A fairy and a vamp hike up Bukit Kutu

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Jun and i have been trying to hike more, with my enthusiasm for it high post-NYE
He usually goes off into the jungle by himself on some weekdays to train/run
Those i don’t go cos i’m busy with work, and i can’t keep up when he trains… i’d just slow him down

Recently tho i’ve been feeling like i just want to slow down on the partying… we do the same thing every weekend – drink, get hungover next day, eat lunch, chill, run errands, social events. If we plan ahead to GO FOR A HIKE, then at least i’m mentally prepared and won’t venture out to drink the night before and just stay in like a super angelic fairy. Dahlah i’m stuck to my laptop most hours/days, the desire to be active outdoors feels so much greater these days…

I told him to choose between Gunung Nuang and Bukit Kutu, not really caring where we went cos either way it’d be a new hike for me. He chose the latter and we arrived there to find… SO many cars parked past Kampung Pertak.

Jun: Damn! So many cars!
Me: Maybe… there’s a wedding…
Jun: We shouldn’t come on a weekend next time

But we were already there, and it was a GORGEOUS DAY!


We had to cross two rivers at the beginning of the trek and i whined a little bout hiking with wet feet.
He firmly consoled me that my Salomon shoes were made to dry quickly and he was right.


The hike all the way to the top was mentioned to take 4 hours, but we overslept (haha OH WELL) and ended up starting to hike up at 3pm, when others were making their way down.

Peeps: Lambatnya naik!
Us: Urm, hike sikit aje

We passed a fair number of people on the trail, some of whom had camped on the summit the night before. I was like no way am i gonna camp if i can help it… i’d rather just go up and down quickly in one day and be done with it :p


Cantiknya akar <3


There are so many butterflies in that forest, and this beautiful blue one let me crouch incredibly near.


Jun peeing. Nothing to do so i took a pic.
Him: Can you be more irritating?
Me: I’m sure i can… 😀






I figured that since we left at 3pm, we should start making our way down at 4:30pm so we would have some time to hang out at the river and eat our avocado + cheese sandwiches Jun made.
He insisted going down would take much faster, which judging from our previous mountain-climbing, is very true, so i just followed his timing.

We kept on going up up up
At one point it was very steep and muddy and i lamented, “How are we gonna get down this later…?”
Him: We worry bout it later
Me: … wokay

When we climbed Kilimanjaro, one doesn’t think about how you’re gonna get down.
You just keep going up, and worry about the rest… LATER.

No pix cos didn’t even THINK about handling my phone when trying not to topple off


Spot the blue reservoir in the bg


Jun took this really nice pic and instagrammed: “She was poetry in a world that was still learning the alphabet.”
This guy is a poet.
Sometimes he spurts some romantic line to me when we’re talking, which occasionally can come off as really cheesy and i’d be all “You did not just say that.” #romancetakjadi


Aftermath of bamboo in a mighty storm. Nature is destructive yet still juxtaposed to perfection.


When we started heading back down, Jun went in the front and started running
so i kept up and started running too
I used to watch trail running vids he’d show me on YouTube like the one below and i’d think “You people are mad. It looks very impressive. But you all are mad.”

For the first time, i ran down with him and it was exhilarating!
The gravity made me go faster than my feet could carry me and for a good five seconds my heart was seized with terror cos i had lost all control and thought i might smash into a tree or trip headlong into the ground.

I didn’t! Yay me!!

It was scary, yet strangely satisfying… something i haven’t felt since i was a child.
One of fear from pushing my own physical capabilities, like how you ride a bicycle or rollerblade too fast you’re afraid you’re gonna break a bone and have to explain it to your parents after. That kinda feeling.


Jun having to wait for me. “Perempuan… fai ti!”

I showed the pic above to my mum at Sunday dinner and she exclaimed, “You picked it?!”
Me: No laaa it was on the ground!

I wouldn’t pick flowers! Have more faith!


Crossing the river back. If you wanna get a good pair of exercise leggings, i’d recommend FitRebel. (KBF blogged bout cool sportswear / fitness wear *here*) Nadia of FitRebel gifted me a pair in yellow, and i liked it so much i bought a second pair in black to her delight.

I’ve worn them to Powerplate, yoga and hiking; and find them thin (so it’s not hot) yet hardy (so it doesn’t tear easily if scratched by a branch), stretchy enough for awkward poses/positions, and surprisingly not deathly uncomfortable when wet! Wanna get more cos the designs are so sick but i have enough workout leggings -_-


#afairyandavamp <3


This was very near the car and we were looking for a spot to sit down and have our sandwiches.
By this time i just wanted to plop somewhere convenient and dig into them, and i swear all around us were empty flat rocks with views of water… all around. There was so much space. But no… Jun had to pick a spot which required us to cross the rapids. Just. Has. To.
Sometimes i think he purposely does it to challenge me.

After he crossed, i sighed and went after him, clambering over the wet rocks and rushing water.
He held out his hand which i took but felt wasn’t secure cos the grip wasn’t strong enough to keep me from washing over if i slipped as he was in a precarious position himself.

Me: No, this isn’t working, just let me do it my way *uses both hands to grab rocks to cross*
Him: Why?
Me: What if i fall down there…? How are you gonna stop me?
Him: I won’t stop you, but i’d go over with you
Me: *thinks about all our gadgets in our backpacks* NoOoOoo! What’s the point!!

It’s sweet, but i also call this Boy Common Sense. I don’t get it.

We sat down and happily munched on our sandwiches and were halfway through when big drops of rain started falling in sparse spots.

Me: It’s raining! Let’s go!
Him: Let’s sit in the rain for a bit (He loves running and being in the rain)
Me: No i just got my hair dyed! You can sit in the rain, i’m going to the shade, bye! *starts climbing over rocks*

We changed out of our wet outfits into dry clothes we brought, washed our feet and got into the car.
Just before that, a mute orang asli guy made hand signs that we did good time hiking up and down. I was like ‘awwww best, kena compliment from him’. It fulfilled me more than… someone complimenting me on how i look at an event :p

That was such a great day. Thanks my love.

I want to have more nature outings like this to fill my heart!




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