Chloe turns 3!

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It was Chloe’s 3rd birthday party on Saturday, and i had such a great day! I was in a really good mood, cos i switched off work for 24 hours and i felt so FREE. No rushing around like a maniac, more time to FLOW.

For her birthday present i went through my decoration drawers to build her the most colourful box i could possibly enthuse filled with paper and metallic streamers, pom poms, sequins of diff kinds, taped felt clouds and raindrops, wrapped the bottom with rainbow foil (a defective rainbow balloon i hoarded) and different little presents hidden in them all.


Serena said that Chloe loves play doh so we were encouraged to give her that, but i went for a purple pony, kiddie tote bag, wooden animal pencil, a 90s cloth necklace, giant rainbow pocky, and japanese crackers.

When i arrived i was all ready for the pool party in neon yellow bikini and pink dress, but it rained all day so we all hung out in the apartment. “Do you think i’m too bright?” i asked Lucas and Helo. They looked at me and said, “Mais, if you didn’t dress like this then you wouldn’t be you huh?” I’ve been wearing a lot of dark colours so clients will take me more seriously (since my hair is already so…) i suddenly felt uneasy in bright clothes (surprisingly!!!).


I poured myself some chardonnay and hovered around Matt cooking in the kitchen, with the intention of accompanying him but ended up bossing him around instead. He was digging around relentlessly for some specific food spatula or spoon in the drawer, and i watched him with my glass of wine in hand, “You know, if you were more organized, you wouldn’t spend so long looking for things.” He stood upright with the most fed up look on his face, pausing to think of what to say back to me, so before he could i laughed and skipped off.

Had very entertaining conversations with adults and kids alike. Spoke to Huey Min’s daughters about MLPs. Actually i didn’t even know i was talking to Sonia till i asked her name, and i stared at her, “Oh my gosh. You’ve grown! The last time i saw you, you were a little baby *made hands to show size*” She’s so cute i could take her home.

Children i don’t see often remind me how fast time flies. Spoke to Hugo about music, he said he likes DJ music. I asked him what is DJ music? And challenged him to ask his father to teach him genres. I’m quite matter-of-fact when i talk to kids, i don’t do baby talk, and when they expect me to read their mind with a little grunt or expression, i’m like, “Come on, use your words. Articulate. Elaborate. I don’t understand what you are trying to say.” I can be a tough crowd haha.

The kids were going crazy playing with play doh in a corner, which slowly spread to the rest of the apartment. I was aghast at how play doh was spread and smeared on the floor in little bits and pieces, that made it look like a flurry of rabbits shat rainbow poo all over.

At one point the atmosphere was crackling with energy. The girls were sprawled on the sofa with Barbie’s clothes coming off, so i took a vid going, “Keep their panties on guys!” and next thing you know, Dylan stripped completely and started streaking in the apartment. All the adults just sat back and laughed and took pictures. Eve asked him, “Why did you take your clothes off?!” and he said something along the lines of because it was so exciting, he had to DO something. LOL

When the cake was being cut, someone directed, “Okay! All the children stand around Chloe for the picture!” I went to stand where i belonged, right next to kids. Matt turned up beside me and i was about to tell him to get out of the pic when i realised, “Actually, he IS a kid. He’s worse of a kid than me sometimes.” So i let him stay.

But another adult shouted at Matt to get out of the picture which he reluctantly and slowly did so.
I got to stay! #smug


Despite the children being enamoured with the contents of the box, i think Chloe will remember being carried in it a lot more.

Children are like cats, i suspect they prefer the box more than the presents you buy them.
Next time i’ll just come with a giant box filled with streamers inside and they can play in it all day, and it’ll cost me RM 20.


Joyeaux Anniversaire mon petit Chloe!

You are such a strong character that’s an absolute marvel to watch develop… i can feel so much JOY and inquisitiveness radiating from you. And courage. Oh man you are not scared of anything. I hope you hold on to that courage forever!


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