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Someone recently asked me whether i’m a native in KL
and i immediately said yes.
It struck me as strange that they would ask that,
till they reiterated that i just didn’t speak like someone from Malaysia
(i’m not exactly sure what that means)
but i’m thinking that it’s probably attributed to my extensive traveling experiences.

People may think traveling is a whimsical way to spend money
but i strongly feel it feeds my soul and inspiration,
which in turn,
feeds other areas of my life that need it to strive – like my career, outlook on life, and relationships.

Everything that i see, touch, taste, and experience
Everyone that i meet, get to know and learn from
Shapes me into who i am.

I learn something new in every country i visit   :xhappy:
Below are some which have stuck within me ever since   :xheart2:

I learnt the True Meaning of Hospitality in Thailand.

Two men called Happy Sun and Vincent invited me into their home in Chiang Mai for lunch. They didn’t want to take our money or anything!
Just wanted to feed travelers with their yummy Thai cooking and talk to us.
I will always remember their generosity fondly   :xhappy:

Art Gallery, Chiang Mai

Art Gallery, Chiang Mai

Also in Thailand, Kanch and i got invited to a country house in Pak Chong,
where we met Rafiq, Ooh, Jak + friends for the first time.

Pak Chong

They cooked a magnificent dinner, fed us lamb and fish,
gave us a massive room to sleep in for the night,
played songs on the guitar, sang,
brought out sparklers to dance with…

Pak Chong

And REFUSED to take our money so we could pay our share of the food!

There’s just something about Thais and not taking money from visitors.
Even when i was getting a taxi in Bangkok to party with a bunch of hipster Thais i made friends with, they’d refuse to let me pay for the cabfare.
“No! We must pay! We are Thai!” shouted Omm (this small cute girl)
“No! I want to pay! I am Malaysian!” i’d shout back.

I learnt so much love from Thais   :xheart2:

In Sri Lanka, i learnt the power of the Smile and Hard Work.

People are so poor in Sri Lanka, yet everywhere i went,
everyone was giving wide grinny smiles at us.
They’d come up and say hi, ask where we are from,
and offer to take pictures with us.

Even the ladies plucking tea leaves in the plantation would stop for a minute and end up crowding around us curiously.


They work so hard too!
Throughout my trip there,
i saw people plucking tea in the rain and shine, all day long.

Had to tell myself to never complain about my own work after that!
Compared to them, i have such an easy life,
i don’t have to do backbreaking work to survive…
and must always remind myself what a lucky bugger i am.


Was, our driver, kindly bought us a bottle of local arak to drink with him one night
(he didn’t let us pay for it too -_-)
and we talked about his country and their opportunities.
I discovered that… most of them never *get* the chance to travel outside of Sri Lanka,
cos they’re too poor.   :xsurprised:
They take holidays in their own country.
I imagined what if i was born there instead.
My life would have been so different.
How fragile and swift the Fate of birth can be.

In Copenhagen, i learnt the beauty of Simplicity and Design.

The Danes are one of the richer cities in the world.
Their Crown currency is of high value
and a basic job salary pays more than enough for one to rent a place and enjoy their lifestyle at the same time (i asked a lot of questions when i was there!)


Because they’re such comfortable people,
they get to divulge in increasing the quality of their lifestyle
in terms of F&B, design, art, fashion, and music.

copenhagen shop

Their design sense is mostly minimalist, clean, modern and wonderfully inspiring.
Their rave parties sound badass (i didn’t get to attend any boo)
but i did visit many bars and lounges there, that are on a level of their own.

In Amsterdam, i learnt how to do Nothing.

A book i have called How To Be An Artist states how Doing Nothing is one of the Best Things To Do to  urge creativity.
People in Amsterdam are so relaxed and spend most of their summer time sitting next to the canal or in Vondelpark… doing nothing.
Talking, eating, chilling.
The Best Thing.


