Chinese metaphysics: my BaZi reading at Joey Yap consulting group

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I was adamant that the next post i publish was to be on this topic, and it took me ages getting it together cos i wanted to transcribe the 1.5hr-long audio note of our session myself (in between bouts of work & errands), and any writer who’s had to transcribe before will know how long that takes!

The last time i had a Chinese reading was with my dad’s feng shui master when i was 29 (what he foretold was scarily on point). Then i had a human design chart reading as a Christmas present in my early 30s from DB (which was so in-depth that we didn’t finish it after a 2hr sess), and a Hindu astrology one introduced to me by Jun’s mum when i was 33 (probably to find out whether we were compatible, which we now know the answer to).

All these readings are based on exactly the same requirements (birth date, time, place), and regardless of which belief system they come from – i discovered that the main messages of all the readings i received kept pointing me to the same direction.

It’s been a couple of years since my last reading, with the only ones i’ve had are the occasional tarot card readings i do for myself.

Kristy from the Joey Yap Consulting Group reached out to me, and it felt like opportune timing. After my last break up, i’ve felt this urge to do so many different things, which also result in me being a little confused and wary of what to do next as not to waste my time and energy.

A little divine direction never hurt!

I had my session at their office in Mid Valley on a Thursday at 3pm. The time was important, cos whatever time the BaZi reading is given, has a specific chart to be referred to for time of reading, as our charts are continuously changing with time.

My consultation was by Jasper Lam, with Kristy sitting in lest he couldn’t find the right word in English to explain something to me (tho he fared pretty well and Kristy only had to step in twice).

This is Jasper & i, so you can envision him. Good-natured guy with a jovial demeanour.

The first thing Jasper told me was my Day Master type. I’d never even heard of this before… what a fail Chinese i am sometimes!

“The Day Master represents your most basic self and identity, and signifies your essential personality and character traits, qualities, quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Once you calculate which your Day Master is; you can read up more on its traits in terms of character, career, relationships, and wealth. Each person is unique according to their Day Master, and you can learn more about yourself and others. Then you will attain tremendous insight into why people behave the way they do.”

This is a fact i accept, that everyone functions in very different ways. There are 10 Day Masters – depending whether it’s under Yin or Yang, and then which of the 5 elements it consequently falls under (Water, Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood). I received a book for my Day Master and it was very accurate… i don’t think i found a single sentence which didn’t describe me. You can calculate your own Day Master here:

After talking to me about the Day Master, Jasper went into the reading by encouraging me to ask whatever i wanted. The two main things i wanted to know about were love (partner) and business (work, money). No surprises there, i think most would. Unless one has children, they mentioned that some clients come in to find out how their children operate so they can manage them better.

— — Love — —

So because i’m single, i naturally asked about the few men my focus was revolving around.

Jasper: This person is very strong in doing […]. Sometimes you feel that he doesn’t appear for a long time, then suddenly he appears *pauses for long* Actually i don’t really recommend… you are much stronger than this guy
Me: That’s nice to hear
JP: You deserve better (but) he’s a very smart guy…
Me: Well i only date smart guys
*everyone laughs loudly*

JP: True true true!
Me: But how do we know if we’re referring to the same man?
JP: In metaphysics, we call this same element, (which) means that you sometimes find the person knows what you’re thinking or understanding your feelings. So will be very easily attached to you. But […] you deserve much better. I can say that this is not a good guy.
Me: Wow…. that sucks.

JP: So how can i help you?
Me: Fine. Let’s go on to the second guy
*we both laugh*

In the end… the conclusion was that none of the men i asked about were good for me according to the BaZi chart. I stared at Jasper in half-shock, digesting the information, before saying, “Well, i guess if i’m not going to end up with any of them then i shouldn’t waste my time! Let’s talk about business!”

JP: The chart tells you how you are doing now, and your current situation is very good. You have many people to help you, in your career. I can see you have profits coming in
Me: Well, i don’t see it now *laughs*
JP: I will suggest you do more than that, and don’t keep the ideas, just go into action. Your ideas are good enough. You need to have the guts and go crazy. You have a lot of people helping you.
Me: This reading is based on this year or..?
JP: Your current situation, which is how i can give you advice
Me: Right… that’s why the time is there…

The time on the chart is 3pm.

