I’m Home!

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In the MAS plane, someone spoke on the speaker - "If you're a visitor in Bali, we hope you have a pleasant stay! If you're  returning, welcome home!"
"I'm home!" i chirped to my girls, perking up from my nap immediately.

Later while queuing up at immigration, i saw a leaflet for a safari tour.
Oh i never knew we had a safari thing here...
and laughed out loud to myself, while SpankyCammy looked at her crazy friend.

I can't believe i referred to Bali as if i were a citizen haha!

The 2-bedroom place we got at the Grand Akhyati Villas & Spa is stunning.
Private pool, 2 bathtubs so huge 4 of us can fit in one,
dining room, living room, garden, etc.
Big thank you to Jasmine for hooking us up with a discount...
We're loving every corner of it!

Once we settled in, out of my huge suitcase came:
fluorescent balls for the pool x2,
animal ears x 8,
fairy wand that lights up and blinks,
My Little Ponies x 4,
wabbits x 4,
colourful cloths x 25,
colourful necklaces and beads x 6,
wind lanterns x 2,
oil paint + canvas + brushes,
charcoal (forgot paper -_-),
sheets of colourful felt + scissors,
yellow clay + cookie cutters,
glitter, fluoro mini pom poms,
confetti and streamers x 6 colours,
spinners x 3,
Circle of Peace = hula hoop,
and other stuff i can't remember right now.

SpankyCammy: Joyce... *stares at everything coming out of my bag* Did you bring any clothes -_-

4 Responses to I’m Home!

  1. wendy says:

    actually, i always wonder how u manage to stuff in all those things in your luggage..mine is always full with only clothes and toiletries..==”

  2. cindy says:

    i wonder how come you have so much money to travel. looking at the hotel, its so luxurious, i m so in envy mode.

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    wendy: i bring a GIANT bag where i can throw LOTS of stuff in!

    cindy: it’s not that expensive really… that’s what’s so great bout bali. 4 of us share a villa, each person pays about RM150 a night (ok la sounds ex when i write it here but u know what i’m trying to get at… it’s not AS ex as one might think!)

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