Chic POP Street Market @ Zouk KL

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Wow. I'mย  a bit pissy cos i managed to muster up some energy to upload 40 pictures,
then the internet went down on me and half the post disappeared.


Waking up for work this morning was painful!

Oh, and i didn't end up going to Barsonic on Sat night like i stated in my previous post.
The alarm rang at 11pm,
my brain woke up,
but my body moaned, "Noooooo"

I couldn't very well get up,
when my body wasn't agreeing with my brain,
so i pretty much collapsed back into sleep with my make up still on
(cos i thought i was going out!)


Will add more pix and text to this post tomorrow.

Really. Have. To. Sleep.

+ + + + + Edited + + + + +

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Peepurs getting free stuff when they arrive early at Zouk

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Energy for the day

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Sueann: Success!

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Lensless frames for sale ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
Jezmine set up her stall for The Old Blossom Box Store SO cantik

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
I bought this irresistible blue bird on a headband from her for RM15
(thanks for the discount Jezmine!  :xlaughing: )

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Ignore the huge zit on my forehead
I'm trying to make it a point not to have to photoshop all my pictures in any way  :xpleased:
Au naturale aka no time

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
KarenMichelle and BabyBelleย   :xheart2:

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

The Brollies' colourful accessories

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
Was really happy Syamly from Blok On! managed to join us,
i'm such a big fan of his creations

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
Sueann trying not to shop some more
Crazy woman spent... okay i will not say how much in case her bf sees it here

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
Aps opened a stall with Jess on Saturday  :xlaughing:
<3 the cute sign they made:

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

A couple of TV crew came to interview vendors/designers/team
That's Nareez's back
She be sporting a pretty wicked haircut tho you can't see

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Steve + Kevin - Crew from Unseen.TV

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
IceCalvin's stuff for sale from avantGOD @ The Styliste

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
ClaudiaOnCrack pondering whether to spend more $

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Sueann trying not to succumb to handmade studded harness by IceCalvin

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
IceCalvin being interviewed by Unseen TV

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
Justin's handmade necklaces sold like crazy too

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
Shoes for sale on display by MNEP

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Ming was interviewed for Baci as well

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Raeesa aka Ladyesah, who's responsible for the beautiful illustration on the shopping totes we were giving out at the Mooks booth

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
IceCalvin + his Black Bird Fly

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
Blink opting for pizza

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
Kang with his handcrafted chainmail accessories + Lynn who was there to help out Linda

Chic POP @ Zouk KL
Ringo buying stuff from Linda
Ok i must admit, i think i was MOST excited about seeing Linda / LHLY's stuff,
cos half the girls in Freeform have been drooling over her things online,
but paying and shipping from Singapore seems like such a hassle.

So we tried our best to lure her up to KL,
and SO HAPPY she did!

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Chic POP @ Zouk KL


Chic POP @ Zouk KL
I got to meet our Indonesian contributor Kemi (left) for the first time eva!

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

MadcapperSa, Danielle + RowdyRudy

I was having some beer with them while waiting for my turn for tarot card reading,
and ran away after they started having shots -_-

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

and i
I ees wearing >
top; (now shut) Show Pink
necklaces; bkk and Baci
my arm socks from LHLY
watch; nooka @ H5
shorts; platinum mall bkk
shoes; nike

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

Bought the dress that Linda / LHLY is wearing tooย   :xlaughing:

Chic POP @ Zouk KL

More on Chic POP Street Market here,
and lots of style shots here!

I think we'll try not to do this too often,
cos us spending so much $ is kinda scary -_-
Not to mention the evil convenience of the ATM machine right outside Zouk!

Almost all the vendors said they made heaps of moolah,
with one even telling me they made more than 3k that weekend
"You know... that is more than some people's monthly salary!"

+ + +

Thanks to everyone who came, gave so much support, and then cursed us cos they spent too much shoppingย   :xlaughing:
Over 800+ ppl came on Saturday alone!
And BIG thanks to the accommodating Zouk peeps Adam and Hazel to layan our every request
I think they didn't sleep man... having to work in Zouk at night till 4am as well!
I hope Zouk gives them a big bonus ha ha.

Speaking of which, Adam said something funny to me: "I know why you have this market. You don't want to go to all of them, so you bring them all to you!"
Me: You totally caught me out.

1 more random line by a self-claimed reformed shopaholic: "Putting me here is like putting a reformed drug addict in a roomful of cocaine!"
Me: Urm i'm not sure whether you want to go around saying that to people... they might get the wrong impression!

Post damn long
I ees tired


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  1. Celine says:

    Hey Joyce, remember me? What a happy colorful event, i still can’t believe that i missed the event! Please do more in future so i’ll hav excuse to take leave and fly back to msia ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. sgbluechip says:

    Hi, sorry a bit off topic here. Could you send me an email to I have an advertising company willing to place an advert on your blog. Fees will be paid upfront. Do let me know if you are keen.
    Do indicate your blog address when you email me. Thank you!

  3. KY says:

    it was every girl’s best weekend shopping center, just not so awesome for guys, heehee

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