In 12 Hours…

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In 12 hours (11pm Thurs – 11am Fri), i managed to:

– sit in a few taxis, van, speedboat and donkey cart
– have braised pork tenderloin with zucchini mash at Trattoria’s
– collectively polish off 2 carafes of red wine at Trattoria’s, 1 shake at Oscar’s, 4 Bintangs, & 4 bottles of wine at Kudeta
– watch the waves roll in and the stars twinkle down on Yuka and i, as we compared jobs and lives in Tokyo and KL
– be the last to leave Kudeta
– go for a swim at 4am with iPod and wine in tow, with AlcoJason, Yuka & RowdyRudy
– be woken up at 7:15am to catch our boat ride at the harbour
– have a giant wave splash thru the window unto me as i had a Hangover Nap in the speedboat
– throw up over side of boat upon reaching Gili Trawangan
– hear Rudy say “I fucking hate Jason” a few times

Scallywags is gorgeous, so glad we’re staying here.
Many of the restaurants here have a Mediterranean feel about it,
and there are heaps of good-looking people around!

Am writing an advertorial with the sea right in front of me so i couldn’t ask for a better work setup,
while RowdyRudy has gone off for a run to see how long it takes him to run around the entire island.

Beach time after this!

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