Sleeping is boring

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Last night, i had a sleepover to spend some time with Cammy and the kids while Kenny was away.
Almost-5yo Cameron joined us ladies for a night cap conversation before his bedtime, and i taught him how to breathe in and out slowly whilst using sweeping motions with my hand to exemplify what a long slow breath it should be.

“Do it before bedtime, cos when you slow down your heart rate, you’re preparing your body to sleep. I do it all the time!”
He looked pretty interested, and angelically followed suit.

After Cammy had put him to bed, she came back downstairs and told me how he was practicing it, so she offered to do it together with him. “Then i was yawning, and he was yawning, and i felt like going to sleep!” she said.

“Hahaha, at least it worked!” i crowed, “And maybe… this makes up for the ‘sleeping is boring’ thing…” :p

Just before Christmas, i was at their place and when Cameron had to go to bed, i piped up with whiskey in hand, “Sleeping is boring!”

Next thing you know, he parroted me, “Sleeping is boring!”
His mother mock-glared at me, “Joyce Wong!”
I just laughed.

We could hear him from his bedroom as he was going to bed, “Papa is boring! Mommy is boring!”
I thought it was funny… and laughed more.

Over New Year’s, a whole bunch of them parents + 6 children went for a beach holiday… where Cameron taught the rest of the kids how to say ‘boring’ and Steph said she found a whole bunch of toddlers sitting in a circle going, “We’re bored!” “This is boring!” with her scolding, “If you’re bored then you’re not using your imagination right!”

I laughed even more when she told me that at the Riuh market last weekend, but also apologized, “I didn’t know it’d have a viral effect!”

Last night, Cammy told me that Nick texted her after NY to tell her off on how Cameron had taught 3yo William how to use the word ‘boring’. Cammy quickly said, “IT WASN’T ME!” and sent him the old video of me telling Cameron that ‘sleeping is boring’.

… Oops.

And apparently now Cameron has taught his friends in school how to use the word boring.


Pros of this for me:
– i now know how you can teach kids better things so they can spread it to everyone their age (like how fairies are real)
– at least i didn’t teach them how to say ‘fuck’… i wonder WHO they learnt that from



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    hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha……….oh that’s epic

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