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Just 2 weeks ago, I watched Coco Before Chanel,
a movie starring Audrey Tatou that told the story of the painful childhood and the rise of the legendary brand that is Chanel.

coco before chanel

Ever since reading about it online, I’ve been waiting for it to hit the dvd stores.
and it was truly an eye-opener for me into the world of Chanel.


Just the name itself brings immediate thoughts of luxury, class and prestige.

Anybody in the world with the slightest interest in fashion knows the name Chanel,
not to mention dozens of others who don’t even have an interest in the fashion powerhouses that exist in the world.

Some may think of the iconic Chanel No. 5 fragrance first
a perfume so iconic its top secret recipe has stayed the same for decades, and a bottle sold every 60 seconds worldwide!
Heck, even *i* had a bottle given to me as a present when i was in my late teens.

chanel no 5

Even its bottle design was ahead of its time,
opting for sharp angles when organic art nouveau curves were all the rage then.

Another object strongly tied in with Chanel is the legendary Chanel 2.55 bag –
the 2.55 takes its name from the year of its birth, February 1955.

chanel 2.55

I swear to God, ever since i’ve been friends with QueenKanch,
i’ve never heard her revere any bag as much as the Chanel 2.55.
She’s done it so frequently with so much vehemence that it’s drilled into my sub-consciousness after 6 years.

“As long as you have your Chanel bag, you don’t need anything else. You can walk out in your pajamas but as long as you have that bag, you’ll look fine,” states Kanch as matter-of-factly as stating the ten commandments.
“Oohkay Kanch,” Ashley and i would reply.
“I’m telling you okay. When i save my first thousands, i’m buying that Chanel bag.”

Even ClaudiaOnCrack has two which she used to sling to work every day
(except when she was going for a crazy night out “cos i’m so scared i’ll burn it!”)

When i was in Singapore for NIN, Van had this limited edition version of the Chanel 2.55 which i admired on the table.

coco cocoon chanel

Of course, i was even kinda scared to touch it cos it’s worth half my car of something like that.

For most of us, a Chanel bag is out of reach due to its extravagant price range.
With bags going for at least RM3,000 each; some resort to buying fakes (which i abhore)

If you can’t afford it, don’t pretend to be able to.
I think the satisfaction of owning a Chanel item comes with the knowledge that its genuine and you sacrificed for it!

For those of you who can’t wait, you don’t have to DIY your own Chanel bag like so:

diy chanel
(This was circulating the fashion blogosphere for awhile a few months ago :D)

Just recently, Chanel released its Coco Cocoon collection –
a more affordable range of Chanel bags and accessories.
With a campaign fronted by super popstar Lily Allen (i heart her!),
the Coco Cocoon line is shown exuding chic practicality at a price that doesn’t tear our heart (and wallets).

coco cocoon chanel

coco cocoon chanel

coco cocoon chanel

Here, Lily carries a Coco Cocoon bowling bag in leather,
while wearing a suit in tweeded gauze with matching cuffs in off-white chiffon from Chanel FW 09/10

coco cocoon chanel

Coco Cocoon tote bag in nylon + Coco Cocoon bowling bag in nylon

coco cocoon chanel

This is my favourite of the lot – the Coco Cocoon bowling bag in quilted leather.

coco cocoon chanel

coco cocoon chanel

Karl Lagerfeld has designed several different sizes and models,
and the result is a modern bag that is perfect for urban use or even when traveling.

coco cocoon chanel

With the lightweight shopping bag –ย be it in the mini or maxi version,ย the bowling bag or trolley bag –
there is a Coco Cocoon bag for every occasion and lifestyle.

Mademoiselle Chanel declared that, “True luxury is when something is beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.”
In honour of her statement, some of the Coco Cocoon models are reversible.

coco cocoon chanel

When turned inside out, the bags reveal the characteristic Chanel quilting.
Its iconic double C logo is engraved on leather in matching tones,
and keeps a low profile nestling under the zip of the front pocket.

coco cocoon chanel

The Coco Cocoon line has been designed in the pure tradition of Chanel luxury,
with flat pockets, practical fastenings and clever details in elegant craftsmanship.

coco cocoon chanel

Now available in Chanel boutiques,
the bags are available in black, beige, chocolate, burgundy, taupe, blue, grey, gold and red;
in nylon or washed lambskin.

[image sources:, jak & jil]

11 Responses to Coco Cocoon Chanel

  1. shuen says:

    Chanel for RM3,000??? That’s pretty cheap!Well, relatively..

    Its the same figure in AUD over here for the smallest 2.55.

  2. lyn says:

    i recently got a present from there and i was blown away by the price they paid for a itsy bitsy tiny tiny bit of plastic jewellry

    i love chanel
    but their prices sometimes make my eyebrows go up 2 inches higher on my forehead…

  3. suei li says:

    I love it. Sporty n affordable.
    Love to get hold of the trolley bag.
    Will check it out.

  4. Chanel Bags? says:

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  5. Big Pumpkin says:

    Don’t think you can get a Chanel for RM3,000 in this day & age….more like RM13,000 ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. sl says:

    To be perfectly honest – I did not love the line when I first saw it – then I saw Gwen Stefani carrying one – so now – I am saving for this bag ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Suraya says:

    almost all hollywood chics carrying 2.55 chanel bag.( paris, mary-kate, lauren conrad and etc…) not everyone can afford it yet it is something worthy to save every nickle and dime.

  8. Mel says:

    *LOL* – Bet the DIY will get more attentions, in comparison to 2.55 =)

  9. Camelia says:

    Does anyone know how much is the coco cocoon bowling bag in nylon? is it reversible as well??

  10. Milia June says:

    Does anyone know how much is the coco cocoon tote bag???

  11. I wound up on this blog a little while ago and I just can’t get enough! Please keep writing!

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