A Spring Date With Poh Kong

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* Written by Michelle *

Every year end, my mom has this habit of buying feng shui books and various ‘lucky objects’ to boost luck for the coming year.
“Need to have good chi in every corner of the house,” she says. #typicalasianmom

I’m not a big feng shui believer myself, but I do believe it has mystical powers to some extent. When Joyce sent me the Poh Kong invite and I saw the words feng shui in it, I was like hmmmm.. feng shui and jewellery. Interesting.
[Joyce: I’m totally a believer of feng shui!!]

At The Majestic Hotel KL, our feng shui speaker for the day was Jessie Lee from Soleil Trinity Resources. She started off by asking for three volunteers. Like shy children, everyone was intrigued but no one wanted to step forward. At last, a lady from my table volunteered. After another long wait, I decided to step up, followed by a friend of mine.

I expected her to read our fortunes or something, but she gave us all money! For real! I made 20 bucks, just for volunteering.

Jessie explained, “This is why most people blame their fortunes for all the bad luck in their life. Equal opportunity was given to everyone in the room to make some money, but it took so long for us to respond that we missed out on it.”

This wrapped up the theme behind why Poh Kong’s Auspicious Collection was created – to help remind us to take hold of opportunities in 2016, and not to let them slip away.

She gave us a brief highlight of all the luck charts for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in the Lunar calendar. The overall conclusion of the hour-long talk? Feng shui is the art of using objects around you to harness that mentality of achieving your goals/dreams. There are charts and many other elements involved, but I’m not going to get into that because it could go on forever. Check out Soleil Trinity’s site if you are interested in knowing your 2016 forecast.



After Jessie’s talk, we got to view the 2016 collection pieces from Poh Kong.

I have never seen so much gold on a model! Intricate and artfully done, the pieces shown also include some from Poh Kong’s Happy Love collection- elaborate pieces inspired by traditional oriental weddings.










On display were auspicious gold collections ranging from Auspicious Roses, to Auspicious Jades. They even had a Prosperity Packet (an angpao packet) that features the God of Prosperity, whose scroll is made of gold!


The jade and gold pieces are modernised designs and one can tell the amount of effort that goes into the craftsmanship by observing its detail.



I am a fan of the Golden Delights Series, which has a charm bracelet featuring tiny golden charms of all the prosperous things like the ingot, pineapple and even a cage filled with ingots (signifying well-guarded wealth).




From left: Albert Ong, Technical Director; Christine Choon, Managing Director and Jackie Choon, Executive Director of Poh Kong posing with models.

The Auspicious Collection will be available for sale in all Poh Kong outlets nationwide this December.

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For more information on Poh Kong and their jewellery:

Website: pohkong.com.my
Facebook: facebook.com/pohkongjewellers
Instagram: @pohkongmy

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