Daly Bags by Elaine Daly

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Model, TV host, actress and former Miss Malaysia Elaine Daly launched her collection of bags this afternoon.
Dubbed Daly Bags, the collection is sourced from Indonesia and are all made from beautifully dyed snake skin.

daly bags

Elaine giving her lil speech. Hello Herve isdatchu?

daly bags

Andrews Models showing off the clutches and totes

daly bags

Besides bags, there are also smaller items like BlackBerry covers and namecard holders.
Think they’d make great gifts.

daly bags

Deborah prepping to interview Elaine

daly bags

My fave is the multicoloured clutch. For the obvious reason i gravitate towards bright colours!

daly bags

The bags will be sold online in the coming months.
Join the mailing list at www.thedalystore.com if you’re interested in receiving updates and discounts.  :xhappy:

daly bags

MadcapperSa and Nadia will be launching their line of T-shirts soon too!
Check out their blog popmusesic.wordpress.com

daly bags

Vivy stocks and sells pieces from various brands and designers (especially Malaysian ones) at FashionValet.net

gallo SS10 knit dress

What i wore:
long knit dress; gallo
white vintage weave shoes; absolute vintage
studded bag; reiss

Quite a few people commented on how they liked my dress just now,
i do tooย   :xlaughing:
It’s from Gallo’s SS10 collection and i spotted it on their sale rack at their Gardens outlet last week.
40% off woohoo!
There are a couple of pieces left (free size) if you’re interested hee hee

absolute vintage shoes

reiss white studded bag

4 Responses to Daly Bags by Elaine Daly

  1. mommy d says:

    came across your blog thru kenny sia’s and i’m liking what i see. =)). Neway, love the Daly bags but am loving your bag even more!!

  2. mommy d says:

    Hmm..i actually posted an earlier comment but it somehow dissapeared. Weird. Anyway, love the Daly bag but am loving the bag you had on even better!

    p/s: came across your blog thru kenny sia’s and am liking what i see. Well done!

  3. Yasmin says:

    Tsk tsk tsk. Supporting the slaughter of any species for fashion is the in thing now?

  4. tulip says:

    why the hell would u support the slaughter of real animals?! i did not expect this from u. is it because it would give u PUBLICITY that ud support this kind of brands?


    joyce, please watch this.

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