Alang’s Rawa

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Spent 3 glorious days at Pulau Rawa last weekend (it seems so long ago  :xsad: )
There are only two places to stay on Rawa.
The one with the better food is Alang’s, where we chose of course!

Alang's Rawa

The rooms are nicer than a backpacker’s place,
and we each paid RM650 for 2 nights stay including food.
Because there’s no air con, i felt it was a bit steep.
Then again, because of the price, it’s much more private   :xcool:

Alang's Rawa

Alang's Rawa

Alang's Rawa

We stayed at chalets A1 and A2,
with the beach right on our doorstep.

Alang's Rawa

I made a pseudo tent under the chalet   :xsilly:
Clem looked at it and said: “One day when i have my own business, all the cloths to build your tent with will be from Hermes.”
I was like, AWWWW that’s the nicest thing you’ve said to me!
Combining fashion and toys… oh my heart.

Alang's Rawa

Waterrrrrrrrrr clear waterrrrrrr

Alang's Rawa

Magic wands to hold on to. Very useful to poke people and point at things you want them to pay attention to.

Alang's Rawa

Alang's Rawa

Alang's Rawa

Alang's Rawa

It was so freaking hot that hiding under a wet scarf was a brill idea

Alang's Rawa

Alang's Rawa

Shading the ponies while admiring them

Alang's Rawa

Making use of the bubble blower Steph got me   :xheart2:

Alang's Rawa

drawing on trees

drawing on trees

We tried to draw each other…

Alang's Rawa

Nadia got Sa’s bikini stripe colours down pat!

Alang's Rawa

Clem didn’t draw me as a person, so i said he was cheating.
He said he was drawing a rainbow cos that’s what i am to him.

charcoal on trees

Btw there are 7 colours in a rainbow *cough*

Alang's Rawa

I was trying to take a pic of my Circle of Peace floating in the pristine water (JUST LOOK AT THAT WATER)

Alang's Rawa

Then Clem threw a paddle in to accompany it and i was like “… spoiling my picture….”

Alang's Rawa

I found an ant struggling on the surface of the sea about 5 metres away from the beach,
so i cupped it into my hands,
walked over to a tree,
and placed it gently on a leaf there
where it trotted off.

They said i shouldn’t have saved it cos it was a red ant.
But i’m not going to be racist with ants.
Besides, i secretly thought at the time maybe that red ant will send some special Red Ant Message out to all the other ants not to bite me in the future.

Alang's Rawa


Alang's Rawa

Alang's Rawa

Alang’s Rawa has two resident dogs.
But they’re not your regular beach mongrels, there’s a beagle  :xwinky:

Alang's Rawa beagle

Sorry, dogs not allowed chocolate…

Alang's Rawa Nadia

I randomly found two balls on the beach amidst all the sand.
First was a tiny fluorescent yellow one (ok it was more like a bead).
Then a perfectly round smooth seed of some sort.
I kept them safely in my bag of course.
They’re Wilson’s long lost brothers.

Finally, i found a letter ‘B’
Sa said balls are following me…

Alang's Rawa

Today, ‘B’ is for ball, bunny ears, beer, boat, beach, and bikini.

Alang's Rawa

Nadia and Sa were raving about how good the food was at Alang’s before we booked the trip,
and i forgot all about it.
They weren’t kidding!

Alang's Rawa

Dinner was the best – fish, squid and prawns were grilled for us,
and laid out buffet-style along with pasta, salad, rice, potatoes, etc.
We basically stopped talking and ate non-stop,
i tried so hard to eat lots of everything…
God the prawns… the prawns were so fresh!
And that Alang sauce…
Even the salad was fab.
*sigh*i want*

Alang's Rawa

We spent nights lying on the beach
watching the millions of stars
talking silly nonsense
which is the best really.

Alang's Rawa

Late one night i doodled outside while Clem watched and we talked.

Alang's Rawa

I think the only artist i’m ever going to contend with is a 5-year-old.

my masterpiece

Had such an awesome time,
and Rawa is definitely one of the most gorgeous beaches i’ve been to in Malaysia…

Alang's Rawa

Sa, Princess Nadia, Bunny me, Clem
+ + +


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16 Responses to Alang’s Rawa

  1. Olivia says:

    Uhh… I want 🙁

  2. Julie Lim says:

    The RM650 package is indeed steep.

  3. Sa says:

    When are we going back??!!! Thx for the reminder to blog about it as well :p xxx

  4. candy says:

    That’s the sweetest thing to hear from a man! & i spot Russian Standard vodka 😛

  5. tracey says:

    Oh my, the view is so breathtaking!
    And, clem’s just too sweet 🙂

  6. iqa says:

    so beautiful. u made me miss home 🙁

  7. HHLess says:

    Great pics! And the place is really beautiful!

  8. shikin says:

    Like. Like. Like!

  9. meilin says:

    really nice pics!!
    may i know where u got those funky party spectacles?

  10. May says:

    no ac?? erm…
    nice place tho

  11. Holly says:

    Love it! your picture is awesome! 🙂

  12. JoyceTheFairy says:

    thanks for all the comments!

    meilin: i got them from a market in Krabi, but i think you can get them from any roadside stall selling sunnies in Thailand, or even try Petaling St.!

    may: yeah… have to admit that was a bit difficult :p *diva* haha

  13. Bel says:

    “Magic wands to hold on to. Very useful to poke people and point at things you want them to pay attention to.”

    I should get one to get people’s attention eg. my bf.
    such nice pics! makes me go *sighh..

    *poke poke

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  15. aien razali says:

    where exactly did u make ur booking? rm650.00 for 2 nights?

  16. huiyonne says:

    Hello there! Interesting blog you have there! Im actually planning on a trip to Pulau Rawa. And I would love to stay in Alang’s Rawa after reading you blog 😉 May I know how do you make room reservation? Via email to , via submission in their website, or via phone call? If via phone call it is, may u kindly gimme the contact number?as im going there very soon yet i havent get to secure a room for myself n friends though i tried the first and second method of reaching them *worry* thank you so much babe 🙂

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