Me: i feel like i’m going through a career change of sorts..
JP: Yes, this year you will have a career change. Because this year is Dog year, Dog clash with Dragon. Actually since last October you had something happen that helped you change your mindset, you want to change your direction – totally change. Change your business maybe? You don’t want to live a life like this, and make a transformation. Like one day you wake up and say to yourself ‘i want to change’. Is this true? Cos this is clash. Clash = change. You want to change your method? Or maybe (if) you’re in a company, you want to change your job. But you have your own career, so you want to change how you do things. This is your mind, your thinking –  ‘i want to make something different’. This year you will spend a lot.
Me: Spend a lot?! Nothing to spend also… *voice trails off*
JP: Means your house something broken and you need to fix
Me: I just finished fixing tho!!
JP: Cos i can see this clash coming in which we also call ‘Greater Consumer’ = you don’t bother it but you need to change. Like maybe your car, fridge..
Me: Don’t say that! i feel like i just fixed my car and my house!
JP: This is to let you know, so you can prepare your cashflow

*everyone laughs again* [i don’t see what’s so funny about me paying bills…]

JP: This ‘Greater Consumer’ is indicating for you to control your spending
Me: i’ve been pretty good at that, actually… i feel like all my money is going to property
JP: So you need to plan, cos you have two clashes this year, or else you’ll feel very stressed

— — Health ——

JP: Emotions (internal) will be affecting you. Long term you need to take care of your eyes. Maybe at old age you’ll find that things are not clear and you need to consult an eye dr. and breast / chest area. Other things so far is okay. This kind of chart you’ll be very sporty, you’ll go to gym, you won’t stop la, this kinda chart. Only issue is internal / emotional
Me: i can’t control it or i can?
JP: Actually you can, but you don’t want to control it, you just let your emotions flow
Me: True, but i believe you should just let it out!
JP: You (go) read your book… *points at my Day Master handibook*
Me: ok ok fine i’ll read my book!
JP: The Yang Water will come fast and go fast. Yang Water temper is like this. Advantages = they do things very fast. Say things, they’ll do it. Your chart is very strong means you do things very fast… You need to do financial planning…

— — Money — —

Me: Elaborate!
JP: You will have money come in, but you will spend as well
Me: Frivolously or necessarily?
JP: Actually, emotional buying got or not?
Me: Not really… i don’t shop that much anymore
JP: Not material things. For spending, need to look at ‘Rock Wealth’, with Yang Water, your spending ar, like cannot see one. This is the dangerous part – cos you don’t know what you’re spending. Like water..
Me: So where can i collect more water? *laughing*
JP: You cannot collect more water. You need to control your spending – you need to see what you’re spending on. Because sometimes you got opportunity on investing, but you find you have no money to do so
Me: Why don’t you come live in my guest room then i can ask you questions any time of the day
*we all laugh*

— — Business — —

Jasper asks what kind of business i do, i said ‘PR, online strategy, creative consultation’.

JP: *after long while* actually you can do better…

He pauses for so long, that i badger, “How Jasper, tell me how?”
JP: Wait wait wait, i’m looking! Because the chart only gives me 5 words, i need to link the story together

He coughs, taps his pen, mumbles.

JP: You need one more person involved.
Me: i’m hiring two new people this week…
JP: Your business need one more person to do the finance part. You got ideas, you take action, you need a finance part. Find one more person to partner with, you need someone to control your finance.
Me: I did get an offer to partner someone
JP: Then why not? People born in… 81, 91, 71, 88, 78, 98. Behind got 8 or 1. Got or not?
Me: *counts* …. Yeah.
JP: Ha?! Go for it. Utilize this person

JP: your chart ah, when you don’t have motivation, you need to create your own competition. Competition with other people. When you compete with someone, you are motivated, this is you.
Me: Oh man, but i don’t believe in competition! i believe there’s enough around for everybody!
JP: No, you need to create your own competition, for yourself. Will make you go far. This *taps chart* means… you won’t be very comfortable
Me: Oh, great, thanks -_-
JP: After you’re done with things that are challenging, you’ll be very fulfilled
Me: Yeah
JP: When you are in a comfort zone, you are in danger. You need to remind yourself that competition will make you grow. It’s very important. Some more, you are what we call a half-combo. It means you can expand your social network, new friends. 10 years until 36, still can grow your social network (till 37 yrs old, then next phase). The thing you need to do is get more fans, more people to know you.
Me: Hmm, i don’t feel very passionate about that, but i do still feel passionate about meeting new people
JP: This is the opportunity / resource coming from your social network. Remember what i said la, you utilize what you have. Try your best to accept it, this is (the energy?) coming in now to support you, so you don’t look back and regret not trying harder. When more people know you, you have more resources, more people to help you.
Me: So what’s the next phase?
JP: It’ll be another combo – monkey and dragon. You’ll be more focused on your business and investment. During this time, you won’t be on social network anymore, focus more on business
Me: … whatever that may be huh
JP: This year the change is very important for you, cos this will define what you will be doing. Things look good for you this year… just get the person to control your finances.

