T minus 4 days

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Till i move!
Oh god how long have i been waiting for this.

I can’t wait to be able to get back to my routine, work from home properly at night when i feel like writing, dance with my hoop, and have my space again!

It’s not like it’s been terrible staying with my parents, just that i don’t feel the vibe when i want to work or be creative.
Caeser is probably sick of me and has tried to murder me a couple of times. Well i’ll be out of your fluffy hair soon!!!

Work is… as usual just insane. The difference in me is, i’ve put my foot down on having personal time on weekends and at nights now, so i try try try my best NOT TO WORK so i don’t lose it. And if i can’t keep up and yet maintain personal time, then i obviously have to switch my strategy up and hire more.

We had a few campaigns all clashing in the same span of two weeks so i’ve barely had time to blog, and the more i don’t have that, the more i feel like i just want to return to being a full-time blogger. How ironic that i wasย doing just that a few years ago, and not satisfied, so i had to go start my own company, and then now that that’s going well, i’m still not happy that i don’t have time to blog?! Just. Not. Satisfied.

I’m just kidding tho.
I’m really happy.
I feel like i’m close to being balanced.
(of course… when is ever enough, and why be the best when you can be better < totally stole that line from Rudy btw)

Oh, there’s an update about the ghostie in our office.
So, Baby sprayed her Malay thingamajig and we didn’t hear about anything for awhile so i figured all was good.
Then this morning our team group chat went cray when Andrew typed, “Kim is real! Kim is real!”

I messaged a friend to consult her, and she asked, why do you think there are spirits?
So i typed down the reasons: the voice calling, things missing and reappearing, balloon moving, sound of papers rifling, doors shutting themselves.

It looked like the list was a little bit long but at least it’s not an urm scary ghost?

I’m just trying to be positive okay.

I put the phone down and sighed, “Only in Asia…”

Wellll i got some tips on how to speak to her myself and send her on her merry way.
I’m slightly hesitant but mostly confident that i can do it. I just need to be alone so i can focus when i do.

I didn’t have time to do it today cos i had to oversee the apartment getting cleaned, and had the curtains people over for the lastย bit of blinds to put up (if you ever need curtains, blinds or reupholstering done, you should totally get Evon 012 907 6808). Having the pesticide people over this Sat, and gotta fix the sink in kitchen. Figure out how to switch on the fridge :p And oh pack all the stuff i unpacked into my old room.

I did have a little of time alone in my new place before heading for dinner with Daddy, and remembered i have my little Swedish bell in my handbag. It’s got a really loud clear defiant ring, which is great for clearing spaces, so i decided to do some space clearing on the walls.

Read Spirit of the Bedroom that i just had to ring the bell up and down the walls, especially in corners where energy is blocked, and chant an intention to clear all negative energy away from theย space. Found a spell online which i saved in my evernote. Yes. I have a notebook called Magic & Spells.

Anyway this was what i chanted today: “Air, fire, water, earth. Cleanse, dismiss, dispel.”

Simple enough, and i worked my way through the whole apartment, even in the wardrobes which came with it.

When i reached the front door at the end of my round, the bell broke off the ribbon (cos i was swinging it so much? Hmm… weird) I feel good about the whole place, except for this little corner in the bathroom which agitates me for some reason so i’m going to work on that area more when i have time.

Ok i should go to bed, i need to be in Port Klang at 9:30am tomorrow to recce the vessel for It’s The Ship. Not sure if KBF is gonna do anything for it yet cos timelines seem really short but we’ll see!

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