Open Virtual Heineken Bottles all over KL!

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In conjunction with Heineken’s Open Your World tagline,
the beer brand has just launched a new iPhone app incorporating augmented reality technology.

I’ve been reading up about what other brands have been doing overseas
and Heineken is taking the first step in Malaysia with iPhone apps!

This is so fun cos you get to ‘open’ floating Heineken bottles all around Malaysia
by scanning your surroundings with the phone’s camera.   :xcool:
Every bottle you open leads to points, which in turn leads to prizes:

Grand Prize x1
Trip for 2 to Amsterdam!!!

Special Prizes x4
Branded Digital Tablet

Tip & Treats
Treats worth RM50 or RM200 –
choose from range of experiences like a gourmet spread,
lessons to be a pilot for a day,
tips on how to be a rock star


Anyway i just installed the app
and allowed it to scan my location wherever i am


By clicking on the ‘Open Your World’ tab,
i get to view a map with Heineken bottle caps sprinkled all over the place at various locations


See the blue dot? That’s where i was!
Nearby 1 Utama at the time picture was taken   :xlaughing:

Moving the map to view KL city,
it’s got HEAPS MORE Heineken bottle caps!!!


Seeing i was in PJ, i called Ashley out for lunch with me at 1 Utama,
just so i could try ‘opening’ one of these virtual Heineken bottles!


There’s one at TGIF @ 1 Utama, so i opened the app while right outside the restaurant,
hoping i didn’t have to walk inside to find the virtual bottle and try explaining myself :p


The app confirmed my location using GPS
and the screen changed to camera mode while showing me instructions on where to turn,
quite cool!

It said to keep on turning left…
so i did…



Found a floating Heineken bottle complete with a virtual bottle opener


I had to ‘flick’ the phone to ‘open’ the Heineken bottle


Pardon me people.
I’m doing something that you may not understand but TRUST,
this public wrist-flicking will be worth it

Damn i just couldn’t get it open,
maybe cos i was a bit too scared cos i’m 95% butterfingers.


Ash had a go.
And she got it opened!
She doesn’t even drink a quarter as much as me
and she can open a virtual beer bottle i can’t   :xwhatevah:



So i got 10 points for now… ranking me 78th   :xshy:
And some ‘tip’ that alcohol affects women more than men   :xwhatevah:
No prizes for me yet   :xbummed:


Who’s this Peck Chin Fai?!
How many did you open?!

Anyway the contest for the Opener app runs till first week of October,
so let the Opener games begin!

Search ‘Heineken Opener’ on your iPhone apps   :xwinky:
or download it *here*

5 Responses to Open Virtual Heineken Bottles all over KL!

  1. Maxine says:

    So that’s what you were doing! I actually passed you & Ashley but you two looked busy so I didn’t approach you. Was kinda shy too anyway. LOL 🙂

  2. queenofallnie says:

    Don’t have an iPhone to play with =( and yea, who is this Peck Chin Fai? LOL. funny.

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    maxine: oh my! HAHAHA luckily i can explain myself on the blog 😀

    queenofallnie: i wonder how many ppl are asking the same Q 😉

  4. julian says:

    Interesting ‘augmented reality’ campaign.

    Dun want to be annoying, but your use of ‘effects’ is wrong; this is a useful site for writers :

  5. JoyceTheFairy says:

    hi julian! read your link, i actually know* it but was being careless! thanks! i always love a good correction 🙂

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