Dior Homme Boutique Launch @ KLCC

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The Dior launch last week was like a speed-networking event. I got Rachel to accompany me to get pictures (thanks Rachel!) and i didn’t get to spend much time with her cos i was saying hi to people every few steps. It felt great to go out again after a long hiatus from events, so i relished in being able to see so many friends in one shot #SaveEnergy

Joyce Dior Homme

I’m wearing:
– Leandra jacket from JN by Jiuan Ng
– The Relaxed Trousers from Tsyahmi’s BETTA 2015/16 collection, available on FashionValet.com
My hair is by Centro Hair Salon.
The necklace i’m wearing is a vintage piece i found and have been keeping in my private collection for a decade without wearing :/ (hoarder much?)
You can shop for vintage pieces i’ve sourced *here*

Dior Homme Opening-11

Dior Homme Opening-26Dior Homme Opening-12

Dior Homme Opening-3

Keith Foo, Kim Raymond, me and Adrian Seet

Dior Homme Opening-2  Dior Homme Opening-4

Nat Saw, Ashley Lau, me, Jane Lau, Brian See

Dior Homme Opening-6

Me with Emma Shazleen

Dior Homme Opening-7

This is Ying! We used to be neighbours back in high school and would spend hours every single evening for a few years walking our pets together (she her rabbit, and me my dog). We’d talk about everything a teenager had to talk about (nothing death-defying but in our eyes and lives then, everything was of utmost importance) – school, tests, boys, parents, pocket money.

Then she went off to KTJ, and we didn’t hang out since tho we would message sporadically on Facebook. It was such a shock to bump into her after not seeing her for over a decade… and discovered she has two kids! Talking to her was like picking up where we left off… it felt so good.

Dior Homme Opening-5

Alex and Kyan

Dior Homme Opening-8

Idan and i, Alia photobombing the pic 😀

Dior Homme Opening-9

John, Yu Jin, me and Dennis

Dior Homme Opening-10

Joey, Lucas and i

Dior Homme Opening-14

Mama G turns 50 this week! She looks fucking amazing for 50.

Dior Homme Opening-15

Dior Homme Opening-23

Dior Homme Opening-16 Dior Homme Opening-17 Dior Homme Opening-18 Dior Homme Opening-19 Dior Homme Opening-20  Dior Homme Opening-22  Dior Homme Opening-24 Dior Homme Opening-25  Dior Homme Opening-27 Dior Homme Opening-28 Dior Homme Opening-40

With Rozie! <3

Dior Homme Opening-43

Amy just got back from NYFW

Dior Homme Opening-44 Dior Homme Opening-45


Dior Homme Opening-46 Dior Homme Opening-47 Dior Homme Opening-48   Dior Homme Opening-51

Faisal, Vee, Aizat, me

Dior Homme Opening-52

Justin Yap!

Dior Homme Opening-53

Dior Homme Opening-29 Dior Homme Opening-30 Dior Homme Opening-31 Dior Homme Opening-32 Dior Homme Opening-33  Dior Homme Opening-35   Dior Homme Opening-38 Dior Homme Opening-39

Dior Homme Opening-55

With Sarah and Justin

Dior Homme Opening-56

Adrian and Dynas

Dior Homme Opening-58

With Justin and Peter

Dior Homme Opening-59

Danny Choo and Daniel Loo, we all went for impromptu dinner at Mamasan after. Girl’s gotta eat!

Dior Homme Opening-81

Dior Homme Opening-80

Bumped into this lovely bunch at Mamasan, and it’s such a nice pic so i curi-ed it hehe




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