Cleansing my pet rock

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It didn’t hit me that i actually have a pet rock (ok i have many stones and rocks in the house, but i’m putting a lot of energy into this one) till this evening as i changed its water (don’t ask, just read on).

When i was in a bookstore getting a something for a baby shower, i spotted a book about crystals and kept clinging on to it till i decided to just GET it. Been trying to read a few random pages to wind down before i sleep. I realised that i’ve got all these semi-precious stones that found their way into my home, and i’ve never paid them much attention!

For instance, i have this GIANT quartz Sarah found on the beach in Koh Samui. I sat next to it all day and patted it to see how i felt about it and whether we could be friends, and ended up bundling it into my sarong to carry all the way back to KL.

I think it’s time to get connected with my rock now. I read how i can cleanse it properly (with water, fire or earth) and realised i did it all wrong the first time – i merely gave it a shower. Apparently to cleanse it with water, one has to place it in fresh water and change the water 3 times a day, for 3 straight days.

Who has time for this?! i wondered as i stared through the pages of my calendar, realising the most i got in a row were two days off if i was lucky. And then i spotted my detox penned in and thought, “AH! I can do it during my detox!”

I made star markings  to remind me to change the water, and excitedly told Baby how i was planning to cleanse my rock. I even learnt how to create my own salt rocks which i can use to cleanse a space (but that’s for another day).

Before midnight on Tues night, i remembered to place my rock in water.
Despite star markings in my calendar, i forgot to change its water in the morning cos i was so focused on my juicing and emails before running off to Pure Health.

I managed to change the water at 4pm, then 8pm, and a third time before midnight on Wed night.
So it’s still 3 times… right. I consoled myself that it was still 3 times a day (that could mean day time?)

Who knew changing water for a rock required effort… i had to consciously remind myself to stop whatever i was doing (my plan to not work at all during my detox is not, well, working out -_-)

Really? i told myself as i watched fresh water splash from the tap into my bucket with the rock in it
You’re complaining about taking care of a rock when people have actual babies to see to?
Oh my god how do they do it, obviously they have to feed the baby more than 3 times a day

I absolutely commend my friends who have babies, and manage a team and the household simultaneously. Running the business, stressing about house renovations + moving, and my rock, is enough for me now, thanks Universe.

At least my rock won’t die on me like a plant (RIP orchid i managed to kill in a week)

+ + + + +

I wrote the above a few days ago. Sometimes i write stuff down in drafts but don’t post them because people might think i’m crazy. But then i thought, why the heck am i blogging but not posting it? Is it the fear i have? Of what people might think of me? I always preach about being yourself, and i need to practice what i preach more.

My rock is now in its last portion of cleansing, and i should be able to take it out to dry in the morning sun later!

I’m so glad i did my detox. I had a moment of buckling and ordering fried rice and gorging on it, but i didn’t.
I managed to get an hour or two to myself each day, and spent it thinking about what in my life needs realigning. It’s easy to pinpoint it. I just have to think about what isn’t making me happy right now, so i can move towards changing my life to being more happy.

KinkyBlueFairy-cleansing my rock-featured

And if my rock makes me happy so be it 😀

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