London: Borough Market

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Met up with Meesh and Zain last week at Borough Market,
which is down the road from where Meesh stays.

Borough Market

Borough Market

Borough Market is essentially a food market,
and i’ve never been happier trotting around
eyes a-darting at different types + colours of food
with so many yummy scents wafting towards me!

Borough Market

Borough Market

Borough Market

Curry couldn’t compare to that of in South East Asia of course… :p

Borough Market

Poor babe

Borough Market

Couldn’t help taking pix of octopus cos it was so massive and icky!

Borough Market

And one of my ultimate weaknesses… fresh oysters!
Was in absolute heaven slipping it into my mouth,
after watching in anticipation as the guy shucked them in front of us

Borough Market - oysters

Borough Market

Borough Market

Meesh met Wilson   :xsilly:
At one point she started screeching at me when we started talking about kids, and i brought Wilson into the topic.
“I can’t believe you’re comparing a golf ball to a real child!!”

You miss me don’t you :p

basking in sun

You can spot people basking in the sunshine everywhere


Dropped by a pub to get some beer
As long as there’s a bit of sun, beer in the afternoon is allowed! Heh

Borough Market

Borough Market


Meesh took me to the park nearby LSE in the evening
where we got some raspberries + Guinness,
and spent a good few hours catching up on the grass

park LSE

The park is much bigger than this…
with many more people than i captured as well.
It really is SO NICE to see ppl just lounging about on the grass,
playing the guitar, throwing a frisbee, etc.

fairy in the park

i’m wearing –
floral tank top; baci
high-waisted pants; zara
sandals; steve madden, nyc

steve madden sandals

wilson the golf ball

Wilson has come along to Europe with me,
whereas Philip is sick so he’s staying at home with Clem XD

raspberries n guinness

Raspberries for a quid, and Guinness for four

Walked to Verve Bar on Upper St Martin’s Lane to meet a group of Meesh’s friends for drinks.
I’m amazed at how CROWDED the outside area of every pub looks like,
macam ada rave okay.
But kononnya just a regular drinking night :p

the verve upper st martin's lane

the verve upper st martin's lane

All drinks and food were half price off (that’s why we were there!)
Meesh and i had a jug of long island each, reminiscing bout old TAG days.

We went to get some chinese food for late dinner,
and found another pub where we could grab a last Guinness for the day.

Some random drunk guy touched my head, and i went, “Don’t touch me  :xcensored:  ”
He came to say sorry after that and that he just liked my hair (but who touches ppl’s hair when they like it -_-)  
i could see he was just really drunk so i went, “Yeah yeah ok” and moved away.
Somehow, they took it as me being unfriendly and his friend said i was being rude for not accepting his apology.
Meesh and i were superwtf going, “HELLO HE WAS BEING RUDE BY TOUCHING HER IN THE FIRST PLACE! -_-“

Damn a lot of crazy drunkards here i swear,
also saw some guy rolling on the road and friends laughing at him.

Ok the sun is out and i’m dying to get out and grab some lunch and walk around!

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  1. The octopus looks… errr… TASTY!

  2. TC says:

    Joyce – can you or your aunt recommend a clean hotel/apt/B&B in London? We, 3 adults and 3 kids (7 yo, 4 yo, 2 yo) are thinking of doing London in July/Aug for maybe a week or so. Of course, not so $$ lah. Wld really appreciate it.

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    TC: sorry but we’ve never stayed in a hotel in london before… and most friends who come here have a place to stay with family/friends, so we don’t know. I would have to google if i had to find out, just like you!

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