Paris, France: 12-hour transit into icy cold weather + Montmarte

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Due to the dates i was obstinate to fly on,
i experienced the longest transit i ever had (without venturing out into transit city).
12 hours transit in Doha (as we flew Qatar Airways).

Things to occupy self on transit:

Doha airport

Vogue UK Dec 10, hot choc + whipped cream + choc flakes

Doha airport

Monopoly Deal

We played Deal till it got a bit repetitive.
I suggested making the game interesting by betting that the loser has to hop to a wall on one leg and back in the airport.
Yes, we were that bored.
No, he didn’t agree.

Doha airport

The crappy thing about Doha airport is not only does it *not* have a bar,
but all the chairs have armhold dividers that prevent anyone from lying down to sleep.
Which i thought… is kind of evil for an airport.
Exhausted and jetlagged travelers are dying for a few hours kip,
and desperate ones learnt how to push some chairs to face each other so they could lie right in the middle.
Not-so-clever ones who follow suit (us) did the same and passed out till i automatically woke up right before we were to board.
I was in  a bit of a blur and shrieked, “What time is it?!” to Clem, waking him up as well.
He awoke with a jump and a confused expression that blared WHAT TIME? DID WE MISS THE PLANE OH GOD

Maybe that’s why they put dividers on the chairs.
So people don’t pass out and miss their planes -_-

After roughly 8 hours from Doha-Paris,
we finally landed at 6:30am and took three trains to Flore’s apartment (Clem’s sis).
His parents and sis were there to greet and have brekkie with us,
we chilled till afternoon,
then Clem and i took a walk to Montmarte.

Paris France

Look how stunted the Christmas trees are!
Apparently it’s really normal for people with small apartments.

Paris France

There was a Christmas market on the way,
and i got a cup of vin chaud (hot wine).

Paris France

Cards drawn by children hung off a tree,
which Clem thought were rather funny-awful.
I thought they were fascinating… i always like looking at kids’ art.

Monmarte Paris France

It’s been about 1°C-4°C since we got here
and DAMN it’s pretty cold!
We tried reverse psychology by chanting,J’aime le froid, j’aime le froid (i love the cold),” while shivering down the street.
It helped for maybe half a second.

Monmarte Paris France

On the stairs up to where the artists’ square is,
are some buskers and random art.

Monmarte Paris France

The man in the wall looked SO real i thought he was!
At least… i think he’s fake… 0_o

Monmarte Paris France

Paris France

Monmarte Paris France

Monmarte Paris France

Monmarte Paris France

A big circle surrounded a bunch of b-boys dancing, really well, i might add!

Monmarte Paris France

Another busker had a mini concert going on with the crowd seated on the steps in front of him.
He was singing some popular rock songs, so everyone was singing along,
which is the kind of thing i miss about Europe   :xwinky:

Monmarte Paris France

Watching the sunset from Montmarte with the skyline of Paris just under it was quite the perfect introduction to Paris for me.
Was really tired from the long journey so i really could just about make my way up the steps, let alone do something more energetic :p

That was Sunday.

Since we arrived we’ve been doing some sightseeing and eating   :xlaughing:
My French is improving drastically in a situation where i have no choice but to try my best to understand what everyone is saying,
and apply what little i’ve learnt in KL!
I read signs in the train stations like a kid.
And to improve my vocabulary,
Clem and i go through the descriptions in menus while we wait for our food,
or we stand in front of store windows.
At least my first words to add to my French vocab is to do with food and fashion!
Oh, and i bought myself some children’s books in French too!
Finally! A FULLY JUSTIFIED REASON for me to buy children’s books!

It hasn’t snowed since we arrived, but i’m not complaining.
I know it’s going to come sooner or later…
and we’ve been SO lucky it’s been extraordinarily sunny since we arrived.
Flore and Chloe said it’s been raining every day for a month!

The sun helps, but it’s still really really cold.

It’s so cold that:
– my make up has changed consistency and applying moisturizer is torture cos it’s almost freezing.
– we can’t feel our fingers even though we’re wearing gloves.
– i’m not so bothered about what i wear because nobody is going to see it all day under my big winter coat. i will not freeze for fashion.
– waking up in the morning reminds me of waking up for school in the winter, and half-wishing someone would STAB me in bed so i could die and not have to wake up in the horrible cold.
– standing next to the open window got my heart rate up -_-
– walking out into the street for first time in the day is like a BIG COLD SLAP in the face KAPOW
– Clem has started snoring (sigh)

Still, the cold is part of this whole holiday,
so i’m trying to EMBRACE LE FROID. 
Embrace the cold, embrace the cold…
*reverse psychology*

7 Responses to Paris, France: 12-hour transit into icy cold weather + Montmarte

  1. Sakura says:

    Waow! so jealous i haven’t been to Paris in a very long time! And Christmas in Paris you are so lucky!

  2. Walk-in Closet says:

    Your current article brought back some good ol’ memories for me hence I would like to let u know that your well-written article and beautiful picture is much appreciated and admired.
    Last year around this time, my bf and I was there in France too. We were there for 10 days and I transitted in Doha just like u. It was really cold and I was hoping I could see some snow as I’ve never seen it in my entire life except on TV. The day I was leaving Paris, it snowed before I got into the cab =) It was a great trip and I hope you are enjoying yours too! Happy holiday and Merry Christmas to you!! =)

  3. Gladys says:

    Did you know you could utilize the Oryx Lounge for a small nominal fee of $40. Free flow booze and a shower room

  4. sara says:

    so kesian! i feel you and it’s also the same with us here in netherlands. cheap way to keep yourself warm – fleece lined tights underneath, ski socks, lambskin insoles. they’re about 5eu each and that helps me get by

    i hope paris won’t be too frosty at the end of the year, as we’ll be visiting relatives there. have fun!

  5. Cassandra says:

    First thing first – GREAT pics !!

    They brought back a lot great memories for us when we were there. I just love the “expressive” skies that we get in europe.

    The boredom you described in doha reminds me of the time we were “stuck” in KLIA for 12 hrs !!! The amount of time that we went on the sky train [rolling eyes] !!

    No doubt you will have a smashing time in such a lovely country esp. such a romantic city ….hmmm…. I wonder what’s in store next ??? Wait…. do i hear wedding bells ???

  6. Grace says:

    Hi Joyce, I just came back from Paris on Sunday, I think the weather has turned warmer, because it did snowed last week, was so gloomy the whole week we only saw the sun on Saturday & Sunday!

  7. JoyceTheFairy says:

    sakura: well it’s my first time in paris 🙂

    Walk In Closet: Thanks for the lovely comment! xxx

    gladys: no i didn’t know -_- WISH I DID BEFORE!!!

    sara: thanks for the tip!

    cassandra: thanks! it’s easy to be romantic in the warmth but not in the cold!

    grace: it’s been sunny since i landed on Sun! but gloomy ToDAY again!

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