Back from Bali

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Oh that was glorious

I just went to Bali for 6 days where i barely touched my laptop. Should have just left it in KL.

Will edit the pix to blog before i never do but in summary, the fun bits were:
- eating an amazing meal at Merah Putih with the boys
- getting cabin fever while a storm raged all day and the 6 of us watched movies together
- pretending to be a plant in the strong winds on the cliffside of Uluwatu
- laughing in bed with Dhanya as we watched Youtube vids of Alison Armstrong and discussed conscious relationships
- floating around as a pretzel penis in the pool with Tianna
- playing sober mom as i watched Murat and Rahul drink shot after shot in Motel Mexicola
- getting a chest tattoo from Pis Sarro

As Bali always does, it gifted me tidbits of inspiration on how to move forward in life.

Bless you Bali <3

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