Langkawi + Back For Birthday

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I took off to Langkawi last Friday with DarlingDhanya, Aps and DD’s sister Deepak
Stayed at a very gorgeous chalet over the sea at Berjaya Resort
(will post pics tonight)

Had a nice birthday yesterday
Was planning to have a big party this Sat with RowdyRudy
But canceling it due the very unfortunate death of RR’s aunt
Doesn’t matter
There are so much bigger things than parties when things like this happen

Had a last minute get together at Jarrod & Rawlins in Damansara
AshleyTheMonkey FaiTheMai QueenKanch MaryBerry PassedOutBen
TigerJoe SpankyCammy Aps DarlingDhanya StephTheVolcano
HoboNick (Cammy’s bro + Steph’s man) RowdyRudy TL

Just had wine + Guinness + dynamite sausages


Besides that i’ve been having mixed emotions of sorts
Think i’m going thru quarter life crisis
Not so much work
But more on the “confusion of identity” part
Like, who am i?
What am i on this planet for?
Am i supposed to BE here?
In this country? At this time?
Doing what?

Call it birthday blues, quarter life crisis, bah
Emo -_-

On a chirpier note, Cat Got Your Tongue is happening tomorrow

RSVP here!

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