A thin line

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An unmistakable hollow of sky
etched into the clouds

From one end of the skyline to the other
Like they were carved right through
with a thick knife carving through a cloud cake
What IS that, i thought to myself, i’ve never seen it before
I picked up my phone, quickly
To snap a picture before it disappeared

A few hours earlier, i was standing on the balcony with DB
We watched the lightning flash behind the highest tiers of blackened clouds

Something feels like it’s changing
I know right, last weekend i was standing here
A storm was coming, the air blew different, it smelt and felt different
A resolute sensation that a change is happening tingled on my skin

Do you feel it too?
My sight seems extraordinarily sharp at random points
Emphasis on feeling my limbs as i move take place
Some smells disturb me

My emotions are ridiculously heightened
I experienceย deep feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, happiness, loss, regret, emptiness, gratitude
Mulling me over and over into a confused ball
that is merely surrendering
to the point of being human

And feeling human

A thin line in the distance
A thin line in my heart
Breaking into a thousand different strokes
each a representation of how easy it is to cross over so quickly
From one space to the next


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