Silkscreen Printing Workshop @, Bangsar

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When Claudia asked me whether i wanted to go for a silkscreen printing workshop on a Saturday morning with her,
I was all, “Yessss take me!!”
I’m all for new activities that pushes my creativity, makes me healthier and requires less drinking these days.

We chose the morning class which was from 9-11am so we had to be there at 8:45am for coffee and settling down before.
It was a great excuse to have to be good and stay in on Friday night.

Friday night =
Claudia: Come and join us!
Me: NO! We have to wake up early tomorrow! I’m *not* going out with you and Rahul.
Claudia: He’s doing it too! (the workshop the next day) We’re all in this together!!

Yes, but *i’m* going to stay in, and SLEEP.
Else i’ll be passing out at class the next day!

I stayed in, went to bed by 1am, and got there to have a coffee (i recently picked up drinking coffee -_-)
The other two arrived in the nick of time.

When i walked upstairs, i saw Joe! So nice to hug Joe in the morning, like a big bear!

I’ve always seen and heard about silkscreen workshops but i never attended one cos i somehow went for the other art class choices first.

Now it’s TIME!

Had no idea what the process was. Like, no clue.
Didn’t even do any research before it, but i guess that’s the reason for attending one.
You just need to SHOW UP and it’s all prepared XD

Lisette from (her design and art studio up the stairs from cafe).
She’s the artist behind Nala Designs (i bought their ang pow packets to give away at weddings!) and many of The Big Group‘s branding i’ve admired so much.

Lisette holding up her iconic silkscreen design of kuih lapis

We were to design an image that required 2 colours, meaning two sketches (to represent each colour that was to be silkscreened) were drawn out on paper, copied unto 2 screens, and coloured in with emulsion. Everyone suddenly looked so stressed wondering what to draw.

Joe: Oh my god! The pressure!

Rahul went about drawing triangles and squares.
The little girl across me drew a flower.
Joe and i continued staring at each other, two trained artists caught in the woes of impending doom.
Claudia was as freaked out as we were, but in a noisier manner.

I decided to go with a planet, plotted out how the colours would overlap each other, and drew patterns behind it as well (being the maximalist i am).
Claudia almost screamed when she realised she’d forgotten all about Amanda the Panda (this cartoon she made up on our trip in Bali)
and Joe went with his logo.

In retrospect, i should have done the KBF logo -_-

did my planet drawings and realised i had SO MUCH to colour in with emulsion
I felt like i was lagging behind the rest and pressed the emulsion pen with furious concentration to colour in as neatly and quickly as i could

I could overhear Claudia and Joe on the other end of the table talking,
“Oh look at Joyce’s”

“I can hear you!” i called out while still bent over.

In the end Rahul and her came over to help me colour in
and i released the strong desire to tell Rahul that maybe it was okay and he didn’t need to help
Claudia: “Rahul! You’re so messy!”

XD I love you guys for helping me

After we applied the emulsion on the screens, we had to wait for it to dry
before using a scoop coater (small block of wood) to scrape an even layer of what looked like red paint.

After the red paint was dry, we gently washed away the emulsion in water outside
so what we originally coloured in with emulsion in the beginning became the pattern that gets printed!
(I don’t know if i’m making any sense but my excuse is that i was a flight yesterday, and today)

When Lisette showed us how it’s done, the whole room went “Ooh!!!!!” and “Wahhhh”

We all got to print screen a bag and exercise book!
and have nasi lemak downstairs that came wrapped in specially-designed nasi lemak wrapping paper by Nala Designs.
It’s like eating designer nasi lemak  😆

“Another overachiever,” Joe sighed at it in disbelief.

I just found out Lisette designs wallpaper for sale too!
I’ve been SEARCHING for cool local wallpaper ever since calculating the cost of shipping some from London wasn’t a desirable option.

Now to decide which wallpaper i want, and which wall to put it on
Which i’ll decide after i move in.
Just gonna sit in different rooms and corners and feel them to figure out what to do.

If you’re interested in taking an art workshop yourself,
they have one every week (i think)
and the next one is a watercolour one!
Also a good idea to do something different with your mom on Mother’s Day

+ + + +

DR.Inc and are located at:
8, Jalan Kemuja
Bangsar 59000
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2283 4698
Website: FB: FB:


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    Do u still conduct screen printing classes ? Can u provide the details please

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