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SaSa Malaysia engaged KBF to get together an exclusive selection of bloggers to attend a make up demo by PUPA Milano, an Italian beauty brand that provides a range of make-up, intensive cosmetic treatments for face and body, bath and after-bath products, fragrances, and creative beauty kits.

“The PUPA woman is perfectly aware, she can choose, she’s passionate and free, but loyal at the same time.
She knows what she wants, and she knows how she wants to feel.. beautiful, first of all for herself.”

For Autumn 2016, PUPA released a limited edition Velvet Garden collection to embody the more confident and self-aware woman. The collection emits a Baroque sensation with a range of soft feminine tones and rich plums and wines.

To introduce PUPA‘s Velvet Garden Collection to Malaysia, PUPA International Make Up Artist Giorgio Forgani flew to Kuala Lumpur for an intimate event at SaSa where he shared his personal tips & tricks with 5 of us bloggers.


Treise from SaSa, Baby/Faridah, and me with minimal make up on so i can play!


Grace Myu and Aida Sue and ALL THAT PUPA make up in front of them to play with


PUPA International Make Up Artist Giorgio Forgani demonstrating on a model. I asked him which part of Italy he’s from and he said near Bologna, and i said i love the food there (truly, everywhere in Italy) and had been to nearby Ravenna too, to his surprise cos i don’t think many Asians find their way there XD and he said he’s from Ravenna! I have a (magical-looking) tile on my dressing table from the town which some of my tiny perfume bottles sit on.


Above are the 4 limited edition lipstick colours from the PUPA Velvet Garden collection going for RM 75 a pop.
I’M Pure Color Lipstick Absolute Shine: 212 Rose Lilium, 418 Fuchsia Cyclamen, 311 Red Peony, 312 Burgundy Poppy


Giorgio had a go at doing my make up for me, which i was more than happy to cos i had more events later that day so this meant i wouldn’t need to apply my own later! Seeing it lasts that is.


My earrings are from Thomas Sabo. I wear them lots but never really get a pic of them.


Grazi Giorgio!


Aida Sue



Aida Sue, MyWomenStuff, me, Giorgio Forgani, Grace Myu and Hanie Hidayah

And now the fun part – playing with the make up on your own during every day life. This is the real test on how functional it is!


Thanks to PUPA + SaSa for gifting these!

I received two lipsticks but totes forgot about photographing the second cos it was in my handbag.

The smaller black and purple pencils you see on the bottom right are the
It comes in two shades: 001 Deep Black, 002 Intense Violet

Just above it is the
PUPA VAMP! MASCARA Exceptional Volume Exaggerated Lashes Mascara, RM 79
It only comes in one colour for this limited edition collection – 404 Intense Violet


PUPA VELVET GARDEN BLUSH Multi-effect Maxi Blush (001 Rose Peony), RM 99

Their blush comes as a trio of two matte pinks and one shimmery light pink set within a pretty embossed flower that looks… almost too pretty to destroy by using! But i’m not a believer of letting something sit pretty and useless. So i admired it a minute longer before dipping my blush brush into it to apply. I’ve been using more brown + orange + dark rose tones the pats 6 months, so this pink-er blush is a welcome addition to my blush choices. Best used just on the apple of the cheeks, and swirled around to get a mix of the three. I don’t feel like i need to dip my brush into it hard in any way, i usually start soft so i can layer on later instead of looking like a kindergarten performer.


VELVET GARDEN PUPART Eyeshadow Palette 010 Autumn Garden, RM 125

There are two palettes available in the collection and I got the 010 Autumn Garden, which i prefer because it’s got more purple shades and a rose gold (right in the middle) which has become one of my favourites.

The 9 shades have 3 finish types – matt, satin and metallic – which is great to play around with for day or night looks.


The swatch pic above is curi-ed from MyWomenStuff hehe
On far right are the 2x PUPA VAMP! INTENSE SMOKY Maxi Eye Pencil swatches


This was my make up on evening of the same day Giorgio did my make up (in late morn). I just had to reapply/emulate the winged liner he did so well, using the PUPA VAMP! INTENSE SMOKY Maxi Eye Pencil (in 001 Deep Black). There’s a smudger at the other end which i usually don’t use, but because the pencil is crayon-thick, i succumbed to needing it to making that clean tail at the end.

Lipstick is PUPA Rosetto in T152

On another evening last week, I was going to the Gardens Christmas dinner and went straight for the darkest plum on the eyeshadow palette for a smoky eye dinner look. I did use the rose gold shade on the inner part of my eyelid to give it a more 3D effect.


I used a small eyeshadow brush to colour under my eyes using the same dark eyeshadow to sorta pull the whole eye look together if you get what i mean. Else it looks rather bare on the bottom.

