Office moving out day

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Today, we moved out of the office space that has been holding KBF for almost 3 years.

This change started when we were exploring moving into a diff space upstairs with higher ceilings and lots of windows. Instead, we’re just moving out completely and will work remotely from now on. A few reasons came into play and the decision made the most sense for me.

In short,

1) accountant told me that based on last year’s P&L, out of the 3 businesses we run (blog, PR, and online shop), the shop wasn’t making even close to the other two and suggested i close it down. Numbers are numbers. Even before she told me i knew in my heart that i was investing too much time and money into something whose returns was ok but not great. Time to let go! Will be moving items to Hippie Hub so people can buy the things physically, but i’ll be phasing out of the online shop in due time. Now that i’m phasing out the shop, i don’t need a space so big to hold or sort out stock

2) i don’t really want to go into the office so much anymore. it’s so tiring! I’m running around events and meetings and need to blog from home in quiet, and the office has been a space for me to meet the others where they’ll work. i don’t want to take care of another space and it’ll relief me of more responsibility. I look forward to being less stressed and not feel any guilt when i can’t go in

3) our team is increasingly becoming more freelancers/retainers who work remotely. i respect their desire to work from wherever they prefer (some being parents, or living far away, or just, liking that freelance lyfe) so there’s barely anyone in the office… such a waste to rent a space and pay internet bills (for internet connection that sucks, i’m still so sore about this) for 2 people

4) Jun and i have been talking about starting something together… and if i need to invest more time in this, i cannot imagine how i will deal with having to be in so many diff places. Need. To. Be. Realistic.

I like going in somewhere when i feel like it, but i really don’t like the responsibility of going in every day. I was like that in my previous jobs, i don’t know why i felt it would be different with my own office. Actually, it’s worse, there’s even MORE to think about and take care of!

I went round in circles in my head thinking about all the past working habits i’ve had, and how i progressed as years went by, and what i really want. Is this what i want? Am i kidding myself that i want to work from home again? Will i regret this in a year’s time? Am i gonna start talking to my washing machine again?

Seriously, thinking about the future makes me go slightly crazy. My thoughts go in loop and i find myself back in the same thought going no no no, this is WHY i chose THIS and i can’t go back THERE. I get bored so easily…! I wonder about others who manage to successfully run on a routine they seem happy about for years on end. Why can’t i be more… settled? I just amn’t! And i’m gonna embrace that about myself. It’s just how i operate.

There is the ego, on how people would perceive success based on having an office space, and what they would think of me. But i was like bah… i really want to work from home for a bit now. I’m TIRED GUYS. I’ve been really grumpy and bogged down with work. I really just want to stay in quietly and work by myself. I really enjoy that… i want time and space alone. Because i haven’t been getting it, it cuts into my weeknights and weekends and i end up working most of those times. See, tired. Running around in circles.

How i felt today: Happy. Relieved. Tired. (Cos i’ve been getting 6 hours sleep on average past few nights, way to go on the week of move, Joyce).

On an evening in the office by myself before the move, i sat quietly and thanked it for providing the space it has for allowing the work we did in there. The room seemed… tired. Or maybe it was reflecting how i felt. Either way, it was time.

Baby got some guys from EasyMoverz cos they were the most reasonable for the boxes and furniture we had to move out. Oh my god the things one accumulates… I have some major sorting out to do. Imagine all the stuff i’m clearing out now… and all the new ‘space’ i’m allowing for new things to come in! I’m excited.

It feels good and i’m eager for change.

I didn’t get rid of the helium tank.
I moved that to my apartment so i will have balloons anytime i want for myself hehe.

After all the items were out, Baby, April and i had Thai lunch of steamed fish and veggies at 3pm (STARVING by then) before returning to the office to sort out recycling and things to be donated. Included was my old HP laptop from 2007 which Baby said the Recycling Uncle will take to an orphanage. The night before i suddenly thought what if there are naked pictures of me in there? I mean, i don’t remember any, but if some horror story of pictures leaking out were to happen in this way… i could envision it would most likely happen to me -_- So i got April to reformat it before donating it to some child.

Found an extra LED moodhoop i’d forgotten about (mine had broken on the last It’s The Ship) so that was a bonus. Yay, brand new LED hoop!

Ok i need to go start on a deadline, bye.

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