London: British Museum, The Pearl Fishers (opera) + The Ivy

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Went for lunch with Yishyene at a place called Giraffe @ Russell Square yesterday.
I didn’t think i would be able to finish the 1/2 chicken and salad i ordered,
but it was so tender and flavourful i whacked it.
Note: This is why i’m going to be putting on weight here :p

russel square

Took a walk across the park there when she had to return to work,
and ventured into the British Museum.

british museum

Wandered into an exhibition and looked on in wonderment
at actual drawings made by the Egyptians thousands of years agoย   :xsurprised:

british museum

british museum
Mummies of their pet cats

british museum

More mummies…

british museum

And after awhile, there are onlyย so many mummies you can look at in interest for more than an hour,
so i leftย and grabbed a bus to Oxford Circus.

Went into Topshop and the other high street stores there.
And… would you believe it, i didn’t buy a single thing!

Only because. It was so bloody crowded.
And there were SO many things to look at / try on,
i got completely overwhelmed.

I didn’t know where to look first cos there were just
SO many colours + patterns + textures + styles
to the point my eye started twitching.

I was so overwhelemed in Topshop, my left eye started twitching for a good 15 minutes,
and i was holding a finger to it thinking, “BLOODY HELL”

topshop nail colour

I didn’t think i’d be taken by Topshop’s new make up line,
but after seeing the products in person,
i must say i’m smitten by the nail colours and eyeshadows
and am definitely going back when it’s bright and early AND EMPTY to shop at my own leisurely pace!


Went to watch The Pearl Fishers in the evening.

aunt gerry

Aunt Gerry and i

uncle mark

Uncle Mark

pearl fishers opera

I know opera is hard for someย people to swallow,
but i think because i was exposed to it when i was younger
makes it easier for me to appreciate now.

I reckon that if you take a liking to classical music and musicals,
you’d be okay with opera!

pearl fishers opera

I was treated to a really nice late dinner at The Ivy after that!
According to my aunt, lots of celebrities dine there (but i didn’t see any, not like i’m any good with spotting them!)

the ivy

the ivy

the ivy

I had foie gras and chilli crab linguine
and almost fell asleep at dinner
cos i was so full and (according to Aunt Gerry) the jet lag really started to hit.

the ivy

Ok oh my god Yishyene is at the Star Street flat,
my aunt and uncle are peeking over my shoulder and laughing,
Yishyene is also laughing -_-

And i really can’t blog properly now,
and they’ve just dragged her downstairs to perhaps harrass her,
so i’d better run off to save her now!

6 Responses to London: British Museum, The Pearl Fishers (opera) + The Ivy

  1. tash says:

    hey! how long will you be in London? have you checked on the latest musicals? am heading there in 2 weeks!! =) thought you might have some =p

  2. lynnmaharet says:

    super love looking at your travel photos! the topshop part very funny lah! haha

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    tash: haven’t watched any yet but i heard Wicked and Mary Poppins is good ๐Ÿ™‚

    lynn: tragic more like it!

  4. Pia says:

    Hey! Were you at borough market today? Cause I think I saw you. ๐Ÿ˜€

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