Mya’s 2nd Birthday Party

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… had way more balloons than any birthday party i ever had! ‘Twas my first time at their house even though they just live 10 minutes down the road from me (which i just discovered) and their garden and living room is so massive, i didn’t feel a single bit overwhelmed by the amount of high-energy toddlers and children running around. There was so much SPACE which was awesome!


Gobi and i chirped up how we were the only adults wearing lots of colour, and how appropriate it is that one wears lots of colour to a kids’ party! And. We matched. Picture.
Gobz, me, Mya, Faye, Leia.


Chek & Mary & Myra. Thanks for a great party guys!!

The complexity of all the balloons the party had was impressive! Courtesy of balloon artist and clown Leroy and his gf Milly – who are both really nice! Mary told me they came extra early to decorate the wall, and i noticed them staying a little later making the adults some too even though their hands were tired from all the tying. It’s tough getting away from tipsy adults cajoling one for balloons…




Me extremely delighted in my walrus balloon prop with Leia

A bunch of us spent the whole evening running around like big kids, occasionally going back to the whiskey bar that displayed around 8 types including my current favourite (Chita), taking pictures and attempting our version of a VS catwalk.


Mary & Mya. And me admiring how balloons at kids’ parties have achieved the next level. I’ve never seen a balloon bazooka before!


I posted this on my IG:

A new friend I made! She was admiring my outfit from afar, walked past me, looked up and confidently said, “You look really pretty.”
I said, “Thank you..! What’s your name?”
“Ohai, I’m Joyce. How old are you?”
*i ponder this connection I feel with a 5-year-old*

Later when Cassandra had to leave, I waved bye and almost instinctively asked for her phone number but stopped myself cos I don’t think she would have one and it would also be weird if I got it?! I told Gobi that if I were to have a kid, I hope she’d be like her – totally confident and joyful playing by herself. I don’t even know who her parents are… ?

+ + + + + + +

After Mya’s party, i went over to the Lohs’ to hang out with other children i also like!
I don’t like all children… just like one cannot like ALL people, it’s not possible. Everyone’s so different, you just have to respect each others’ space and leave be the ones you’re not vibing with.

For the longest time, Cameron was being a little dick (sigh can’t call kids that can i?) to me, and we both didn’t get along since he could start walking, till more recently! He’s 4.5 yrs now, and we have achieved being able to sit next to each other and converse without him hitting or pushing me. Maybe it was the terrible twos and threes… then again i heard from another mom about the fucking fours.
But oh, what do i know, i’m not a parent. I just have plants.

::: Edit :::
Aps and i had this conversation about me and Cameron >

Aps: What do you mean he wasn’t being a dick until he started walking?
Me: Well obviously he couldn’t before, cos he was just lying there
Aps: *covers her face* JOYCE!!! I wish i recorded you saying that!

Well now you don’t have to cos i’ve noted it down for our memory  😆

Aps: You know if he does that, that means he likes you
Me: Really… *finds that hard to believe*

But i’ll ponder that point for a little while. Anyway we in a good place now so hope it lasts forever!


Maddison my love! Oh she’s such a joy watching grow up – always smiling cheekily and playing in the cutest way. I want a daughter! Oh but first need to find a… never mind.

Maddy is totally into Frozen! And so am i! So we’re like, MFEO!!!
I saved a video of her throwing her plastic crown to the floor the same moment Elsa does it during the Let It Go song, it was the cutest thing. I can’t wait to wear my Elsa dress over one day and we can re-watch Frozen again for the 3045983th time.


Ah yes, the people who made them.

+ + + +

Random pix of Keith and Veena, whom i managed to catch up with last Friday night.


Keith and i were supposed to chat about the new leather interior of my car he helped design (@GNTautoseats), but we ended up drinking and talking about everything else in life instead, down to deep set beliefs – my favourite.

Then i caught Veena very quickly after that but we only had two hours cos she was on a tight sleeping schedule so we’d have to continue another day!



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