There’s no taste like home

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I’m so lucky to have eaten 3 home-cooked meals across 48 hours of weekday. I say this because i usually get a mom-cooked meal once a week, twice if i’m really lucky! (and almost always on weekends)

This week i’m beyond lucky!

I admired Mima’s (Baby‘s mother) buka puasa spread on her instastories last weekend, and Mima packed me siput sedut and curry fish to eat! Such an opportune time too cos work has been cray and just heating / steaming it was all i managed to do!


I had two bowls of that siput sedut btw. I couldn’t help myself.
Was trying to keep it, but i had such a treacherous day (12 hours in front of emails and presentations, 1 hour cleaning the flat) that i couldn’t stop gorging on that + Thai fried rice and Unbreakable to zone out.

Had all these passionate thoughts like,  “Mima is MAGIC!”
“This is so great, i have faith in humanity again!”
“I hope Baby is learning how to cook this!”

Then for lunch on Tues, i initially planned to work out and have lunch before an event at 3pm
but work stranded me all morn till 3pm, so i managed to heat the curry fish up and whack that with leftover porridge in 8 mins (i counted). While tearing myself away from the phone and laptop for those divine 8 minutes (also while thinking i may consider a career change cos this was ridic), i carefully cut the fish into small pieces in great thrill.

Ah, again! Those wonderful thoughts!
“Oh man, this just made… everything worth it. The world is round again!” [or maybe not ever] and
“Who needs to go out for lunch when you have THIS”

Later that night, i dropped by my parents not expecting food (tho my mum would never let me go hungry)
and had fried noodles with soft juicy char siew and barley made blue with flowers she picked out.

“Is this… did you make this char siew?” i asked
“… …  *grins* … why? …”
“Because, it’s damn nice!”
“Oh my god” *not talking cos mouth full*
“Ah Ee gave me the meat from Penang, only a special part can be made into char siew, and all the ppl will book it first but she knows the fellow”
“You could sell this. I would pay money to eat this.” *mouth still chomping*

I was so happy to eat home-cooked food.
After another harrowing day, it made me feel like LIFE IS OKAY, IT’S ALL OKAY.

I haven’t been living with my parents for over 10 years now that having home-cooked food on a weekday threw me off guard. Damn if you’re still living at home eating that after work every day – treasure it! Gold okay. GOLD.


And that, was has kept me sane so far this week.

But tomorrow, i run off the opposite side of the cliff – and get myself insane.

I told my dad over dinner how i was going to undergo this ancestral medicine ceremony tomorrow. He furrowed his brow into the famous Wong frown, contorted some confusion into it (last i saw this expression was when i told him i wanted to move to Cuba) and said one word. “WHAT?”

So i explained that it was toad medicine extracted from some toads (harmlessly) in South America, grounded into a powder, and when burnt, undergoes a chemical reaction that changes it into DMT. The highest form of DMT on the planet. I explained, “So what it does, is return you back to your most natural state, without any filters.”
“What filters?”
“Filters, that shape your world socially or mentally, coded from generations ago and since we were babies!”

He was speechless.

Poor Daddy, still pushing him since 1983.


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  1. Aileen G says:

    OMG that siput… I haven’t had it for over 15 years. Miss it sooo much. Lucky you.

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