— — Business — —

JP: You have a lot of good ideas now.
Me: i have a lot of ideas, thing is which one should i go for?
JP: Which idea, let me see! This would involve internet, and you are the strategist / consultant.
Me: Sometimes i feel like i’m bored of it
JP: That’s why you need to do something, come up with more ideas. Find that passion. Relationships and emotions affect you, so you, like, lost your passion. You are in a very good luck cycle, expand your social network, focus on other things (not relationships). Don’t put your mind (and energy) into that part (relationships)
Me: Ok i’m going to pray for a finance partner
JP: Already told you that person mar. When you are spoonfed, you don’t want it, you want to make it more challenging to achieve it
Me: Like i want to make my life more difficult?
JP: There are two types of people – ‘you feed me i eat lor’, your type is ‘i feed you, you don’t want to eat’
Me: It’s true, i’m given the opportunity but i’m stubborn and i want to do it myself!
JP: This guy already come to help you
Me: I’m so stupid
JP: You are like this, your ego is very high, but in your chart your ego is not high
Me: So i made it like that?
JP: Yeah
Me: *mutters* fuck’s sake
JP: You make yourself very difficult. If opportunity comes, just take it first
Me: What if i already missed my opportunity?
JP: You will have more opportunity coming in, cos like i said, you have the 20-year luck cycle. until 46
Me: That’s awesome

— — Wealth — —

JP: Your chart’s wealth structure is not strong. That means you think you can do it yourself without opportunity, but i think it’s very stupid la… you see the ‘7k’ here? 7k is very good, it means action. But it can also mean one does something until crazy, they cannot see what they are doing. Because you are ‘action’, you take action. But it also means even if no profit you’ll also do it
Me: I am like that. Sometimes i do something because i like it, and not necessarily for the money
JP: But now you have to be realistic in this society, you need money to do things. People will say you are very kind and nice. But the reality is money masuk poket is better la. Try to be more realistic. Just now i already said this guy can help you, let him help you. Cos sometimes you do things and don’t want to take money, but this guy will force you. As long as you get money come in. This guy is calculative, so he will make your business grow. You open a business, not a charity. You are very kind-hearted
Me: Aww
JP: Let other ppl do what they do, and you do what you do.

— — Career change to charity work — —

Me: i have this burning question i’ve been thinking of. I feel like my purpose is moving towards charity or environmental work. Where does this come in? Does this even come in? I feel like sometimes my work is a bit shallow. I feel like maybe not doing this internet thing anymore and moving into environmental work
JP: *stares at chart for long while* You know why, this represents business. Fire and Earth, produce out = giving. You feel like giving. But… if you change, do you think it’ll be profitable?
Me:  … i’ll probably be fucking broke la

— — Profits / Money — —

JP: That’s why lor, i ask my clients – is money important to your current situation
Me: Sometimes i think i’m a hippie… but we all need money to survive right
JP: So means you don’t want to be super rich?
Me: i don’t mind being super rich too *laughs* ok fine, so it boils down to what i want right?
JP: What do you want?
Me: i want to be free and happy
JP: You not happy meh?
Me: Actually i am happy
*we all giggle*

JP: Because this year you have sky happiness, so you must be enjoying your social life, you know, drinkkkk
Me: Must be drinking meh? Cannot be other social activities ah?
*all laughing*

JP: Example! Comes back to the question – what do you want? Is money important?
Me: *pauses* Yeah la money is important. I want enough money that i can take care of my parents when they’re older
JP: So you have your answer. Thing is you have a lot of ways to help people, but no profit. So you have to think how you can make profit from helping also. You have ideas and you’re willing to work, just that you are not daring to ask people for money. If your chart shows a weak wealth structure, you will think that your service is too expensive
Me: Right, whereas i should be pricing it more expensive…
JP: Yes. When people think they are too expensive, that means they don’t have confidence in themselves.
Me: So according to my chart?
JP: When you have a companion, you are confident
Me: Ah… i feel very happy when i’m by myself tho
JP: See, Yang Water here, Yang Water here also. You prefer hanging out with friends to feel happy. When you are alone, you feel lonely
Me: Awwww
JP: You are not alone la, i can say that. It’s just your feelings. Your confidence levels is built from your own. When you feel you aren’t alone, you can get more things
Me: i got it, i understood that
JP: You need to embrace la. Got partner, automatically will come.

