My Little Pony THE MOVIE!!!

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Baby and i went to TGV for the My Little Pony movie premiere this morning!! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! COS WE BOTH LOVE MLP SO MUCH!! I MEAN, SO EXCITES THAT IT’S CAPS ALL THE WAYYYYY

When we got the invite, i was like that’s it. Just ponteng work in the morning so we can go catch it together.
Cos MLP > Life. We got our priorities right.

I mean, how could i NOT.
I love MLP so much i have all the generations of ponies since the 80s, and there are MLPs all over my home…


On the top shelf.. on my windowsill… next to my bed… heaps more in the toy / store room…


I even have a graffiti art piece of My Little Pony that Iman aka Xufux did for me <3

For pony’s sake, i have a blinking tattoo of Rainbow Dash on my ankle!!!
And some days when i dress up, i aspire to look just like an MLP for the day :p


This must have been one of the BEST Monday mornings in #BabyAndFairy history.
Baby was laughing and giggling so loudly next to me during the show, and surprisingly there was a good turn out from the media, guys included! You go bronies!

The show opens in cinemas nationwide this 12th October!

It’s super cute and great for kids (…) and it gave me the effect i wanted: to feel young and like a child again. To immerse myself in unbridled glee and stare in awe at the beautiful sparkly graphics (especially of the Sea Ponies in Seaquestria, and when Rainbow Dash made her Sonic Rainboom).

Baby’s favourite pony that she relates to the most is Pinkie Pie, of course. Her favourite colour is pink and i swear they speak the same… constantly high-pitched and excited and happy. I feel i connect the most with Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy; for all their various characteristics as reason. Hmm can’t believe i just wrote that in all seriousness – analyzing myself compared to ponies HAHA.

My fave voices in the show are Andrea Libman (who does Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy), Emily Blunt (who does Tempest), and Uzo Aduba (who does Queen Novo. FYI Uzo was Suzanne in Orange Is The New Black).

My general summary is that if you are a fan of MLP, you will LOVE IT. But if you aren’t, then you won’t cos you won’t get it… guys who aren’t bronies will probably rather cut themselves than watch this. But that’s okay, cos THAT’S WHY WE HAVE OTHER FRIENDS! FRIENDSHIP IS MAGICCCCC!!!!

+ + + + + + + +

Since we’re on the topic of cute and colourful, here are more pix of my home. I’ve taken so many of the decorated corners and rooms over the past 2 years but never blogged bout it, and now they’re redundant cos i shift the furniture around every few months :p




Watching the sun set is one of my favourite things to do from my balcony. I have tons of sunset pix in diff folders…. here’s a post i just put up of only sunset pix :p


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