Baci got me over my Tuesday Blues

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I saw Baci tweet that new stock came in last week,
so i popped by as soon as i could
cos their really nice pieces always run out so fast!

Some stuff i picked out!

Baci Boutique, Bangsar

scallop floral shorts, rm69

SO loving these patterned shorts!
So many ways i can think of wearing them,
and wore them immediately
just in time for TiC’s Wearnesday

Baci Boutique, Bangsar

crochet crop top, rm69

Baci Boutique, Bangsar

chiffon shorts, rm89

Baci Boutique, Bangsar

quirky print silk top, rm89

Baci Boutique, Bangsar

shimmer panel top, rm79

Some stuff i thought was nice, but didn’t get:

Baci Boutique, Bangsar

striped top, rm89

Baci Boutique, Bangsar

sheer sequined top, rm79

Baci Boutique, Bangsar

tan top with pearls, rm79


3 Responses to Baci got me over my Tuesday Blues

  1. yv says:

    like! *fb thumbs up*

  2. DNS says:

    Um, just wondering > how do you launder all those pieces? Machine wash or hand wash? Then line dry in the sun?

    What about ironing? Steam iron?


  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    ha… well most of them i machine wash, unless i think it’s fragile / colour may run, than hand wash.

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