— — Emotions — —

JP: When your emotions come, either you clear it or you go with the flow. Like when people hear rain and they listen to sad songs to go with the flow. Sometimes you can do this – follow the flow, follow our heart. But sometimes you need to control. Or you lose your temper, like “i don’t want, i don’t care.” If you know how to control your emotions… set a limit. i.e. an hour. If you don’t set a limit, then you’ll end up continuing like this next day. Your emotion is also the law of attraction. You have Earth to help you control.
Me: Actually i’ve been asking my friends how they control their stress, so i can practice it myself and see what works for me
JP: When you feel stuck, your friends will give you ideas. Your Eating God is here, so all your ideas will come from friends. So when you feel stuck, go and ask your friends

JP: Actually, your chart is a happy chart. In one chart, there is usually one Yang fire = the sun. Yang water = ocean, you are born in the morning, when the sunlight shines on the ocean, it’s nice, happy. You’re the one who makes it rain or storm
Me: Why would you say that!?
*we all laugh loudly*

JP: Because you’re emotional. Ocean is hard to control their temper [waves] that’s why you need to control your temper. But your chart is happy, that’s why when people see you they have hope, like you can motivate them, because you have one big fire here. Fire is warm, when you talk to your clients, they like this cos you are selling them hope. Fashion and beauty is fire element, and why people say this is because fire is hope. When people use this they are transformed. If you do things like this, you will be happy and enjoy it more, cos you are selling hope to people. Not only doing charity is helping people. Like a makeover, you are still giving people hope. If you do things like this, you will be very happy and enjoy, this is your passion

— — Love Partner — —

JP: If you want to find the person / partner that you are really into… This is Yang Earth, and middle is Yang Metal, next one is Yang Water
Me: *interrupts* i’m very excited to hear what you have to say next
JP: The guy must be stable, means you feel comfortable with this person. Because ocean is always moving, if you can find a person who’s financially stable, means they are matured, and they will attract you. Yang Metal means the person knows what they want to do, and can control themselves – this guy can be very attractive (to you). Third thing is the guy must be very smart and intelligent
Me: Of course they’d have to be… else i’d get very irritated!
JP: You find a guy that has 2 out of 3, is good already, you can never ever…
Me: … find a guy with all three? Whyyyy *whines* you mean it’s not possible?
JP: It’s possible. In relationship or marriage, you need to know if this guy is linked with you or not, to go long term, interactive… if the guy clicks with you, then it’s easy to share everything. These three things. 2 out of 3 also good already.
Me: Cool. i’ll manifest this person somehow. *tells self i’m not gonna settle for 2 out of 3*

JP: we consult differently from other places, we’re just trying to let you know more about yourself. This is just an A4 paper to let me know who you are. And you give me questions so i can give you advice.

And that was the end of my sess with them. I take all readings with a pinch of salt, but still felt invigorated having a nudge or more factors to ponder upon afterward…


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

If you’d like to plot your own BaZi chart:

A 45-60 minute BaZi consultation is RM680 + GST = RM720.80 (recording +RM30)
Interested, contact Coreen (sales rep for client consult team) at +6017 620 6785 

IG: @teamjoeyyap [represents the team in Joey Yap group of companies] IG: @realjoeyyap [that speaks on behalf of Dato Joey Yap]

Thank you Kristy and Jasper for entertaining me!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


? Post-BaZi Reading ?

Well, after that long session, all these thoughts were swirled in my mind, but i only had time to think about it the next night, which was Friday night, when i finally had some free time to myself to sit down and chill.

The biggest release i had was being mentally slapped in the face to stop thinking about guys who weren’t good for me. Jasper was right… i was* wasting too much time on men! I should be spending way more energy and time on growing myself! The thing about release is you can’t plan it… it happens when it happens. I felt my emotions and mentality shift and felt a little… relieved… and more free. My heart felt free, and i felt lighter.

And the strangest thing happened within those few hours, i saw a comment on my blog and stared at it.

Back in December, i wrote a blogpost about a brief encounter / connection with someone i met. Turns out he’d found me online and left me a response back on the post itself. I thought maybe it was a joke… but when i zoomed in closer to his picture, i couldn’t believe it, “It’s him!” How did he find me?

And then i looked up towards the Universe / ceiling of my living room, “Really? You couldn’t give me 24 hours?”

We’ve emailed a couple of times (speaking of which i should reply him from awhile back…) but i’ve mostly been concentrating on work and gym and disentangling myself from unnecessary and messy affairs…

Another ridiculous thing is after i saved this post, i walked towards my fridge and it started making a ‘brrrr-ing’ noise for the first time ever, and i’m standing there patting it going, “Noooo not nowwwwwww what the fuqqqq!!!”


The coincidences are too crazy for me to bear sometimes, till the only thing i can do is laugh at the situation.

On a last note, i’ve rediscovered my passion for work as i feel i have a stronger idea of what i’m supposed to be doing, after mind-mapping for a week. It’s a long WIP… so we’ll see where this ends me up.







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