London: The War Horse + J. Sheekey Seafood Restaurant

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My grannie took me to Chinatown for dim sum yesterday afternoon.
The last time she took me there, just the two of us, was when i was 17.

chinatown dim sum london

chinatown dim sum london

Since i was in the area, i braved the Topshop sale (cos it’s usually absolute CARNAGE on a normal day)
and surprisingly… it wasn’t that bad!
I didn’t get stepped, snapped or shoved.
Did some shopping and contributed to the British economy (as my dad and aunty say :p)
and had a drink (non-alcoholic, for once, I JUST HAD TO MENTION THAT) with DidiBuli,
who’s here mainly for Glastonbury this weekend

didi ramlan

joyce wong

on me >
sequin top; butterfly by matthew williamson
grey harem pants; gallo
sandals; steve madden
belt; bkk

Ran home before the show and dinner to grab my scarf and change my shoes

zara scarf + butterfly by matthew williamson

scarf; zara
1942 farthing necklace; brick lane
tory burch; discount coupons here

zara scarf

Uncle Mark + Aunty Gerry took me to watch The War Horse

the war horse london

the war horse london

Meesh told me she heard it’s damn sad
so i thought, aih, i’m so not gonna cry since i’ve already been told it’s sad!

I ended up crying till i wet the top of my singlet -_-
It’s SO good and so sad…
I can’t believe Uncle Mark didn’t cry :p

Went for seafood dinner at J. Sheekey after the show.
I had oysters and lobster,
but also ended up stealing Uncle Mark’s Cornish stew.
It reminded me of bouillabaisse, which i love, and am plotting to learn to cook!

j. sheekey oyster bar london

j. sheekey oyster bar london

j. sheekey oyster bar london

Ate and ate,
savoured the food,
sat back,
and thought to myself,
“How am i going to return to a normal life without food like this in KL…”

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