Super Chic Sunday!

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A few months ago, SmallSerena and i were chattering away
when she suddenly said, “You know what, i think i wanna do something different for my birthday this year. A charity thing. I don’t feel like throwing yet another party…”
I said, yeah, go for it.

And she did.

She wanted to make use her networking prowess and knowing most of the female celebs in KL
and how it could raise money for WAO

So came to be Super Chic Sunday, a bidding charity
super chic sunday
You can bid online, and come for the event too
Which is this Sunday 12 noon @ Plaza Mont Kiara
Facebook event details here

As for me, i’m donating a Lulu Guinness clutch that i’ve only used twice:

super chic sunday

super chic sunday

super chic sunday
I showed it to Claudia and she was going, “No, Joyce! Don’t give it away!!!”


If you want it, do click on the link below to bid!

Other items up for auction that caught my eye is Carmen Soo’s Dior bag, and Atilia’s vintage sequin dress.

Click here to view rest of bids

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  1. ZashiaQSharr says:

    Wow! I just rediscovered you. I miss reading your blog >_< Do you have a facebook? Everything looks so great, and I like the revamp of your site.

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    oh thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah it’s been revamped for a while ha ha

  3. I just wanted to thank you very much for this informative article. I have already bookmarked your site, when I have more free time I am going to have to do some further browsing. Well back to my dreaming of Panama or back to the books – I wonder which one is going to win out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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