Bali: Dreamland

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Before Clem and i went to Bali,
we did bring up the subject of the Bali curse.

You know the Bali curse?

People say that if you go to Bali with a partner,
you end up breaking up   :xwhatevah:  :xbummed:

I just think that the probability of people going to Bali with their partner,
teamed with couples getting together and breaking up all the time,
just adds to the statistics to this so-called Bali curse.
Hmph. (you can tell i’m not for this curse!)

I ended up going on this trip
because Clem was going to meet a bunch of his friends,
2 of whom are backpacking all over the world for a year *ENVY*

For the first time, i booked priority seating for AirAsia
cos the fellow is diva impatient   :xsilly:

Dreamland, Bali

Him reading a book i thought he might like.

We reached Bali late in the evening,
and waited for Alix at the airport
(cos she was arriving 20 mins after us from France via Spore)
Then we waited to meet the rest of them at Pesona
(a new guesthouse on Poppies Lane 1)

The next day, we rented a van for all 6 of us,
piled our luggage in,
and took off to spend a day at Dreamland beach

Dreamland, Bali

This is Olivia.
She’s absolutely mad.
The first time i experienced her in the room,
i felt a big burst of energy bounce in
with screams and laughter as she pounced on Alix.

So you can imagine   :xwinky:

Dreamland, Bali

Alix, Elodie, me

Dreamland, Bali

Dreamland, Bali

Dreamland, Bali

Wilson came along too   :xhappy:
tho Mommy got a scolding cos she forgot his red crayon >.<

Dreamland, Bali

Olivia + Clem

Dreamland, Bali

Dreamland, Bali

Clem and Thom (lost his shorts that day)

Because of the champignon,
i spent most of the afternoon layaning myself on the beach chair
(bargained it to 50,000 rupiah for 2 deck chairs)

Watched the trees and houses click like tetris.
Talked damn alot of bullshit with Clem.
Drank countless bottles of beer.
Spent ages trying to find the right position to lie while talking,
with best sound coming from speakers,
and without clumsy me spilling any beer.

We wanted a picture of the both of us (without us having to get up :p)
so we waited till one of our friends was nearby to take it.

So kancheong okay to take one picture.

Elodie: It would be better with the sea in the picture.
Clem: It would be better with us in the picture.

And i just BURST out laughing cos i knew he meant we weren’t going to get up
as long as WE were in the picture,
it was perfect.

Dreamland, Bali

I even played in the waves… for once!

Okay i have a small confession.
I’ve never ventured to play in the waves at Dreamland before,
despite been there about 4 times.

They’re freaking massive!

Have you seen them?!

The first time i went into the water,
i had to use both hands to hold on both pieces of my bikini,
and still one came off!

I guess since i was with Clem,
i wasn’t afraid of being washed away in turbulent water.

At one point,
the waves got REALLY high,
and everyone managed to get out of the water,
except us.
And some surfers.


“We’re gonna die baby!!!” he shouted in mock panic.
I actually screamed   :xshy: cos i felt like i was in Deep Impact
looking up at a huge wave that you just KNOW is gonna come down and hit you no matter what you do.

He ended up standing his ground and diving into the wave,
with me clinging on like a monkey the whole time.

‘Twas fun tho!!!

Later on i had to go into the sea alone (to pee)
and spent AGES trying it -_-
What’s wrong with me!
For chrissakes i can swim
good god i’m acting like i’m really 5!

Dreamland, Bali

We took a walk to the far end of the beach.
It was nice.
Just a walk.
Holding hands.
Talking about us.
And we ended it with “Screw the Bali curse!”

Dreamland, Bali

Dreamland, Bali

Dreamland, Bali

Dreamland, Bali

Olivia, Clem + Thom

Dreamland, Bali


Dreamland, Bali

Dreamland, Bali

It was so cramped in the van (cos of all our luggage)
two of us at the back would stretch our legs by resting them up high

We drove to find food after that
(i was STARVING cos i spent all day playing and didn’t eat!)

And whacked two fish and lotsa other stuff in nasi padang
 :xpleased: *puas*

Dreamland, Bali

That night itself,
we made our way to Ubud,
which will come in my next post   :xlaughing:


10 Responses to Bali: Dreamland

  1. KY says:

    JELES MAX! I wanna have a vacation toooo

  2. yoong says:

    great shots. i too want to go back. 😉

  3. kimberlycun says:

    i dont believe in bali curse also. 50% of couples anywhere breakup so of course 50% of couples who went to bali do too. ppl who want it work will make it work, those who can’t, don’t blame it on a beautiful island lor.

    finally can see pics of clem! wah very hot lor hehehehe

  4. skim says:

    does champignon = shrooms?

  5. JoyceTheFairy says:

    KY: you could, anytime you want 😉

    yoong: don’t we all! 😉

    kim:”don’t blame it on a beautiful island lor” lol. fyi clem will be happy he’s described as ‘hot’ 😉

    skim: tee hee

  6. Jen says:

    hubba hubba!! bali looks absolutely delish!!

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  8. JoyceTheFairy says:

    it always is 😉

  9. Marlz says:

    on the contrary, 3 of my friends who went to Bali with their boyfriends ended up marrying them 😉

  10. MayWong says:

    hey babe..

    just out of curiousity, are you still with your bf?

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