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I must admit that on the 5th to 6th day upon returning from UK,
i fell into some sort of panic and depression.
(I know some of you must be thinking, “Depressed? What the hell does she have to be depressed about?!”)
Panic about what i want to do with my life.
Depression about what i was doing with my life,
where am i going? What am i learning?
I got moody on Sunday,
and refrained from being next to Clem too much
so i wouldn’t take it out on the poor man.

I would sit down and space out and worry for hours.
And all these crazy ideas would flow through my head,
on how to solve my dilemma ON LIFE.
At the back of my head, was a nigging “What is wrong with me?”

My best guess is that after a heavenly 7 weeks of traveling in Europe
and being on such a stretched out natural high,
there had to be a balance to that.
So my high had to come crashing down.

The good thing about losing myself in this panic,
was that it set me afire to make calls and send emails on
Things That Joyce Is Planning For The Future.

Besides that, i’ve been preparing for my speech i’m to give tomorrow
to a conference of about 400 people.

Enough of that then!
Let’s go on to happy holiday pictures i haven’t posted up yet!

+ + +

I just wanted to show kinda where we were
(the red line is not too accurate and i might get an email from Nir saying ‘that’s not the exact route we took!’. But i’m blogging with a deadline at the back of my head so i’ll do a better map when i’m free!)

[click for larger view]

The balloon is focused on Corsica.
Toulon is where i landed via airplane,
an hour’s car ride away is St. Tropez,
where we set off sail from.

Well, after visiting San Remo, we (or more like the crew) sailed the biggest gap we had to do on the trip,
from mainland to the island of Corsica.
They did it in the morning,
while Yishninini and i ‘slept like angels’, according to Nir.
We corrected him saying, “Pigs, you mean :p”


We had lunch on the boat,
before exploring the island in the afternoon!


hat; mimco
bikini; pistol panties @ topshop




I was taken aback to see a number of cows, right on the beach.
Cows on a beach..?
Okay, this might seem jakun to some people,
but i’ve never seen cows RIGHT on the beach before.
With people sunbathing pretty much next to them,
and their cowdung. Which i had to avoid.


Speaking of cows, here’s a trippy cow video ShaolinTiger tweeted today.



Happy Birthday to Yishninini today!
She turns 27 on the 27th this year   :xlaughing:


The gorgeous beach towel my Aunt G got me when we went for Wicked  :xheart2:



Btw, Dino is Yishninini’s toy, not mine!

Wilson is the luckiest golf ball in the whole world!


Nir’s catamaran, christened Nakida, that we were staying on for a week.



Next cruise post – Port de Macinaggio, which is far north of Corsica!

3 Responses to France: Corsica

  1. KY says:

    beach cow gives salty milk

  2. Geraldine-your aunt says:

    I think some self examination, self doubt is very healthy indeed. And the ants got a better deal out of it!

    There is nothing wrong with you. You are a lucky girl…doing a job you love to do and doing it well. Going to the opera in London one week, pop concert in another, dining in iconic restaurants in London, the Mahiki club in london then the cool bars in Copenhagen, chilling out on the canals in Amsterdam, partying in St Tropez, Monte Carlo, watching the sunset in the Corsica…and … A high for 7 weeks. Lucky girl. So now some healthy self examination.

    You have built a powerful blog and it has given lots of people entertainment and to some…useful tips and help.

    You are ambitious and tenacious which is great. But I always said and felt wholeheartedly that ambition has to be accompanied by humility and realism. You are examining yourself to reach higher need to. I know you will too. Because you need to go beyond the small pond. I know you will achieve this.

    In trying to sort out ..who am I…you need to find out for yourself what is real, what is precious to you. Fame is fleeting and unreal. Money is very necessary and only a means to an end. But it is not real or precious. What is real and precious to you…you have to identify. The old adage of money cannot buy love and friendship is so true but the problem is you only truly realise this when you are old! Or older!

    You will go far. You will fly high. You will. Have confidence in yourself. I know you will keep searching, keep questioning, keep exploring, keep learning, ..keep reaching out for new ideas, new ways . In all your quest I hope you will always remember what is precious and real…and find time and effort to nurture these as well. They are the best things in life that money can never buy.

    I am terribly proud of what you have achieve. You are at the forefront of an ever rapidly changing media world. It is your world. Your oyster. Go for it. But make sure you have your feet on the ground. You will sort it out …that I have no doubt.

    A. Geraldine

  3. Huai Bin says:

    My God you went to Corsica!!!!!11111111111

    Can we switch lives for a year?

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