Congrats To Shermen & Ida!

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Dropped by Shermen & Ida’s wedding just now
SUCH a HOT day and elaborate violet affair they had outside
sherman and ida's wedding

+ + +

Such a wonderful day to do laundry (which i did)
And clean my room (which i’m still in the midst of prepping myself to do :p)

My room is relatively clean…
It just has lots of clean and new clothes, bags and shoes strewn everywhere right now


I was chilling in my front garden (still prepping myself to clean room, see)
And was admiring my fairy blowing kisses at the fish in the water…

fairy by the water

When i spotted a rather interesting insect at her tootsies!
fairy by the water

I was crouching down getting a shot when Daddy came outside
Daddy: I saw on your blog you took a picture of a *grasshopper* that day
Me: Ha ha yeah
Daddy: That’s the one which has been eating all my plants okay. And you take picture of itย   :xwhatevah:

+ + +

I’ve been Twittering (micro-blogging) much more than i used to
Probably because quite a few people i know have all started getting semangat with Twitter ever since dl-ing Twitterific (thanks SarChan!)

You can follow me on Twitter on my left hand sidebar (points to left of your screen) or *here*

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