises would reach the red zone easily cos their body isn’t used to movement. So for someone healthier (like Jun) he’d probably take even longer than me to reach the red zone. (Yeah, like after he runs 50km.)

I got 128 MEPS from that workout- every effort and move is converted into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) – with its ability to being converted into rewards from Bodytone to encourage more effort, and friendly competition amongst everyone.

Bodytone did a formal introduction to the MyZone® System along with the launch of its 4th studio in the heart of Subang Jaya, at the newly refurbished SS15 Courtyard.


The Courtyard SS15 Bodytone Studio is designed to hold group trainings where the uniquely designed classes and training regimes are crafted to suit different workout needs with the use of technologically advanced equipment and perfected techniques designed for visible results.

It is also Bodytone’s largest studio in Malaysia with an on-premise Lorna Jane Activewear outlet and Pure Juice bar, culminating in an active lifestyle concept studio to encourage everyone to fully embrace their well-being from inside out.



After going to Bodytone for so many years, i became friends with Christine (who founded Bodytone with her soon-t0-be husband Vincent) and she got KBF to do the PR for the launch. Damn pressure to work for friends. ?


Christine, Thanuja and I





There were a few booths set up including a new shaping protein business by Yasmin Hani called Sweetcuts.


Pure Juice from



Tuti and Faridah



Kim Raymond, Lexie Rodriguez and me


With Vanessa Tevi, Megan Tan, Yvonee Lee, and Nadine Ann Thomas peeking above





The MyZone® MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt with app available for free download on Apple / Google Play store.

The Bodytone trainers were the first group to show off how the app worked.


Then a bunch of us like me, Lexie, Meliha, Thanu, Vanessa and Sabrena took to the Powerplate machines.






Meliha Faisal and I


With Cyrus Yong


Tuti and Lexie


Yvonee and Megan


The Bodytone trainers – Don’t play with these guys, they’ll pummel us.



Marisa Soraya, Sabrena Khalid, and Joyce








+ + + + + + +

Bodytone SS15 Courtyard

Lot 1-09, First Floor, SS15 Courtyard,
Jalan SS 15/4G,
SS 15, Subang Jaya,
47500 Selangor
Tel: 03 – 5612 7185 / 03 – 5613 7185

Instagram: @bodytonestudio

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