It’s not something i can do in Asia cos it’s way too hot,
but such a lovely ENJOYABLE fun thing to do…
I miss doing Nothing in the park!
Especially with Yishyene.


In Barcelona, i learnt how WONDERULFUL architecture can shape a city!


I love Barcelona.
It’s one of my top three favourite cities in the world.


There’s so much to admire as i wander about,
they take so much care in how every building looks.
Spanish are friendly, and place great importance on food, drink and quality time with loved ones, sounds like my sort of people!   :xlaughing:



In St. Tropez, i discovered a world of wealth, sunshiney art, and the best ice cream.

St Tropez

St. Tropez is gorgeous.
Such a sight.
Everything that i’ve garnered from pictures and stories,
and nothing i’ve ever seen in my life!

Beautiful people dressed to the nines,
in exquisite threads that just about cover fit bods.
Sweet-coloured buildings, and even sweeter ice cream.

St Tropez

Also, one doesn’t get judged for havingi Heineken for breakfast in St. Tropez   :xshy:

St Tropez

I could go on and on… but this would end up being too long a post!
Something to be saved for… a book!

But you see what i mean?
I wouldn’t have learnt all that if i didn’t CHOOSE to spend my money on traveling.

Open your world.
Learn and Love.

“I am not an Athenian or a Greek,
but a citizen of the world.”
– Socrates

21 Responses to Open Your World

  1. Niki Cheong says:

    What a beautiful post! I’ve learnt some of my best lessons in life from travelling as well and totally relate to that.

    When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

  2. Tey Cindy says:

    #besttravelpost <3

  3. HHless says:

    My favorite entry!

  4. cahya indah says:

    this post inspires me – I should make more travel plans 😉

  5. Marcus says:

    Very nice post Joyce. May we all keep learning, from everything and everyone around us.

  6. Laydeh says:

    Awesome love! You’d never know how life is like on the other side until you travel.
    I would love to perpetually travel for life!

  7. suraya says:

    If you write a traveling book based on your experience with colourful photos, I would buy it.

  8. MooN says:

    I totally agree! =D

  9. karmun says:

    love your post!!!!! <3

  10. Memer says:

    I said this before and I am saying this again, you are one inspiring person and this blogpost surely will inspire many people and also me to start thinking of traveling! 🙂

  11. Yishyene says:


    I’ve been to all on this post except.. Sri Lanka.. the very important birthplace of my dear Goliath..!!! Need to go to Thailand again too!

    Can’t wait to go to our secret place next summer to Do Nothing under a sea of stars and the sound of fire 😉

    Mwah xx

  12. Jean says:

    love it, u got soul gal, keep doing it 🙂

  13. PINKPheng says:

    simply beautiful… thank you

  14. Kanch says:

    i’ll nvr forget the warmth and hospitality raf and gang extended to us…they were sooooo awesome!

  15. JoyceTheFairy says:

    kanch: that was an AWESOME trip!

    thanks to everyone for the comments… i didn’t think this was gonna be so impactful on y’all 😀 😀 😀 xxx keep on traveling!

  16. Raf says:

    Hiiiii! Loving this post! 😀

  17. hannah says:

    Not sure if this interests you, but i was thinking you could make a photobook for sale! ***i love your pictures btw…


    There are many albums there which i love to go browse.


  18. nanalula says:

    Couldn’t agree more with this post. I really enjoy reading your post. Don’t stop writing joyce. We need you here to inspire us.Cheers 🙂

  19. Eliza Lee says:

    omg joyce i LOVED this post! 🙂 inspired me (and reminded me) of why i have to work hard now so i’ll have more money and opportunities to see the world later… like you have 😀 ure amazing! xx

  20. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Raf: hee hee thank YOU for your amazing hospitality!

    hannah: thanks for the tip! i might when… i have more time :p would have to quit my job all over again which won’t come anytime soon! will just continue collecting more pictures 😀

    nanalula: if i was drunk while reading your comment i might’ve teared, thanks… 🙂

    eliza: hope it’s working out for you 🙂

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