Deranged in Bangkok

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That’s what i thought i looked like at the Suvarnabhumi airport this morning.

I stayed up all night editing pictures and cleaning up an advertorial,
caught a taxi at 6am to go to the airport,
passed out in the plane to the extent i didn’t even drink water,
and when i was standing for my first ten minutes in Bangkok;
I somehow managed to punch myself in the face.


No, really.

I was in the midst of hoisting my new Nike Monica bag up (with laptop inside),
lost grip of the bag handles,
and punched my own nose with the same force i meant to lift bag.

I stood there very still,
pretending like nothing happened (:p)
while waiting for the numbing pain to cease.

After a while,
i saw a dark spot from the corner of my eye,
and realised i was bleeding on the nose.


So yes, i felt like a deranged person,
standing outside the airport trying to book a taxi,
bleeding from the face,
while holding a bright orange hula hoop.


Reached the hotel fine,
and it’s gorgeous.
I have a magnificent view of the Bangkok city skyline as i type this,
Thai music is playing on Channel V,
there’s a huge park right outside the building,
and my only decision for this afternoon is whether to:
1. fall asleep on the bed here
2. fall asleep by the pool downstairs

I went for lunch with QueenKanch and her colleagues,
and think i was culture shocked into silence.
Before i met them, i was quietly waiting outside the lift area,
and around 10 people came out.

I could feel at them staring at my red mohawk, shredded leggings, etc.
Which i’m used to getting from people.
Just that the feeling is magnified when i’m in a small space
with ten pairs of corporate eyes trying not to stare. 0_o

Then again,
I think the way they stare at me,
is also in the same disbelief i study them.

Their hair..! Almost all the same…
The clothes… no colour/pattern/texture… gasp why!
Then i felt a bit of MaintainMing bubbling thoughts in me,
of how i wanted to style this person this way,
thread this person’s eyebrows,
change this person’s haircut.


Anyway, it just goes to show that…
different people might stare at my friends and i in a certain way cos of the way we dress + look…
but you never know when we study you back too!


All’s fair in love and self expression.


6 Responses to Deranged in Bangkok

  1. Nisha B. says:

    Hey you,

    Have a great time in BKK! And hope the nose is feeling better now.


  2. lynn maharet says:

    hi joyce

    just one of ur readers from singapore! been reading ur blog regularly..

    i suker sekarli ur style! and u are v cute lah!

    and kelakar too!

    i think if i saw u in person i would stare you but stare jeles haha

  3. maintainMing says:

    how did u know i’ll be readin this!?!?!?

    n no i didnt influence anyone around me.. πŸ˜›

    have fun in the city of angels….

    chun kee hueng na, mai dai bpai Kroong Tehp !!
    …rawang duah
    …chok dee na ja.

  4. Kang says:

    LOL. Bleeding from face with orange hula hoop. Cartoon or what…

  5. cindy says:

    joyce>yeayea, all of them its either all straight hair or some type of hair cut with those Thai styles. i dont know how you call it.
    the girls i knew there also same hairstyle, funny long & straight.
    but i think the students dress much more killer than those working ppl.

  6. JoyceTheFairy says:

    nisha: thanks Nish! Got scar -_- and my friend Kanch asked me what happened to my nose :p

    lynn: wah singpoare in the house! hee hee thanks! πŸ˜€

    ming: i *didn’t* know you’ll be reading it… haha! damn i need to youtube some thai lessons to get intonation right… and i have no idea whaty ou said oso :p

    kang: didn’t you know? πŸ˜‰ maybe you should venture up here and hook up with the DIY acc ppl, so many around!

    cindy: actually the ones i was with were not Thai πŸ™‚ all corp expats working here… Thais memang have heaps of style! Love it!

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