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After months of constant traveling + eating + drinking, i can’t fit into my regular pants anymore.
I’ve gone up a clothing size. Friends have said i look better putting on some weight, but i can’t bear being jiggly!
So i’m really really reallyyyyy trying to implement more workout / movement time into my schedule.

I’m taking up yoga again, after not bothering to go / making excuses for the past 3 years or so.


I know it looks like i’m putting my head into a dustbin, but i swear it’s a light.
That’s me after class – all smiles but feeling like melting into the ground.

After months and maybe YEARS of telling Atilia that i’d drop by her studio – YogaOneThatiWant – i FINALLY went for my first class.

Steph has been taking it too so i joined her and it made me realise… how CRAP my balance and flexibility is!

At one point i was falling over,
limbs entangled,
hair an absolute MESS (and vain me still trying to look pretty in class),
and half-laughing to myself, “You gotta be kidding me.”

I couldn’t believe how i couldn’t do so many of the poses!
I like the challenge tho.
If something is too easy, i get bored and won’t return.
I need a PUSH.
And today’s class definitely pushed me.

Steph and i were blabbering words and couldn’t pronounce properly after.
We blamed it on all the blood rushing to our heads.
Had Thai dinner, therefore kinda cancelling out all the exercise we did.
But at least i didn’t have beer!

I did have coconut water, which Steph said was the elixir of life.
Me: I thought alcohol was the elixir of life.
Steph: No, that’s the elixir of the soul.

We obviously need a little more redirection in our lifestyle choices to go hand-in-hand with yoga… but attending classes is a start.

OH! TODAY! I managed to tie my hair up in a ponytail!
For the first time in over TEN YEARS.
I almost screeched it to Steph halfway through class but refrained.

Ok it’s 3:30am, i need to sleep.

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