Be Curious Dinner at H.O.M.E. by Martell

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Martell Malaysia sent me the most elaborate invitation for their Be Curious dinner, that came in the form of a bottle-sized box that opened up like a puzzle to reveal different sections with elements that would be implemented in their upcoming dinner event.

I spent 15 minutes fiddling with the invitation before scurrying back to work shaking my head at how distracting it was! I even had to be told that i missed another section where a fancy thumb drive was hidden, which Tai Yong ended up finding when he came over for a tipple on his off day.


It is hands down the nicest invitation i’ve received this year!

Thanks to Martell for inviting me and a few of my friends for the event. I had to bring TY cos Martell Cordon Bleu is his absolute favourite drink. If i didn’t ask him to go, i reckon he’d be sore with me for the next 5 years. ? Then i invited Danny and Val too, so i guess i had my mini male entourage with me ?



Dinner that night was helmed by Chef Nathalie of Nathalie Gourmet Studiowhom i had the pleasure of learning how to make maracons from, thanks to a past Dior event.


The menu showed off the different Martell cognacs that we were to pair every dish with, when held up to the candlelight. Sneaky and sophisticated.


Cherry Cherie Garden consisted of foie gras, with dry and fresh gingerbread made to look like soil, and parsley sponge cake that Chef Nathalie created to resemble thick moss.

I was especially enamoured with that sponge cake cos it did so look like moss, but a rather delicious one! If only all moss tasted like that… i’d go around the forest eating it and be a real forest fairy.


With Lucas Lau, Kyan Yap and Chelsia Ng


Crusty Cloud Surprise, paired with Martell Cordon Bleu Extra, was truly a frothy delight of French seabass sitting amidst coconut emulsion atop risotto.


Yin & Yang Delight Dessert


With Val in funky room with moving visuals, and with TY at the bar (i went looking for him and obviously found him there of all places).
My sick dress is from Love, Bonito… a year ago. Cos they’re so forward like that.

These two clowns were lurking on the lawn admiring the Mercedes that were parked there to display for the event, and plotting how to steal the Mercedes-AMG E43 ? Not like they can’t buy their own. I questioned my intelligence at inviting them, “Can’t bring you boys anywhere! Behave yourselves!”


The Leng sisters and the Teoh sisters flanking me.


With Danny, and Leng Yein. I love her! I find her a very sweet genuine person despite the controversial backlash she gets for being herself. She does herself best.



Curi instastory pix from Tai Yong cos they are nice. Boy loves his food and drink.


Thanks for having us Martell, the pleasure is ALL OURS. ⚡️



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