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Trust my friend
to have a brill idea
to start a blog dedicated to alcohol
and have a launch
(and who’s heard of a blog having a launch in KL?!)

and get everyone who goes to it, drunk
i had kelapa rock
and vodka something (i say ‘something’ cos i sat here with my mouth open, thinking what the HECK did i have?? for a really long time)
absinthe (with a bit of water and they say i cheated, but HELL how can anyone cheat when the damn bottle reads 69%?!)
and almost lost the plot…

But i stayed strong!
So i left with Aps and Kang (ok, so they were temaning me)

And we had lok lok (goddamn, i love the fishballs that are really light, and see ham woohoo!)
before i proudly walked to my car
glad to make it out alive



Inspiring conversations
Not too crowded
Excessive alcohol


And because i’m quite tipsy right now (plus i’m sleeping early cos i have to go on radio trow)

I have to say to Deep:

Dude. Way to go with your launch and making everyone gone man.
Danger danger!

*Thanks to Richemonde, whom i heard sponsored the alco *woot*

If you think Deep sounds familiar,
that’s cos he’s taken me to KKB before,
had his dog fart in my face,
got me so gone i passed out at the Kuching Rainforest Fest,

Damn a lot la.

Now he’s got me so tipsy i can’t be bothered to finish this post.

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  2. berry says:

    waw… your friend blog was nice.. i order one vodka.. hahah

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