Mascara in all the pix are with the PUPA VAMP! MASCARA Exceptional Volume Exaggerated Lashes Mascara in 404 Intense Violet. I usually only use very black mascara, but found myself liking this muted purple. It gave my eyes an overall softer look and surprisingly changes everything so subtly. It’s got a creamy texture that glides on easily without having to layer for a full-lash look, and comes with a medium-thick brush (which i prefer, cos thin/small mascara brushes seem to poke me in the eye/get mascara on my skin more).


Pic top and bottom: On another day where i had agency meetings, i went for the more earthy tones in the eyeshadow palette and used my finger to dab just a smidgen of the dark plum as close to my eyelids as poss. Then i lined my bottom lash line with the PUPA VAMP! INTENSE SMOKY Maxi Eye Pencil in 002 Intense Violet and used the smudger to soften the lines.


Lipstick is PUPA Rosetto in T152.

Forgive me if the make up isn’t top notch cos i usually give myself 5-10 mins for day meetings make up. I can’t bear to spend any more time than necessary!

Last PUPA #MOTD look below. I was going for a little video shoot with ELLE and we were to apply our own make up:


Don’t we all just love Before/After pix? I DO!


Because i was aiming to apply a brighter lipstick (PUPA Rosetto in T140), i went for much lighter eyeshadow options so the overall look isn’t OTT for day time.


I used the white eyeshadow (furthest to left on palette) on the area between my inner eye corners and nose (where there’s a little dip in your bone structure) and just under my eyebrows to highlight those areas. I notice some tutorials doing it after they’ve drawn their brows but i like doing it before, cos the brow pencil is always darker and it makes sense to me that you can draw over excessive highlighter after…


Left: I use a shimmery brown shade on a generous eye socket area
Right: Then i use a third (and final) shade on the smaller eye area

This is my general 3-colour eyeshadow application rule i use day-to-day


Top up with the PUPA VAMP! MASCARA and i’m done! See, the mascara doesn’t look like a weird purple right? It’s a subtle dark purple 🙂

Out of all the products, my faves are:
1) VELVET GARDEN PUPART Eyeshadow Palette 010 Autumn Garden – the colours are highly pigmented and can be easily applied with finger or brush. The array of colours are also very universal / easy to use esp. for light to medium skintones
2) PUPA VAMP! MASCARA in 404 Intense Violet – who knew purple mascara would get me off…
3) PUPA Rosetto Lipstick in T140 – loved how vibrant the colour is. Their lipstick texture is creamy and i had to reapply after drinking/eating (biasa la)

Thanks for patiently going through a whole post with too so many pix of mah face.

But patience pays off!

Thanks to SaSa and PUPA, one lucky KBF reader will have all the make up pictured below delivered to you!


They’re all valued at almost RM 600, RM 598 to be exact  😮

  • PUPA VAMP! INTENSE SMOKY Maxi Eye Pencil (RM 65) 001 Deep Black
  • PUPA VAMP! INTENSE SMOKY Maxi Eye Pencil (RM 65) 002 Intense Violet
  • PUPA VAMP! MASCARA Exceptional Volume Exaggerated Lashes Mascara (RM 79) 404 Intense Violet
  • VELVET GARDEN PUPART Eyeshadow Palette (RM 125) 010 Autumn Garden
  • PUPA VELVET GARDEN BLUSH Multi-effect Maxi Blush (RM 99) 001 Rose Peony
  • I’M Pure Color Lipstick Absolute Shine (RM 75) 212 Rose Lilium
  • LASTING COLOR GEL Glass Effect Nail Polish (RM 45) 169 Fuchsia Cyclamen
  • LASTING COLOR GEL Glass Effect Nail Polish (RM 45) 170 Red Peony

To WIN it, all you have to do is:
1) Take a selfie
2) Post to IG or FB and caption “Dear @JoyceTheFairy Please let me have the #PupaMY from @SasaMalaysia #SasaMY” as long as all hashtags/tags included

– If you are shy to take a selfie, you can repost any of the pix in this blogpost with same caption from above
– Email the URL link of your entry to if you are extra kiasu. Please entitle email “Pupa Contest Entry”
– Entrants must be a resident in Malaysia
– Deadline is 20th December 2016
– Winner will be announced on this blogpost


Good luck and Happy Christmas!!!

+ + + + + + + +

Winner’s Announcement!

Thanks for all your enthusiasm!! Sorry i only chose the winner today (27th Dec), i had to take a break for Christmas  😆
The winner is Momo for her post *here*
Congrats Momo!!


Thank you again for all your entries, it was really tough picking ONE winner… wish i could give everyone a prize!

Happy New Year!!

+ + + + + + + +

Available in 70 countries all over the world, PUPA Milano is locally available in Sasa Malaysia, view *store locations here*

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